milk fungus application Every year the milk fungus acquires allgreat popularity. He firmly entered the everyday life of people who value their health and want to preserve their youth and beauty for a long time. Thanks to its natural components, many diseases can be cured. Milk mushroom has found application in many health problems. The only condition, of course, is its correct dosage. And then the result of the miraculous properties of the milk fungus will be evident.

Growing of milk mushroom

To get a healthy drink you need a mushroomnot larger than an ordinary table spoon. It should be placed in a glass jar, pour 250 milligrams of milk. Tare with mushroom place on the windowsill, which does not get direct sunlight. The temperature in the room should be from 18 to 24 degrees. For 16-20 hours, the milk in the bank will turn sour and find useful properties. Carefully strain the milk through a sieve and rinse the milk mushroom with cool water from the remnants of the leaven. After water procedures, it can be poured again with milk. Best for these purposes is milk of medium fat. Milk mushroom with proper care grows very quickly. Therefore, within a month, it can occupy 1/3 of the space of a liter bank. It should be divided and distributed to everyone who wants to have this panacea at home. Collecting or trying to accommodate everything in small dishes is not worth it.

Care of milk fungus

Like any living organism, the milk fungus requiresconstant care. Therefore, daily washing with cool water will ensure that the mushroom will feel comfortable. Otherwise, it can acquire a brownish hue and die. A healthy fungus is identical in color to milk. It is important to remember that you can not wash the milk mushroom with hot and warm water, as it can be burned. The bank in which the mushroom is located must remain open, as the living organism breathes continuously. If you need to leave for a few days, you should take care of the "home doctor" first. Put the mushroom in a three-liter glass container, you need to fill it with 1.5 liters of water and 1.5 liters of milk, and then put it in the usual place. On return, the obtained infusion can be used as a wash and for bathing. useful milk fungus application

Properties of milk mushroom

Among the most useful properties of milk fungus should be:

  • restoration of the immune system and maintenance of its active work;
  • antiallergenic effect;
  • normalization of metabolism and restoration of lipid balance;
  • wound-healing action;
  • normalization of the composition of the intestinal microflora;
  • increased sexual activity;
  • rendering choleretic action;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • antispasmodic properties;
  • ability to improve memory, etc.

If you understand all the properties of dairymushroom, it turns out that he is literally a panacea. The only thing you need to know about is the correct application when curing a particular disease. Before drinking a milk drink, you should consult your doctor. There are more than 20 diseases in which treatment with milk fungus is recommended.

  • Atherosclerosis

It mainly occurs in older people. This occurs as a result of a violation of lipid metabolism and thickening of the walls of the arteri-connective tissue, which contributes to the deposition of cholesterol. In order to begin an active fight against atherosclerosis, the milk fungus is used as follows. 1 week - use the infusion of the fungus once a day for an hour before sleeping for 150 mg. Is after application is not recommended. 2-4 weeks - use the infusion of the fungus twice a day for 150 mg: in the morning (after awakening) on ​​an empty stomach and in the evening (before going to bed). During a month of treatment is not recommended to drink alcohol. After completing the course, take a four-week break, and then proceed to the second course with the same recommendations for use.

  • Alcoholism

Treatment of chronic progressive diseasewith the help of milk fungus is recommended after drug treatment, coding or with a clear awareness of a person's desire to get rid of addiction. It is important to make the infusion of the fungus more acidic. For this, the period of its full souring should be increased to 24-30 hours. 1 month - intake of infusion 3 times a day for 300 mg: in the morning after awakening, one hour before lunch and in the evening before bedtime. 2 months - intake of infusion 5 times daily before meals. The amount drunk should not be less than 1 liter per day. After a 2-month course, you should take a break of 8 weeks and start treatment again according to the above scheme. Due to its properties, the fungus helps to remove the decomposition products after taking alcohol and drug treatment.

  • Arterial hypertension

Increased blood pressure - quitea common problem that worries most people of the older generation. People suffering from arterial hypertension, milk fungus will bring real benefits when properly applied. In this case everything is also done in stages. Stage one. Cleansing clogged pores. For this, the bath or sauna is the best. Reasonable dosage of stay in the steam room will qualitatively clear the pores. Stay in the sauna / sauna hypertensive patients need no more than 5-7 minutes. Then abundantly pour cold water, jump into the pool or take a cold shower. During this rest, the pores should be cleaned thoroughly, a stiff washcloth or rock salt is perfect for this. Rubbing with rock salt will not only purify the pores, but also remove excess water from the body and increase the flow of oxygen into the blood. Herbal tea, drunk during her stay in the dressing room, also has an excellent effect. There should be at least five visits to the steam room. Stage two. Begins a month before the start of the course of mushroom intake. Two weeks to eat in the morning and evening for 2 small slices of lemon with honey. Stage three. Within 2 weeks, taking kefir 150-200 mg should be done in the morning (after waking) and in the evening an hour before going to bed. In the next two weeks, kefir should be taken in the same way as the dosage is increased to 250 mg. After a month's break, the course can be repeated again.

  • Cholelithiasis

Formations in the gallbladder and in the ducts lead todisturbance of metabolic processes. Infusion of the fungus promotes the dissolution of stones. An additional element for effective treatment should be cucumber juice. Within a month for an hour before dinner you need to drink 1 glass of cucumber drink. Before going to bed, drink 150 mg of mushroom infusion. After a month's course, you should take a break in treatment. To completely dissolve the stones, the course should be repeated up to 3 times in the same way.

  • Obesity

Obesity is a problem of a new generation. Malnutrition, alcohol abuse and sedentary lifestyle lead to the formation of excess fatty tissue. The process is quite difficult to control, but the usual and habitual milk mushroom will help us to cope with this. Treatment with the help of the fungus is based on the division of food into 5 receptions, strict compliance with the schedule. As in a normal diet, eating after 6 pm is not recommended. An exception is late sleep. In this case, you can have 4 hours before bedtime. Before the diet is recommended to hold a fasting day. Preliminary it is necessary to clear an intestine by means of an enema. It is important that during the diet there are some restrictions not only in food, but also in the liquid. If the menu does not indicate taking a liquid, then the application should be reduced to 0.5 liters. Diet:

  • 1 day. 400 g of potatoes in uniforms and 0.5 l of mushroom infusion. In each meal take 100 grams of potatoes, before taking which is recommended to drink 100 mg of kefir. One hour before sleep, one more kefir is drunk.
  • 2 day. 400 g of cottage cheese and 0,5 l of milk infusion. Reception is carried out, as on the first day.
  • 3 day. 600 g of apples and 0.5 L of milk infuser.
  • 4 day. 400 g of white meat and 0.5 liters of milk infusion.
  • 5 day. 600 g of apples and 0.5 L of milk infuser.
  • 6 day. 1.5 liters of unsalted mineral water.
  • 7 day. 600 g of apples and 0.5 L of milk infuser.

If compliance with such restrictionsis problematic and in the evenings overpower acute attacks of hunger, you can take an additional one serving of kefir. Moreover, after staying on such food for 3 days, the body gets used to the restrictions and the attacks of hunger will eventually recede. The main thing is to organize a meal on time. For a week of such restrictions and with the help of a milk fungus, you can throw up to 8 kg. If you want to improve the results, if it really is necessary, you should spend 1 week of rest and again sit on a similar diet.

  • Diabetes

Insulin deficiency and consequencescan be prevented if the treatment is started on time with milk fungus. Basically, this method of treatment helps with an insulin-independent form in the initial stages of the disease. An important point in the treatment of the infusion of the fungus is that due to its beneficial effect, it restores the cells that produce insulin (normalization of the pancreas occurs). The course of treatment is designed for 20 days. Recommended per day to drink a liter of infusion. As soon as there is an acute attack of hunger, you should take 150-200 mg of kefir, and after 20 minutes eat. After a while after eating, you can drink herbal tea. After completing the entire course, as in previous cases, it is necessary to take a two-week break and undergo treatment again, following all the recommendations.

  • Cholecystitis

Inflammation of the gallbladder is not the thingpleasant disease, but the use of milk fungus will help in this case. The combination of oatmeal and milk infusions gives an excellent effect. For use, you need an oat drink: 0.5 kg of oats pour a liter of boiling water, insist for about 2 hours. An hour before meals, you should drink 150 mg of oat broth (morning and afternoon). In the evening, before going to bed it is recommended to drink 250-300 mg of milk infusions. The course of treatment lasts one month. Repeat it is not necessary, as the correct adherence to recommendations allows you to cure cholecystitis completely.

  • Stomach ulcer

Chronic disease during periods of exacerbation is a lot of trouble. To reduce the pain and cure the ulcer is quite realistic if you follow the correct recommendations within a month and a half.

  • 1 Week. After awakening, drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of acacia honey. Lunch porridge, boiled on the water until the formation of mucous consistency. Before going to bed, drink 250 mg of mushroom infusion with 20 mg of olive oil diluted in it. In case of intolerance to olive oil, nothing should be added.
  • 2 week. After awakening, drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of acacia honey. Half an hour before lunch, drink 100 mg of cabbage juice, at bedtime - 250 mg of kefir.
  • 3-4 weeks. After waking up, and before dinner drink 100 mg of cabbage juice. Before going to bed, 250 mg of kefir.
  • 5-6 week. After waking up and an hour before sleeping, drink 250 mg of kefir. If the peptic ulcer has not passed, then the next course is recommended before the seasonal period of exacerbation.

Milk mushroom application for the skin

Kefir mushroom - an excellent skin care product

Infusion of kefir mushroom is better than any masks andexpensive creams can make the skin of the body and face velvety, radiant, relieve fatigue, smooth wrinkles and remove small skin rashes. It can be used both individually and in combination with cosmetics. Applying an infusion of kefir fungus on the face, holding on the skin for 15 minutes, you can noticeably bleach it and eliminate for a while unaesthetic pigment spots. The effect of using the mask is retained for up to three days, after which the procedure is recommended to be repeated. Thanks to the medicinal and nutrients found in the fungus, small wrinkles are smoothed out, and the dermis acquires a radiant appearance. An important indicator is the activation of blood circulation, due to which the influx of oxygen to the tissues is activated. Rubbing infusion of milk fungus into the scalp, you can strengthen the hair, prevent their loss, increase growth and improve the skin. The bath, with the addition of a mushroom infusion, perfectly tones and nourishes the skin. Please note: the use of such a drug should be dosed in order to avoid reverse reaction.

Contraindications in the treatment of kefir fungus

The main contraindication islactose intolerance, since application can cause severe allergies. Children under three years of eating milk fungus is also not recommended. During pregnancy, it is better to refrain from taking milk mushrooms. During lactation, mushroom intake is allowed if necessary. Treatment of milk fungus implies a complete refusal to drink alcohol. Fat and spicy foods are also banned. Applying milk mushroom regularly, you can permanently get rid of many problems. He stands guard over the health and beauty of his owners, each day having a positive impact on the whole organism.