skirt tulip How often a modern woman by virtue of highthe speed of the vital rhythm of forgetting to give yourself literally a couple of minutes, how often it is difficult with string bags in the hands of dusty public transport to remember the highlights, charm and aristocratic carriage. Really, but how here you will remember for the shabby jeans and the unpretentious teenage T-shirt? And then it should be replaced by the usual elements of the wardrobe - the tulip skirt, which will certainly bring animation to the everyday image of the lady, for a few seconds will remind her of romanticism and flirtatious ease, because the skirt a priori dilutes and adorns the everyday fuss, presenting the fashionista with the notes of the holiday. The name of this product eloquently declares itself: the style of the tulip skirt is very similar to the cup or bud of the spring flower of the same name, which is practically framed by the female stench symbolizing the improvised stalk. For today's fair-sex representatives, the fashion industry offers an abundance of variations of these outfits, which will be discussed below, but it is worth considering what is the emergence of such an extraordinary, specific cut that has long enjoyed the laurels of fashion in the fashion world and is not going to take it their positions. The history of the creation of the tulip skirt is associated with the appearance in the distant 80's of a rather eccentric, but at the same time democratic product - a skirt-puffball, the cut of this original predecessor was the tight embrace of the waist and the tightening of the knees with the help of special elastics or other elastic inserts. The rest of the textile space remained free, as if with an overlap and multilayered. Of course, it looked extravagant and went against the functionality and simplicity of casual style, which in the eighties dictated strict rules, and due to a strong inconsistency, the skirt-puffball was forgotten for a while. It was this historic moment that prompted designers to create a universal product, and the first model of a tulip skirt appeared. Fashion historians unanimously declare that the conservative and strict model of a pencil skirt had a great influence on the creation of an extravagant cut, paradoxically. It was at the peak of popularity and enjoyed a general acceptance in the 70s, the silhouette of this cut corresponded to the lines of women's hips and resembled distantly a stretched glass or bowl. The style of the tulip skirts combined the conciseness of the pencil models and the general style solution of skirts-puffball, smoothing out the dryness of the design of the first and the excessive pomposity of the second. Modern models of tulip skirts can rightly be called an eclectic, versatile outfit, which is quite easy to combine with other styles, creating an image of an elegant coquette.

Tulip skirt, what is now considered a trend?

skirt tulip pictures Despite the fact that the "tulip" united in itselfthe dignity of two controversial in style and design skirts, high fashion masters are still in search of an original cut. It is for these reasons that the collections of the last years and this season are full of new clothes. Let's try to track trends that determine the trend and the degree of relevance of clothing, because the fashion industry's critics have brought the tulip skirt to the must-have category for every self-respecting fashionista. If in the field of your vision there is a skirt of a tulip with an inflated waist, be sure that this outfit will provide you with popularity, since most rulers of eminent couturiers were built on such an image. Most often, an overstated waist was emphasized by contrasting with the general color of textiles or belts, the Miu Miu label in its show, for example, focused on the waist with buttons and belt loops. Skirts tulips with an inflated waist last season were guided by a mini length, but this year admits and midi, in this case the dome of the skirts will appear visually more massive and coarser. In order to give the cut of the attire the necessary, correct form, the designers used elastic inserts even at the very beginning of the appearance of this skirt. It is the skirt on the elastic band that the tulip like no other resembles its predecessor from the 80s, as it best fits the shape of an impressive blown ball, and the waist line, as well as the end of the fabric at the knees, is tightly tightened with an elastic band. Most often, the volumes of such a model require additional decor, for example, multilayered splendor. For several seasons in a row, mini skirts of tulips are considered the favorite among the models of this cut. And this despite the fact that the mini length is not in general in great demand this season in the fashion market. Most often, the short skirt of a tulip has a rather frank, expressive cut from the front, which forms distinctive petals, which makes the outfit even more consistent with its name. Such a technique was traced in the collections of many designers, the abundance of satin short skirts of a tulip could be seen in the line from the youth label Fendi. In another version, for example, from Lanvin or Jason Wu, the mini skirt of the tulip was oriented towards conservatism and classics: despite its rather frank length, it was distinguished by a laconic cut and matte tones. It is worth mentioning about the skirt of a tulip with pockets, last season it caused literally insanity among the fair sex. A huge popularity they are due to love and recognition from famous people, for example, Victoria Beckham - style icon, was seen on the carpet in this outfit, Kim Kardashian also is known as a great lover of style tulip dresses. It is worth mentioning that designers place pockets at a special angle, due to which decorative, curly creases are often formed, which set the tone for the whole product. High fashion masters often deliberately emphasize pockets, creating them either in contrast in color or in texture. The summer season will please the romantic natures and innate koketok multilayered and puffy skirts. These are light, summer dresses that do not support a strict, consistent shape, which skirts can wear on a tulip band. Most often these models are made of flowing, transparent fabrics, for example, weightless chiffon, silk or a shiny satin, they are ideal for romantic dates, but are completely inappropriate in a business setting. Therefore, women who withstand the dress code, should focus on the classic, almost puritanical skirts, which will be discussed below. This year, the fashion industry is also rich in classic, low-key clothing options, which include a tulip skirt with a scent. It is ideal for business meetings and will always be appropriate in a working atmosphere - this is a real find for busy business ladies. The shows from Karl Lagerfield were built on strict, office styles, characterized by a laconic cut and a calm, deep color palette of dark tones.

Tulip skirt - determined with color and texture

skirt tulip 2011 A single standard that defines the trend of colorpalette, no, so here the representatives of the weaker sex can rely entirely on their own tastes. It is worth saying that for summer seasons, it is preferable to choose juicy, life-affirming tones and colors, for example, natural green, expressive red, turquoise hints, and also all derivatives of yellow color. Very often in summer collections there is a motley, bright tulip skirt, the photos just shout that young and courageous people need to choose exactly the color options. For ladies who do not like to gamble with the game of color and prefer neutral shades, you can easily choose a sand palette or pastel colors, especially the tulip skirt with a smell in such a color solution is often found. Noble silk, shiny satin, satin or crepe, as a top layer is often used chiffon - the main materials that are loved by the fairer sex, who are guided by romanticism and elegant elegance. Women's catalogs place on their pages information about the skirts of tulips 2016, photos show an abundance of choice that provides the market to modern women of fashion. But ladies of a more practical warehouse can choose skirts from cozy wool, corduroy or even tweed, but these are rather winter clothes.

Modeling an image or with what to wear a tulip skirt?

skirt tulip with a smell The specific cut of this skirt hasto create with caution the image with her participation. But despite this, this skirt will equally effectively emphasize the beauty and harmony of the legs of its owner, perfectly in harmony with almost every detail of the ladies' toilet. For example, a tulip skirt with pockets of dark, deep shades will perfectly suit for an office version, a business woman can combine it with a blouse or supplement with a strict, classic jacket, jacket or conservative blazer. In general, a business woman will be able to find innumerable laconic, tranquil skirts that can withstand the most demanding dress code. A frequent visitor in the women's catalogs is the office skirt of the tulip 2016, photos show that it's feminine, keeping restraint - real. If the women of fashion are not burdened with any strict limits and wish to emphasize their charms advantageously, but they do not lose the sense of convenience, they should better orient themselves on universal, eclectic models of outfits and combine them with t-shirts, tops, simple T-shirts, . Undoubtedly, the whole skirt color will emphasize a mind-boggling hairpin or platform, but for a casual version modest ballet shoes or sandals will do. Fashionable women's magazines, publishing articles about the style of casual, often include on their pages models of such tulip skirts, the photos show variations of a combination of street clothes for "every day". In the case when the lady is faced with the task of giving her image a piquant spice or simply diluting something with a light long bored wardrobe, the tulip skirt will come in handy. Any woman of fashion can effectively and successfully emphasize the beauty of her legs and the strengths of her own figure, without losing any sense of convenience. Style and comfort - a rattling mixture, through which a woman will be doomed to success. We advise you to read: