crotchet Many centuries ago secular ladies did not appearimagine how you can get into people without such a detail of the toilet as a pulling corset. Any dress, even the simplest homemade one, was equipped with a number of "bones", which held the posture and allowed to pull the waist up to the laid standards. Today, strangely enough, the fashion for these amazing products has returned. More and more often you can meet beautiful girls in tight corsets in offices, at parties and holidays. The most surprising is that, despite the refinement of this wardrobe detail and the inconvenience that it sometimes delivers, corsets have become not only festive clothes, but also perfectly accustomed as a daily accessory of romantic natures. So what is the beauty of this element of clothing? What kind of corsets are pulling, and how to wear them? Let's understand everything in order.

Types of corsets

Stretching corsets differ not only inform, but also on the material and type of fastener. Most modern corsets and corsages are made on the basis of reginal or plastic bones. The present corsets are made on a more rigid material, such as whalebone, which is now very rare, and metal "bones". Find such a product in a regular store is unlikely to work. As a rule, a good pulling corset is sewn to order, taking into account the individual characteristics of the figure of the future hostess. According to the forms, the corsets are so diverse that it's too long to describe, but the main models should still be listed.

  • Belt corsage

A low corsage, which is more likely to serve indecorative purposes, rather than for suits. It can resemble a wide belt with lacing. Looks beautiful with all sorts of magnificent skirts, trousers, jeans, etc. You can dress over a simple dress to emphasize the waist and visually emphasize the chest.

  • Corset «under the chest»

The most common type of corsets, whichcovers his stomach and rises smoothly to the chest, thus creating not only a seductive waist, but also advantageously emphasizing the bust. You can wear such a pulling corset both with dresses and with shirts. Especially beautiful it looks in combination with a classic skirt-pencil and a thin blouse.

  • Corset "on the chest"

The difference between this pulling corset and others inthe fact that it completely covers the chest and can be worn both in combination with shirts and dresses, and as an independent clothing. Excellent such corsets are in harmony with all sorts of scarves, capes, bolero, etc. This type of corset has a subspecies, pulling the corset "on the chest" shortened. The essence of it is that it does not cover the breast completely, but only reaches its middle. Such pulling corsets look especially beautiful on girls with big breasts. corsets

Types of corset fasteners

Distinguish all the pulling corsets and corsages and the types of fasteners, they can be:

  • One-piece with one functional lacing behind;
  • With two functional laces (rear and front);
  • On a zipper (as a rule, these are corsages, since the crotch of the corset will not survive);
  • With one functional lacing at the back and a buisk in the front (bussk is a special metal bar with hooks)
  • With one functional lacing behind and simple hooks in front (again, these are corsages).

The number of laces may vary, howeverfunctional only 2 (more and not necessary). Good corsets are women pulling on the lacing in that they allow you to adjust the strength of the tightener and adjust the corset to the figure even after you have lost some weight or recovered. By the way, it's unlikely that you will be able to recover in a corset, because at the cost of tightening all the internal organs are pressed against each other, and the stomach no longer contains the volume of food that you are accustomed to eat at the festive table. So the corset is a great way to save yourself from heaviness and overeating!