curls on long hair Many girls can be proud of their chiclong hair, causing envy in other women of the weaker sex and delight in men. But only the owners of luxury braids know how difficult it is not only to grow their hair, but also to look after them daily. Creating a hairstyle is a whole painstaking process, which you need to prepare in advance and gain experience in order to look amazing at the crucial moment.

Types of hairstyles for a specific face shape

For each form of face there is a certain typeA hairstyle that emphasizes dignity and skillfully covers up shortcomings. Girls who have an oval face shape can use any kind of hairstyle and experiment with haircuts. Ladies with a cordate (triangular) form need to work on hiding some of the flaws and soften the sharp lines of the face. Here, a bang of an arc-shaped shape comes to the rescue. In the case of a square face, it is advisable to avoid a thick long bangs, and with an elongated face, one set of best options will be a sporty hairstyle and a short length of hair. But there is a universal kind of packing, which will suit any girl and woman - it's curls and curls. There are many ways with which you can create a masterpiece on your head from long hair at home. We'll talk about such hairstyles just below. curling iron for curls

Hair care when they are long

Do not forget to take care of yourhair, if they are long and you periodically put them in curls or curls. Beauty requires sacrifice, you probably already heard it. So in the situation with styling, the hair becomes more prone to loss and brittleness. Especially, if you resort to ploys, ironing and hair lacquers. In the care of the head includes washing properly selected shampoos, the use of balms, rinse and hair masks. Sprays should not be abused, as they heavier and clog hair, preventing it from breathing. So, the head was washed, we applied the care products along the entire length of the volas, we began to create the curls.

  • Proven reliable helper - a curling iron.

Tools: Curling curler. The larger the diameter, the larger the curls. The process: separate the strands along the hair growth path and wind on the tongs so that about 10 cm remains untouched from the roots. Hold the plate for about 10 seconds and gently remove them without stretching the hair. Thus, move in a circle, retreating the same number of centimeters from the roots.

  • Curlers: screwed and forgotten.

Instruments: curlers of the same diameter, means for styling. Process: Wash your head and dry your hair so that it remains slightly moist. For each strand apply mousse and gel for styling. This will help curlers stay longer. Wind all the strands in one direction, starting from the back of the head. For a more lasting result, you need to leave the curlers for 8 hours, but if you do not want to wait, then use a hairdryer.

  • Helps to help create a haircut pigtails.

Instruments: Erasers for hair, styling products. The process: braid the pigtails on the whole head, but remember that the result depends directly on their volume and quantity. For light waves, 5 braids are sufficient, and for a chic volume - about 30 braids. Spits braid on clean and damp hair, the means for laying can be applied along the entire length both before the process of weaving, and after.

  • Light negligence on long hair.

Tools: hairdryer, styling products. Process: we put on mousse for hair on dry hair and slightly twist a lock in a plait, directing on it a hair drier. you will surprise everyone with your long, laid-back curls.

  • All ingenious is simple.

Tools: hairdryer, styling products. Process: carefully wash my hair and wipe them with paper towels, then tilt my head forward so that the hair hang down. Separate the thin strand and put on it a hair gel with super-strong fixation. Next, add the same strand accordion and direct the flow of hot air to it. The same we do with the rest of the hair.