natural phytoestrogens with menopause Climax is not the best period in a woman's life. Menopause signals the extinction of the functions of the reproductive system that occur with age. The body begins to rebuild, the number of female sex hormones decreases, and all this affects the general condition of women. Many people with climax become restless, irritable, depressed, hot flushes are felt, and on chronic nerves chronic illnesses are aggravated. Many women, faced with menopause, are wondering about a drug that would help them eliminate the risk of complications associated with menopause. In addition to hormonal drugs, you can find a means of natural origin. Phytoestrogens are herbal preparations that have estrogen-like properties. They are not hormones, but only affect the body, like female sex hormones - estrogens. During menopause, the amount of estrogen decreases, and this in turn leads to a violation of fat metabolism, the formation of "bad" cholesterol, the washing away of calcium from the bones, the weakening of immunity. Taking phytoestrogens during menopause is safe. They do not violate the hormonal background, but stabilize it due to their natural properties. After taking such drugs, the symptomatology of menopause is eased, fast metabolism is maintained, and the aging process of the skin is slowed, the mood improves, nervousness, depression, and apathy are absent. The effect on the body of phytoestrogens is many times weaker than estrogens. For example, they suppress the growth of hormone-dependent tumors, in contrast to estrogens. legumes with phytoestrogen

Products containing phytoestrogens

  • Legumes and cereals: soy, oats, wheat, rice, barley, flax, lentils, alfalfa.
  • Fruits and vegetables: pomegranates, apples, carrots.
  • Drinks: beer, bourbon, green tea, red wine.

Phytoestrogens are found in vegetable oils: coconut, olive, palm, soy, as well as in the juices of some medicinal plants: marigold, plantain, arnica, chamomile. Some fungi contain these substances, which are in the active and inactive state. Scientists have calculated that if a woman consumes 64 grams of foods that contain phytoestrogen daily, then this will be enough to maintain the body's tone and prevent diseases caused by a deficiency of female sex hormones. On the basis of phytoestrogens, drugs, dietary supplements are created that correct the disorders associated with menopause. For example, it is a dietary supplement "Doppelgerz an active of Menopause". This drug contains soy isoflavone (chemically similar to estradiol), calcium, vitamin D3, B vitamins, which are necessary for carbohydrate metabolism. Contraindications to such a drug may be individual intolerance to its components, pregnancy and lactation. Before using any biological active supplements, you should consult your doctor. The extract of tsimitsifuti is a part of "Klimaksan", "Tsi-klima", "Klimaktoplan", "Klimadinona". Extract of red clover contains feminale, and clover and soybean are included in the femiwell. These drugs can be used for mild climacteric syndrome. Phytoestrogens have a positive effect on bone tissue, but the incidence of fractures can not be reduced. These drugs do not cause side effects when properly applied. fruits with phytoestrogens

Positive effects of phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens act like weak estrogens. According to various studies, phytoestrogens have the following effects:

  • prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system: fat metabolism is regulated with the help of isoflavones,
  • prevention of osteoporosis: calcium and phosphorus are absorbed by phytoestrogens, thereby reducing the likelihood of bone fractures,
  • a preparation at a menopause and an antidepressant: intensity and frequency of inflow are reduced, the pressure normalizes, that further leads to a beneficial sleep,
  • strengthening of immunity: antiviral and antimicrobial action, thereby the female body is protected from infections,
  • antitumor effect: with regular intake of soybean, the incidence of tumors of the colon, skin, mammary glands decreases.

With chronic inflammatory diseasethe gastrointestinal tract slows the activation of isoflavones in the intestine, in this case phytoestrogens will not be effective. The same applies to situations where the diet lacks fiber, and fatty foods predominate. The development of a pathological condition characteristic of menopausal syndrome can not be prevented by the use of only biologically active additives containing phytoestrogens. The complex approach, namely physical activity, balanced nutrition, positive emotions, high vitality and the intake of phytoestrogen preparations will significantly improve mood and improve well-being during menopause.