causes of cervical erosion Erosion of the cervix is ​​quite commona disease of a gynecological nature. Erosion is a defect in the mucous membrane of the cervix. Very often erosion is formed against a background of various inflammatory processes that are provoked by microorganisms (streptococci, staphylococci, trichomonads, chlamydia, yeast-like fungi, gonococci and many others). Often, erosion of the cervix appears in young girls who have early started to lead a sexual life.

Radio wave treatment of cervical erosion

Often erosion occurs without accompanyingsymptoms and is diagnosed only with a preventive examination. Sometimes, after sexual intercourse, spotting spotting may appear. With prolonged flow, erosion provokes the development of dysplasia. Today, radio wave therapy of the cervix is ​​the most effective method of treating erosion, which is gaining popularity every day. Treatment is carried out using a high-frequency apparatus "Surgitron." Before the appointment of treatment of erosion by radio waves, diagnostics must be carried out, during which the shape and degree of tissue change is determined. Radio wave destruction of cervical erosion is the application of a cut of tissue tissue fragmentation or without physical manipulation. A surgical electrode made of a very thin wire imitates high-frequency waves. Tissues that resist their penetration, produce heat, and the cells in the path of the waves evaporate, under the influence of their own weight, diverging to the sides. Radio wave destruction of cervical erosion makes it possible to cut any configuration and depth, even in deep layers of tissues. This method allows you to remove formations on the skin and mucous membranes without suturing. Cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves can prevent such unpleasant consequences as hemorrhagic and purulent complications. radio wave erosion treatment

Why the treatment of cervical erosion by radio waves is better than other methods

  • cauterization of erosion, as a rule, once;
  • the technique is gentle. The incision in the radio wave destruction of cervical erosion occurs without tissue destruction, which is observed with the use of other surgical instruments;
  • therapy is amenable only to pathological areas, healthy tissues are not affected;
  • due to the absence of injuries, the healing processoccurs painlessly, without the formation of scars and scars. This makes it possible to apply radio wave treatment to the cervix in those women who have not yet given birth;
  • the use of a radio-coagulant prevents the occurrence of burns;
  • a great advantage of the radio wave method of treatment in the strongest antimicrobial effect;
  • After the procedure, a special film is formed, necessary to protect the cervix from various microorganisms and contributes to the achievement of a good healing effect;
  • rapid recovery after the procedure and finding in a short time the working capacity. The epithelization of tissues when using a radio wave is painless and fast, is about 3-6 weeks.

In some cases, uninvolvedallocation from the vagina of a souvenir character, which within 10 days independently pass. If the discharge becomes more abundant, then you should consult a doctor for an examination. For radio wave therapy, an unusually large amount of detachable. Within a few days, weak pain in the lower abdomen may be disturbing. Special therapy they usually do not require and pass independently. Unlike other existing methods, after a radio wave treatment of cervical erosion, a woman is allowed to make long trips or trips in a week;

  • during treatment by this method it is possibleremoval of genital warts and other pathological formations (nevi, warts, polyps, hemangiomas). If there are foci of endometriosis on the cervix, they can be successfully coagulated;
  • almost complete absence of relapses.

test smear

The process of radio wave treatment

Before the radio wave treatment of cervical erosion, a woman needs to undergo a preliminary examination consisting of the following stages:

  • smear on the flora;
  • PCR assays for infection;
  • bacteriological culture of the microflora of the vagina;
  • cytological examination;
  • blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B, C;
  • a blood test for scc;
  • biopsy (according to indications);
  • colposcopy.

Treatment of erosion by radio waves is carried out in the firsthalf of the menstrual cycle, from 5 to 10 days. This contributes to the speedy epithelization of tissues (if erosion is small, the tissue can heal until the next menstruation). When carrying out the procedure, the patient sometimes feels an unpleasant smell (if the apparatus does not have a mini-hood) and slight pains in the lower abdomen, there is sometimes a tingling sensation that passes very quickly. During the first 7 days after the treatment, there are small, colorless or brown discharge, which need not be frightened: this is how the normal healing process proceeds. For a complete cure in most cases, one procedure is always enough. 2 weeks after the procedure, the doctor conducts an examination to assess the condition of the tissues. The success of treating cervical erosion with this method depends largely on the woman herself. As a rule, after the procedure the patients receive recommendations that must be strictly observed in the coming month. For example, intensive physical activities are forbidden for 2-4 weeks, you can not lift weights of more than 3 kg, you can not swim in the pool, lake, sea, take baths and visit saunas for the same amount of time. In each case, doctors make certain recommendations. Depending on the size of the erosion, the attending physician decides on the time for the woman to observe sexual rest and other restrictions. Contraindications to the use of radio wave therapy of the cervix are limited to the presence of acute inflammatory processes and chronic diseases. To begin with, it is necessary to cure acute diseases, and then radio-wave therapy is carried out. This method is contraindicated in women who have a pacemaker. It is dangerous to deal with self-healing of erosion. All the folk methods used in independent treatment are basically nothing more than a myth, and many of them are even life-threatening (especially with regard to the use of poisonous plants and the possibility of getting burns of healthy tissues). Thus, a woman only aggravates the problem and misses precious time. The causes of erosion are different. The main ones are:

  • inflammation, dysbacteriosis of the vagina, infection;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • early onset of sexual activity and early labor(the mucous membrane of the cervix is ​​finally formed and ripens only to 20-22 years, so early sexual life can contribute to infections and microtraumas, leading to the development of erosion);
  • operations on internal genital organs or trauma, abortion, as well as gaps during childbirth;
  • a disorder of the hormonal background (during puberty, pregnancy and breastfeeding, abortion, menopause);
  • reduction of body defenses;
  • problems of the endocrine nature.

Erosion is small and slightly noticeable,look like separate areas on the outer throat of the cervix, and can cover the entire surface of the cervix. There are cases of self-healing, but this only applies to true erosion. But even in this case, regular follow-up with a doctor is necessary, since self-epithelialization does not always happen. There are cases of erosion during pregnancy, and after childbirth - its disappearance. Acquired erosion must be treated without fail. An important role here is played by time: erosion grows and captures deeper layers of the mucosa. A more profound defeat, as a rule, requires a longer treatment. The therapy of the cervix by the radio wave method can be safely called promising, technological, helping to achieve full recovery in the treatment of erosion and various gynecological diseases.