How to competently combine things in your wardrobe For whom we dress, and on what choice dependsour clothes? Naturally, the main role is played by your own taste and not only. A big role is played by the way you live, where you work. For example, if you prefer a bright, captivating style, while you yourself work in the office, there will certainly be more classic, strict suits in your wardrobe. And if you are fond of sports and visit gyms, then in your wardrobe there will be sports suits. It happens that a woman in a closet has a lot of outfits, which she bought only because she could not resist, but to put on her these clothes have nowhere, or nothing. Every woman in a wardrobe should have a variety of things, starting with an evening gown and ending with a beautiful swimsuit. If she does not even know how to swim and does not go to parties, she only has a house and a job, it is possible that an unexpected turn of fate awaits her. Or, on the contrary, a woman extravagant likes strong clothes, and suddenly she is invited to an evening event, and there is nothing to dress. Eliminate situations of this kind helps planning your wardrobe. This method will facilitate your life, help you save money and, first of all, place in your wardrobe. Let's start with the fact that you should soberly assess your lifestyle, what your work, your hobbies, or you are a housewife. Your clothes should be competently combined with all your wardrobe. It is necessary to purchase comfortable everyday clothes, practical and functional. Think about how you spend your time. You are a housewife, you love nature and often go on a picnic, or you go in for sports and visit the pool and sports events. Either you are a business woman and like corporate parties. You have chosen the direction of your wardrobe. Now put your wardrobe on the bed and disassemble things. Lay out your clothes in piles: work, home, rest, clothes that you have not worn for a long time, which you do not like to safely remove from your wardrobe, because surely you will not wear it any more. Clothes that you are small or vice versa large, you can safely give to a neighbor, acquaintances or simply put in a commission store. And the one that has worn out, you can leave to work in the suburban area or for cleaning in the house like rags. The wardrobe as a whole is selected and disintegrated. Then get new clothes that suit your lifestyle for home, work and your hobbies. Do not buy anything superfluous, those things with which you can not combine your wardrobe. And do not forget about shoes and accessories that will be combined with your outfits. Now the style of your wardrobe is ready, do not forget in the future when buying clothes to combine, play with colors and style. We advise you to read: