selection of clothes by the type of figure All women are united by a desire to look stylishand beautiful. However, not all are endowed with natural data that correspond to the ideal. Therefore, one has to struggle for a long time with the excesses of one's own figure, and the other only maintains everything in the previous parameters. The simplest and fastest means of giving an ideal look is clothes that hide superfluous from extraneous views and emphasize virtues. All the ideals have long been invented by stylists and fashion designers. You just simplify your task when choosing clothes for a figure, after reading these tips. Let's start with cut. Clothing should be selected according to your size. Otherwise, by buying a smaller size, you risk losing appeal, and the size will give more baggy images. Choosing clothes by color, consider that if all elements of your ensemble are sustained in one color scale, then, firstly, it is boring, and secondly, adds volume. The most palatable looks harmoniously chosen palette. Stylish clothes of dark shades, a vertical strip, a combination of two colors executed vertically. If you do not consider your figure to be flawlessly slender, avoid horizontal stripes and cages. Very carefully should be treated with ornaments and patterns. They also slightly increase in size, however, while allowing you to hide some of the shortcomings of the figure. This, so to speak, general reflections on the topic. It is customary to select several types of figures, and for each of them there are rules and layouts. It is clear that women with a thin waist and rounded hips need a completely different clothing than a broad-shouldered and narrow-boned lady. Selection of clothes by the type of figure is the theme of our today's article. clothing choice by figure type

How to choose the right clothes for a figure type

If you are an "apple" ... How should it be, toexample, pick up clothes, if you have a fairly large chest, not a pronounced waist and rather slender hips and legs? Stylists call such figures "apple". This is a fairly common type. What should I look for first? Of course, the most important thing is to balance the top and bottom, and in no case should we focus on the waistline. In general, one should always be guided by common sense. If you have a big chest, it is unreasonable to emphasize it with frills, ruches and other similar twists. It is already noticeable. And in order to balance the parameters of the figure from below and from above, you can and should have enough voluminous skirts, wide trousers. Women with such a figure should not choose their jeans and pants with a low waist, but the high belt will allow to emphasize the figure and at the same time relieve unnecessary folds and constrictions. By and large, women with this type of figure fit many styles, most importantly, to hide flaws and emphasize virtues. Remember that too tight clothes - not your choice (this is generally the prerogative of the owners of a perfectly slender figure without a hint of extra pounds). Not suitable and too baggy. A half-fitted silhouette and the right length choice (just behind the knee) will make a woman with this type of figure slim and elegant. clothes for figure type Are you a "pear"? It is a feminine figure with narrow shoulders, well marked by a waist and lush hips. Since here the most noticeable part is the hips, the main goal is to divert attention from the bottom of the figure. Excellent look at these women dresses from flowing fabrics, straight and pinched trousers with a low fit, as well as a skirt style "trapezium." They are also suitable feminine jackets with pads, colored tops, belts and belts, in general everything that will help to emphasize the waist. Categorically do not fit narrowed trousers, clothing from rough, flaccid fabric, skirts in cross strips. types of shapes and clothes "Hourglass" Looks good in these figuresalmost any clothes. If a woman with a beautiful rounded hips, a thin waist and a good bust is also damn slender, then, of course, she can afford feminine styles that emphasize all the dignity of the figure. Dresses in a tight-fitting, any belts and belts - from very narrow to wide, short narrow skirts of a style "pencil" that never go out of fashion, trousers of all styles are clothes for a woman whose figure fits the definition of "hourglass". What not to wear? Perhaps too puffy skirts, because in this way your dignity (thighs and appetizing pop) will look too heavy. Do not look very good on such figures pants and jeans with a low fit, because they visually extend the line of the thighs, and you absolutely do not need it. But in general, the choice for "hourglass" is almost limitless. type of figure and clothing

To look perfect? Easily…

Of course, to reduce all types of female figures to three,which we mentioned, is impossible. Of course, they are much more. Yes, and within each type of mass varieties. How to be to always look luxurious, elegant and sexy? Actually, the main idea has already sounded: be guided by common sense and choose such clothes which will decorate you, underlining absolutely all advantages and hiding lacks. Learn to look at yourself from outside and evaluate your figure objectively. This will help avoid many mistakes in choosing clothes. You probably have repeatedly seen ladies with serious volumes packed in a so-called "sluggish" jersey. All folds, rollers in sight and exposed to the public around. But meanwhile, put such a woman in clothes with stiff lines, which allows you to "assemble" the figure, it would look completely different. If you do not want to be reproached with a disregard for your appearance, go to the choice of wardrobe with all responsibility. Do not forget that there are no trifles here. And even the most beautiful dress will not look good if you did not take care of suitable underwear (correcting also if you have extra weight), beautiful stockings, the right accessories. What else to keep in mind. Buy quality items, even if it seems to you that the price is overstated. Believe me, they will last a long time and will give you pleasure. Especially it concerns the basic, classical things that make up the basis of the wardrobe. What is bought in addition, as they say, for one season, it may well be simpler. But a business suit, a classic coat, a small black dress - these things should only be a luxury class. Well, and of course, they should go. We advise you to read: