hairstyles for curly hair If you got a curly hair by nature(it is curly, but not wavy), you understand how hard it is to cope with them. Naughty locks and strive to lie incorrectly, and to make an elegant styling, you need to have incredible patience. In addition, the hairstyle on curly hair is afraid of moisture. One single drop of water can ruin the styling, over which you worked all evening. Despite this, many owners of straight hair dream of curls. Why is this happening? They just think that the hairstyle on curly hair does not need special styling. Well, what can be difficult? I woke up, sprinkled my hair with a spray, ran my hands over it - everything, the girl was ready to go out. But the fact that the hair for curly hair rather monotonous, no one somehow does not think. Agree, the same styling will soon get bored. And you want something new, stylish, creative. In addition, the hairstyle for curly hair requires special care at home. You need special shampoos and balms, moisturizing masks are mandatory. You have to give up the hair dryer, or at least reduce its use to a minimum. That is why girls with curly hair do not understand the delight experienced by those familiar at the sight of their hair. They know how much effort, time and patience it takes to spend every day to bring all this beauty into the proper kind. Today we will talk with you about what haircuts for curly hair are the most optimal. And also reveal all the secrets of caring for them at home. We hope that this article will help you to treat the "gift" that nature has awarded you, more tolerant. curly hairstyle hair

Simple and stylish hairstyles for curly hair

What is the best haircut for curly hair? In principle, there are no restrictions. The main thing is that the haircut is not very short. Otherwise, you risk turning your head into a dandelion. In addition, for short curly hair is difficult to choose a suitable styling. Originally in this case, look asymmetrical and multilevel haircuts of medium length, as well as a cascade and a bean. African passions

  • On dry hair, apply a small amount of mousse;
  • Now divide the whole mass of hair into five identical parts;
  • On each part, twist the flagella from the forehead to the crown and fasten them with small crab-pins;
  • At the back, gather hair into the shell, fix it with hairpins and sprinkle with varnish.

This spectacular hairstyle on curly hair of medium length will look amazing. It is suitable for both work and a date. The effect of wet hair

  • On slightly damp curls, apply a gel or hair cream;
  • Walk your hands along the entire length of the hair, squeezing them into a fist towards the roots;
  • Allow hair to dry completely. If you are in a hurry, you can use a dryer with a diffuser nozzle for drying;
  • Now divide the hairstyle into curls, walking along it with your fingers;
  • Secure with lacquer.

As you can see, everything is very simple. With this hair style on curly hair, you will be in the spotlight every day. And in order to create it, it will take only a few minutes. Basket

  • Divide the hair into two equal parts by a piece;
  • One piece for the time being, fasten with a barrette, so as not to interfere;
  • Now you need to braid the pigtail. Start work from the forehead, moving to the back of the head, adding new strands of hair from the main mass of hair to the braid;
  • Secure the pigtail with an imperceptible rubber band;
  • The second part of the hair is treated similarly;
  • Now toss the braids crosswise on the back of the head and fasten them with studs;
  • Connect the ends of braids with a beautiful hair clip or elastic band;
  • Use a strong hairspray hair.

The above hair styles for curly hair are not particularly difficult. They can make at home any, even not experienced in hairdressing art girl. hairstyles curly hair

How to diversify the styling?

  • Low tail - hairstyle for every day

Treat dry hair with mousse or foam,straighten small curls with forceps. Now take a large diameter curd bar and make large curls. Collect the low tail. Strands that are out of hair, sprinkle a little with varnish and crush it with your hands;

  • Fashionable curls

This hairstyle is best for hairmiddle length. First you need to apply mousse or gel to wet hair. Now you need to curl them on large curlers and wait until the strands are completely dry. We remove the curlers and carefully disassemble the hair for large curls. You can do this with your hands. Finally, we spray the hairstyle with varnish;

  • Hair straightening

Do you want to radically change the image? Get a hair iron and try to straighten the curls. Before you start the procedure, do not forget to apply a protective agent on your hair to preserve their structure. Do not get straightened, otherwise you risk drying the strands: they will become brittle and split;

  • Soft waves

There is nothing complicated at all here. After washing, braid the hair in two simple braids and wait until they are completely dry. Unbend, give the hands the desired shape. Some more secrets of stacking:

  • Immediately after washing, apply mousse on hair and tie a headscarf on the top of the head. Wait until the sticks dry out, remove the handkerchief and disassemble the whole mass into the same curls;
  • Also, after applying the mousse, wind each lock on the finger, so you will get fashionable and romantic waves;
  • That the hair on curly hair looked neat, and the locks lay evenly, immediately after washing, remember the hair with your hands, collecting each strand in a fist.

How to care for curly hair?

As already mentioned above, curly hair requires careful care. Let's look at some simple tips that will help you maintain the health and beauty of your hair:

  • As little as possible use a hairdryer to avoid drying and brittle hair;
  • Do not wash your head every day. The best option is every three days;
  • Never use a brush for combing. The desired form of hair on curly hair can be given and fingers. Or get a comb with wide teeth;
  • Use shampoos and conditioners that are designed for moisturizing. Also, do not neglect masks and serums. Thanks to them, the hair will become more docile;
  • After washing do not rub your hair with a towel, just pat them;
  • In order for curls to be elastic and "alive", choose products containing keratin in their composition.

That's all the secrets. As you can see, nothing complicated and impossible to create a fashionable hairstyle for curly hair is not. The main thing, give your locks proper attention every day, try to find your own style, emphasize your originality. Love your hair, and they will definitely reciprocate you! We advise you to read: