how to choose hair color Nowadays it is rather difficult to meetrepresentative of the fair sex, which would be completely satisfied with her natural hair color and she would never have thought about painting. However, not every girl is ready to make such drastic changes, as the terrible stories about friends friends of girlfriends who after the procedure became colorful or lost a significant part of once luxurious head of hair can be confusing even the most courageous and risky beauties. In this case, there are two options: either abandon the idea and remain a gray mouse, or choose a quality paint with the appropriate shade and get even better.

Five basic rules for choosing a paint

Manufacturer's brandand a high price category of well-known and proven brand companies that have already positively proved themselves in this field. Trying to save money can be deplorable, since cheap, usually inexpensive and corrosive ingredients are usually added to cheap paint. At best, you will have to undergo a course of hair rehabilitation procedures, as they will become dry and lifeless, at worst you will need to buy a wig. If you want, you can even find the paint without ammonia, but this novelty costs an order of magnitude more. By its properties, it practically does not differ from usual, only more gently and delicately refers to the hair. Security is above all! Initially, you should familiarize yourself with the composition of the products and the opinions of other customers. Of course, not all girls will be equally pleased with this or that paint, but the presence of too many negative reviews and complaints should alert you. Even worse, if no one has heard of this brand. To take all the necessary information you can on any women's forums or websites of manufacturers. choose the color of hair dye Search for a suitable option In any majora trading institution where paint is sold, producers leave catalogs in which there are hints for potential customers - small painted "tails" or pictures that show the final result based on your current tone. When choosing a color, consider that the result may be slightly different from the source. This can be affected by both the recent staining, for example, henna, brahma, and the natural properties of your hair. Therefore, the first procedure is best done in specialized beauty salons and hairdressing salons. Determine the color Before you pick up the hair color, you need to make sure that you are suited to a particular shade. For example, owners of light eyes and golden skin can be repainted in a red, honey or golden blond. Too dark the color of these girls is much older, white - makes plain. If you have dark skin, then you will need to pick out brighter and more rich options: chestnut, auburn, chocolate color. Do not under any circumstances lighten up, otherwise your face will look like a brown stain on the background of light hair. The greatest difficulties can arise in those whose hair began to lose the natural pigmentation, as sometimes such a head of hair, even with the most staunch and expensive products, may not acquire the desired color. How to choose a hair dye for those who have recently encountered this problem? First, do not start to brighten sharply, so you can simply become yellow or carrot-red. Secondly, consult with a specialist and ask you to choose the appropriate option for you. Thirdly, before the procedure, apply a small area of ​​consistency and see how the paint will manifest itself. If you get the right color, boldly start painting. Number of packages Manufacturers always indicate how many packs are needed for this or that length of hair (one standard package by twenty centimeters). However, it is recommended to take a little more, so that later, if the stock does not suffice, you did not have to run around the shops and look for the same color, which, as usual, will be sold out abruptly. We advise you to read: