can thrush pass itself Some representatives of the fair sex,who discovered symptoms of a yeast infection, decide not to go to a gynecologist and be treated in a hospital. In the best case (relatively speaking), they buy pills and ointments, make steam baths and syringes, hoping that everything will go well. In the worst ladies suffer, clenched teeth. This is the mentality of Russian women. But can thrush really pass itself, without consequences and harm to the health of lovely ladies? The answer is clearly negative. Why? Let's try to understand this issue in order.

What is thrush and how dangerous it is

Candidiasis, also called thrush, is a kind ofa type of fungal infection. The cause of the disease - yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. In fact, such microorganisms are in the body of every person. Place of dislocation - mucous membrane of the mouth, vagina. In small quantities, they do not cause any changes or disturbances. But it is only necessary to take something serious, or pick up a more pathogenic strain of the fungus, how the microflora is broken and the infection begins to spread further. Having taken a tablet so advertised on television, ladies calm down. What to worry if all the symptoms have passed. In fact, the absence of signs does not mean that the disease has completely receded. After a while, candidiasis can reappear. And get rid of it will be more difficult, because the fungus will spread to other organs. Therefore, it is so important not to start a disease.

Who is at risk or who should beware of

There is a misconception that thrushis transmitted only through sexual contact. In fact, it can appear in newborns, adolescents, and women, who never had sexual intercourse, and with prolonged abstinence. And, if you were diagnosed with this, it does not mean that you infect a partner or, even more so, it is his fault that you are ill. The reason must be sought in health problems. After all, while you are all right, the immune system normally copes with this load. But as soon as your body stops fighting, all hidden diseases will immediately come out. And until you have a comprehensive examination, do not find out why you just got a thrush, you will not be able to get rid of it. can thrush pass itself without treatment

The causes of candidiasis: who is to blame and what to do?

As you already understood, it's just that the milkmaid does notwill appear in a completely healthy representative of the fair sex. What can provoke and accelerate the development of yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida? Anything, starting with the wrong treatment, diabetes, AIDS, ending with chlamydia, mycoplasmosis. Therefore, this issue should be given special attention.

  • Reception of broad-spectrum antibiotics

Nowadays, when many medicationsare sold without recipes, ladies buy them on the advice of "knowing" girlfriends, without even thinking about the consequences. How often do women take antibiotics for colds, not even realizing that they do not help in such cases. But even if you drink these medicines as directed by your doctor, you should be prepared for serious consequences. Here, and indigestion, and the non-perception of some products, and the very thrush. The thing is that antibiotics destroy not only harmful bacteria, but also lactobacilli - those that do not allow to reproduce yeast-like fungi. As a result, the flora is disturbed, and our body can not resist infection. Plus, antibiotics can be considered an excellent source of nutrition for fungi of the genus Candida, which because of this actively multiply on the female genital organs. Thus, the longer you take the medicine, the worse it will be for you. That's why experts recommend during the treatment to use and probiotics, which soften the effect of drugs on the body.

  • Synthetic underwear

No matter how amazing it sounded to you, butthe constant wearing of synthetic panties can lead to the emergence of vaginal candidiasis. Such a fabric simply does not allow air to pass through, and, adhering tightly to the skin, prevents the heat from leaving normally. As a result, the closed area sweats and becomes very hot. Increased humidity and high temperature - this is what contributes to the rapid reproduction of the fungus. Therefore, we refuse beautiful, but dangerous things that can lead to such diseases. And it's not just about thrush alone. For example, to instigate cystitis and candidiasis can thong, which during walking carry the bacteria from the anus to the vaginal. By the way, the same thing happens when a girl is showering under a head.

  • Pregnancy, intake of oral contraceptives

Pregnant womenquite often face such a nuisance as thrush. Usually this happens at the end of the second and third trimester. This is due to the fact that in the body of the future mother hormonal balance is broken. Please note: if candidiasis has appeared, inform the gynecologist immediately. So that the disease is not passed on to the baby, the pregnant woman needs to undergo a whole course of treatment. And the drugs are selected such that they do not harm the fetus. Remember that the thrush just does not work! With regard to contraceptives, almost all contraceptives that contain estrogen also have a negative impact on your health. As a result, the pH is lowered, and bacteria and fungi, including the Candida genus, begin to multiply on the mucous membrane. By the way, in this case, women become much worse precisely in those same red days, when the level of the hormone reaches a critical point.

  • Improper diet

Ladies who constantly sit on diets and torturestarving themselves, risking a whole bunch of diseases, including thrush. Vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency and other essential trace elements - this has never benefited. But to bring yourself into an excellent form, you just need to eat well and go to the gym. The second category of people are those who can not deny themselves the pleasure of eating fatty, salty, smoked, spicy. This kind of food not only provokes the reproduction of fungi, but also greatly accelerates this matter. Therefore, you should not rush to the extreme from the extreme. Every day a woman should eat one ripe apple. In the diet must necessarily be vegetables, fruits, berries. Method of cooking - either steamed, or cooked, or baked in the oven. Less fry, pickle, salt. By the way, with regards to salt. At once to reduce the dosage you are unlikely to succeed - the food will seem fresh and tasteless. But if you gradually reduce the amount, then, in the end, you can go to the required rate. This will help get rid of not only thrush, but also problems with the stomach, swelling, bags and bruises under the eyes, and also from excess weight.

  • Problems with the endocrine system

Thrush can be a symptom of a more serious anda dangerous disease. This applies to diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism and Itenko-Cushing's disease, problems with the thyroid gland. Often, the endocrine system begins to "naughty" with severe obesity.

  • Problems with the immune system

If you have a thrush appears immediately afterthe way you have been treated for it, you should immediately check for the presence of malignant tumors, leukemia, AIDS. Problems with the immune system can also occur after chemotherapy, prolonged treatment with immunosuppressants, antibiotics, hormones, etc.

  • Intoxication

People who regularly drink alcoholor narcotic substances, get sick more often and more strongly than the leading healthy person's lifestyle. And the whole problem is that because of such hobbies there is an intoxication of the body, which simply can not cope with the infection. It also happens with patients who take medications for a long time. As in previous cases, the thrush itself will not pass, even if you stop taking medication and tie with alcohol.

  • Damage

Another fairly common reasonthe appearance of thrush - frequent damage to the skin and mucous membranes. The problem may be that you wear dentures that are constantly squeezed and rubbed, and in erosion, burns, etc. Therefore, if you feel discomfort or injury, be careful, cut the cuts in time, try to avoid repeated injuries.

  • High temperature and humidity

A person sweats, moisture accumulates in the folds,bacteria begin to multiply there. Well, if a woman has the opportunity to use at least wet wipes to wipe the skin. But, for example, working in the industry, doing housework, walking on the street, it is unlikely that women will be able to run every five minutes to the ladies' room. By the way, that's why some experts recommend changing your swimsuit immediately after water procedures. The fact that the sun at the time warms our skin, but the thong or bikini for a very long time to dry. As a result, we get a comfortable wet environment in which the bacteria feel pretty well.

  • Sexual contacts

You can pick up mushrooms of the genus Candida and duringhaving sex with a partner without a condom. And such a disease is called "conjugal thrush" among the people. Therefore, always be protected if you are not married to a young man. By the way, in men, this disease may not appear for a long time, while it will remain a carrier. Thus, thrush is not just a disease, it is a sign that something is wrong with your body. For infection and spreading, certain factors are necessary that negatively affect the immunity of the fair sex. And until these causes are eliminated, the thrush is not something that can not pass on its own, but will also appear after the treatment. can thrush pass itself quickly

And is it a yeast infection: we determine the disease

Certainly, self-diagnose yourselfIt is impossible without having medical education and practice. Symptoms that occur with thrush, may accompany other diseases. Plus, it all depends on what caused the appearance of candidiasis, at what stage you are now, what diseases are still there, etc. During the period of exacerbation, the following symptoms, typical of thrush, almost always occur. First, it is itching and burning in the genital area. In this case, unpleasant sensations always increase in the evening. This manifestation is particularly pronounced in the premenstrual period. After menstruation, there comes a little relief. It was at this time that a woman could decide that the thrush passed by itself. But after a week the symptoms reappear. Secondly, with thrush from the vagina a certain substance of white or slightly yellowish color is distinguished, in appearance it looks like cottage cheese. The quantity and quality depends on the severity of the disease. In particularly neglected cases, the discharge may be brownish, greenish. Note: if a woman has chronic vulvovaginitis, then the presence of such formations is not necessary. With thrush usually there is no pronounced unpleasant and repulsive smell. But over time, a slightly sourish fragrance may appear, from which it is impossible to get rid of even after taking a shower or bath. By the way, the last at a candidiasis is not recommended, that as the dyscomfort and an itch after a hot water only amplify. Also, do not have sex with candidiasis. This will not only not bring you pleasure, but it will also do much harm. You can also infect a partner, and you will be hurt at penetration. And in the future, when you are cured of the disease, again pick up from the MCH mushrooms of the genus Candida. The next symptom is a rash on the mucous membrane. It can be very small bubbles, inside of which is a slightly cloudy or completely clear liquid. The location of the dislocation is the vagina and vulva. There may also be swelling or congestion. Women during an exacerbation experience incredible pain and burning sensation when urinating, as if the sexual organs corrodes acid. The fact is that urine affects the inflamed skin, causing such unpleasant sensations. Please note: all these signs and symptoms can manifest themselves together, and separately. It all depends on the area of ​​the lesion. Sometimes inflammatory processes either affect only the genitals, or the vagina. But usually the disease spreads to both, and to another. Plus, if you do not start treatment at the first manifestations, the bladder, the cervix, suffers.

To be treated or not to be treated for thrush

Still wondering if it's worth to trust doctors andgo to the hospital, so you are diagnosed and prescribed treatment? What doubts can there be? You should understand that such diseases simply can not by themselves pass. Fungi that caused inflammation, just so do not stop multiplying and not go into oblivion. In the future, if you do not treat thrush, the representative of the fair sex can begin to have problems with reproductive function. Plus, there are risks of infection of the baby, which is in the womb. And it will not lead to anything good. Doing self-medication is the last thing a woman should do. The fact that drugs in most cases have a negative effect on immunity. And this in turn gives complete freedom of action to fungi of the genus Candida. As a result, the damage area only increases. And get rid of this scourge will be much more difficult. Even a doctor is quite difficult to cope with thrush, because, as mentioned earlier, it is not necessary to have sex, so that fungi begin their activity in the body. Candidiasis suggests that the woman is not all right. Perhaps, she has serious diseases that affect the hormonal background and immunity. Therefore, the first thing will have to undergo a complete examination to exclude the presence of concomitant diseases. If any, they are treated first. Then drugs are prescribed that stimulate an increase in immunity, relieve dysbiosis, restore acidity, etc. Plus, a special diet is prescribed, rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. At the same time, the food should not contain products that affect the development of fungi of the genus Candida. Especially to be engaged in a selftreatment or to hope for a miraculous disposal of a problem it is impossible at pregnancy. Remember that fungi can be transmitted to the baby. Given that many drugs can adversely affect the development of the fetus, this issue should be approached with caution. By the way, if the diagnosis of a thrush is put to a woman, then her sexual partner should be treated. And even if there are no visible manifestations of the disease, he still has to undergo an examination. As stated earlier, candidiasis may not manifest immediately, but after a while. How is the treatment of thrush treated? The patient is prescribed antifungal drugs, which are taken topically (ointments and creams) and inside (tablets). But even if you have completed a course of treatment, this does not mean that you completely got rid of the misfortune. Thrush can return if you have not completely disposed of it. For example, the dosage was incorrectly prescribed, the woman stopped taking the medication immediately after she felt better. Also, sometimes antifungal agents do not always cope with the task. The fact is that fungi quickly get used to these or other drugs. As a result - the medications that helped earlier, the next time do not bring any benefit. That is why in some modern clinics they offer patients to take tests for sowing. In the laboratory, samples are made to determine which medicines the fungi are sensitive to. And according to the results of the study, a full-fledged treatment is prescribed.

  • Medications

To date, there is quite a lota number of antifungal medicines that help cope with thrush. But because of the general availability and not strongly controlled application of the fungus is increasingly resistant to them. Stand pills and pills in different ways, depending on the manufacturer's firm and the popularity of this or that remedy. Unfortunately, not all in our time can afford expensive treatment. And if you are limited in finances, do not hesitate to report this to the gynecologist. The doctor will choose a less expensive medicine, which by its properties will not yield to its counterparts.

  • Candles, ointments and creams

These funds allow you to get rid of the symptomsthrush already on the second day. The disease itself passes a week later. To achieve positive results, it is necessary to regularly use antifungal candles, ointments or creams for a week.

  • Douching

With regard to this method, almost allgynecologists against such measures. The fact is that the liquid flushes not only harmful bacteria, but also destroys the flora. In this case, the fungus simply ceases to develop so quickly. Probably, there will pass or take place also signs (an itch, a burning sensation). And this is much more dangerous, since a woman of the sex will decide that she has completely coped with the disease. And mushrooms will gradually spread to other organs.

  • Diet

During the treatment period and a couple of months after completethe representative of the fair sex should observe a strict diet. You have to limit yourself in sweet, salty, spicy, dairy and butter. Dishes using yeast are strictly prohibited. Allowed slightly the amount of sour-milk products with bifidobacteria. In large supermarkets you can easily find such a ryazhenka, yogurt, kefir.

Prevention of disease

Is it possible to prevent the appearance of thrush? It is quite difficult to answer this question unequivocally because the reasons why this disease could have arisen in you are quite a lot. But if you still observe several basic rules, the risks of infection with fungi of the genus Candida will be reduced to a minimum.

  • In time we visit a specialist

The first thing to remember is that a womanshould visit a gynecologist at least once every six months. It is desirable that visits to other specialists also occur every 6-8 months. After all, as you already understood from the article, if you do not have health problems, you do not face thrush.

  • We follow the food

The next thing you need to do is not tothere was a candidiasis - to regularly use yoghurts and kefir, which will help restore the normal intestinal microflora. Also, do not forget to eat foods such as onions, garlic. And, of course, daily for lunch, breakfast or dinner eat vegetables, fruits. And drink as much liquid as possible. The daily rate of an adult woman is 1.5 liters. In this case, you have to limit yourself to food that changes the acidity of the vagina. This applies to sweet dishes.

  • Wear quality things

Next on the list are things. All unnatural, synthetic, dense, tightening and biting into the skin is thrown out. We choose cotton panties that do not interfere with normal thermoregulation. In extreme cases, there should be small inserts with cotton cloth.

  • We use condoms and special lubrication

Always use condoms, especially ifyou do not live long or meet a young man. This remedy also perfectly protects from the appearance of unwanted pregnancies. You in fact remember, that OK can become the reason of occurrence of a thrush. It is also not recommended to do syringing after sexual contact, as this only worsens the situation. After washing out a useful microflora, you will destroy the natural protection. Unfortunately, many women forget about this. Believe me, scientists have repeatedly argued that men almost do not feel the difference, whether in a condom or not. Here, the psychological factor plays a bigger role, when the guys inspire themselves. If your young man insists on interrupted intercourse or shifts the defense to you, he simply does not appreciate and does not care about your health. The second rule that you should pay attention to is the use of lubricant. The fact is that not all women can get excited enough. As a result, the penis simply traumatizes the mucous membrane. Therefore, it is recommended to use special means, but only water-soluble.

  • We keep clean

Separately it is worth mentioning personal hygiene. So, remember once and for all: a woman should wash at least twice a day. But too often run into the shower is not worth it, otherwise you will wash away from the skin not only pathogenic, but also beneficial bacteria. It is advisable to look into the shower after each defecation process. Wash, wipe and wipe from the pubic bone to the coccyx, and not vice versa. You do not want to bring some muck from the anus to the vaginal. Remember that a towel is a personal thing. No one, except you, should touch him. You will not give your toothbrush even to children and to your husband. So why do not you think about the fact that each member of the family should have his dry terry towel. And not one, but several: for the hands, face, body, hair, legs. Also, you need to ensure that they change in time, always clean, fresh and dry. For intimate hygiene, choose special products. On sale there are napkins, gels, sprays, which are for this purpose intended. And remember, these funds should not be antibacterial. You do not want to hurt yourself, right? Also, do not use a regular shower gel or laundry soap, so as not to disturb the alkaline balance. In the bag, the lady should have wet wipes for intimate hygiene. With their help, you can keep clean even at work, at a party, during a walk.

  • We take the medicine correctly

Do you need long-term antibiotic treatment? Then do not forget about the antifungal agents that will help prevent thrush. They are not so cheap, but if you do not want a couple of thousand rubles and a lot of nerves to spend on fighting candidiasis, be sure to remind the doctor about it.

  • We conduct an active way of life

In a healthy body, as they say in one famousproverb - a healthy spirit. The representatives of the fair sex who lead a sedentary lifestyle, blood circulation in the pelvis is disrupted, the flora of the vagina changes. Therefore, be sure to go in for sports, go to the gym, walk more, do exercises in the morning, and warm up every hour and a half at work. Thus, if you follow your health and follow the basic rules of hygiene, thrush will not reappear. But if all this happened, do not wait for a convenient opportunity, and immediately go to the gynecologist for an examination. The sooner you do this, the better.