hair mask with red pepper About dense, shiny and healthy hair dreamsevery woman, because this is a real natural decoration. Unfortunately, nature does not all endow such happiness. What should I do in such cases? Provide proper hair care, pamper them with good shampoos and masks, and establish proper nutrition. But sometimes terrible things happen to our hair. Probably, each of us had to see the fallen hair on his pillow in the morning. By and large, hair loss process is completely normal and natural. On a place dropped out grow new, young, hair, in a word, all this is in the order of things. But if every day you lose hair in large quantities, this is cause for concern and to visit a doctor. We will try to tell you why there are problems with the health of the hair, in particular with their loss, and we will teach you how to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon.

Why hair fall out

A bald man is a familiar phenomenon, but a bald woman? You will say, this does not happen. It happens, unfortunately. And the causes of hair loss are many. Often the mechanism starts under the influence of stress, which can be caused by chronic fatigue, nervous overloads. As a result, the hair follicles, which are in the active growth phase, freeze. Accordingly, the natural process of hair loss continues, and new hair does not grow, and within a couple of months, magnificent head of hair turns into something pathetic. Often, hair loss is noted in those women who often sit on various low-calorie diets. Limited supply of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements leads to disruption of the body as a whole, and also negatively affects the health of the hair. A trigger mechanism that triggers unwanted processes is also possible infectious diseases, hormonal disorders. In particular, during pregnancy and the onset of menstrual pause, many women note increased hair loss, deterioration of the nails, teeth, bone. It is clear that these are natural phenomena that we can not undo or change, but it is quite possible to correct unpleasant consequences. useful mask for hair with red pepper

What to do

The first thing to do in intensivehair loss, it is to visit a trichologist, who will be able to understand the problem and will prescribe an adequate treatment. Typically, hair loss occurs when blood circulation in the scalp (no matter what caused it - disease, stress, long-term strict diet), in which hair bulbs cease to receive the necessary nutrition and just fade. Usually, in such cases, prescribe a course of therapeutic massage, masks that improve nutrition and circulation, give recommendations on proper nutrition and adequate hair care, prescribe the intake of necessary vitamin preparations.

Hair masks

To treat hair, prevent hair loss andTo improve growth, masks have long been used, which include substances that stimulate blood microcirculation. This fully applies to the various masks, the main component of which is red pepper. We offer you several variants of such masks, proven by time and proven effective. Mask for hair with red pepper and honey An affordable and very effective mask. Mix the ground red pepper with liquid honey in a ratio of 1: 4. If the honey has already been sugared, then it can be slightly heated in a microwave or in a water bath. Mask with red pepper is applied to clean hair. Then we put on a polyethylene hat and we wrap the head with a terry towel. Exposure time is 30-40 minutes. The mask with red pepper is washed off with warm water. It is recommended to conduct a course of procedures (from 5 to 10), twice a week. As a result, hair loss ceases and intensive growth is noted. Mask for hair on the basis of alcohol tincture of red pepper. Mix a tablespoon of tincture with a spoon of burdock or castor oil and one or two spoons of any hair balm. Mask with red pepper is applied to the roots of hair (should be carefully rubbed). Put on a hat, wrap it with a towel and leave it for an hour and a half. Wash your head with warm water and a mild shampoo. A course of procedures is recommended at intervals of one day every two months. Mask for hair based on tincture of red pepper and herbs Two tablespoons of alcohol tincture of pepper mixed with broths of St. John's wort, chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus (one tablespoon each). Mask with red pepper carefully rubbed into the roots of the hair, as well as applied over their entire length. Wrap in a towel and leave for a couple of hours. Wash your hair with warm water. Vitamin mask based on the tincture of red pepper This is a very simple mask. Two tablespoons of tincture to mix with oil solutions of vitamins A and E. Mask with red pepper is applied to the roots of washed hair. Exposure time 2 hours. We recommend a course of procedures. The result is strong healthy hair. home hair mask with red pepper

A few tips on the use of masks based on red pepper and hair care

Any mask with red pepper,what other ingredients in it enter, really gives good effect. The rush of blood stimulates the hair follicles, the hair becomes shiny, lively, healthy, and their intensive growth is also noted. However, many are afraid to use such masks, considering that a mask with red pepper can damage the hair. However, these fears have no basis. However, there are certain points that we want to draw your attention to.

  • Before the procedure usingMask with red pepper should be an allergic test. To do this, apply a small amount of funds on the inside of the forearm. If the reaction is normal, you can safely proceed to the procedure.
  • Do not use masks with pepper if you have damage to the scalp. Wait until the wounds heal.
  • If you have problems with hair, reconsideryour diet. If necessary, be sure to consult a specialist and a dietitian. There are a number of products, the use of which positively affects the health of hair.
  • Watch for hair hygiene, use only high-quality cosmetics that matches your hair type.
  • Do not abuse the styling products and hairdryer. In any case, try to dry your hair naturally. If you need to make a styling with a hair dryer, it is best to almost completely dry your hair, and then use a special tool and a hairdryer.
  • If you are used to pulling your hair into a tight tail,make beams, use various hairpins, hoops, etc., then know that the hair needs rest. Change the type of hairstyle, do not use tight elastic bands.
  • If you dye your hair, try to apply only high-quality paints from well-known manufacturers and be sure to provide the right thing - dyed hair badly need it.
  • Councils are simple, their implementation does not require you to do any great efforts, and following them, no doubt, will benefit you and your hair. We advise you to read: