with what to wear a cardigan Fashionable and always relevant element of women'swardrobe - cardigan - can turn all the established stereotypes about clothes, because it perfectly matches with any style in any weather. For many years now, the female cardigan has not gone out of fashion, every season surprising fashionists with its versatility and practicality. The invention of this popular version of the jacket is attributed to Lord Cardigan, who thus insulated the uniform English uniform of his soldiers. Today it is customary to speak of it as a knitted jacket without a collar, with a front clasp and a deep neckline. The most urgent issue always remains - with what to wear a cardigan, which we will talk about a little later.

A variety of women's cardigans

There are female cardigans according to the model:

  • tight-fitting figure;
  • free;
  • shortened;
  • long (up to the knees and below).

By types of fasteners, cardigans are distinguished on buttons, zippers, hooks, ties and odor. with what to wear a blue cardigan

How to combine a cardigan with other clothes?

Every woman has a question: how to wear a cardigan? In order to answer it, you need to remember a few simple rules:

  • a female cardigan should not be buttoned on all buttons;
  • it is combined with almost everything that is in the wardrobe;
  • it must be supplemented with all sorts of accessories (belt, scarf, ribbon, brooch, pendant or necklace);
  • Any shoe fits to a cardigan: both on a high hairpin and on a flat sole (including sneakers).

As for the fashion trends of the spring-summer season2012, then trendy beach cardigans, which are worn over a swimsuit or with shorts, tops, beach dresses. Also on the catwalks leading fashion houses continue to lead cardigans in stripes and with all sorts of bright prints. Actual this year will be short cardigans of bright shades and long light colors. The trend of the season were blue sweaters. This universal color helps to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure, and the richness of shades will give you uniqueness. with what the cardigans wear With what to wear a blue cardigan - a question requiringindividual approach in each case. It can only be noted that the bright blue jumper is in harmony with yellow, orange, red, purple, raspberry, bright green, black flowers. This way you can stand out and attract attention. If you want to look elegant and restrained, for example, at work, it is better to combine blue with more muted colors, such as peach, white, silver, light gray, pink, lilac, blue, blue-green, dark blue. What cardigans are wearing depends also on the image that you want to create. If you prefer a bold youth style, then you can use models with bright colors and various prints. If you use a cardigan with clasps, you can leave it unbuttoned, while putting the strap over it and thereby emphasizing the shape. To complement the image you need a shirt or top, shorts, jeans, leggings or a short skirt and do not forget about accessories such as a youth watch, scarf, chains of different lengths or a "hand-made" pendant. Even more simply, an image of careless relaxation is created. Here you can use almost any color scale, a model of any length and silhouette. For example, slim and tall girls will fit a knitted volumetric cardigan of medium length with or without pockets, combined with a light chiffon blouse and leggings. For girls who are overweight, a light short cardigan of dark color with vertical stripes and a shape that visually narrows the silhouette is best. If you have low growth, then the question of what to wear a cardigan, the answer that suits you is shortened, but you should not choose a contrasting bottom, it can visually cut the figure and shorten it even more; but the trousers in tone and high boots on the heel, will add you centimeters. Diversify the image with a thin belt at the waist and a large decoration. with what to wear a fashionable cardigan If you are a lover of romantic and femininestyle, then knit cardigans from thin fabrics in combination with light flying dresses or maxi skirts are perfect for you. Use pastel colors or a small floral pattern. Be sure to complement the image with a beautiful brooch, pendant on a long shoelace and mark the waist with a string or belt. And finally, if you want to look elegant and stylish at the same time, choose an ultra-short tight-fitting cardigan of dark colors with or without a clasp and put it over a small black dress or any evening dress. In addition, you can decorate it with a thin belt and put on a pearl bracelet or a gold necklace - it looks very impressive and neat. But with what to wear a cardigan is not worth it, so it's with knitted dresses - it looks boring and visually weighted figure. To the classic black jumper did not seem gloomy, it is better to wear it with bright fluffy skirts, denim shorts, funny t-shirts, floral dresses, interesting accessories and colored leggings. Well, if you really want to excel, then put on your cardigan backwards and hang a large pendant in front. And remember, with whatever you wear your favorite thing, the main thing is for you to be comfortable and pleasant in this image. After all, only you are the creator of your style, unique, like your personality! We advise you to read: