causes of hepatitis C with Until now, no scientist has createda vaccine that can permanently cure hepatitis C. Perhaps the creation of such a drug is a matter of a distant future. A similar situation occurs not only with hepatitis, but also with the human immunodeficiency virus. A large number of antiviral drugs developed up to the present time can reduce the accumulation of an infectious virus in the body to a varying degree in a certain period. But it is impossible to allocate such medicines, which will help to rid the organism of the pathogen. However, there are many drugs that can help fight infection in the body. So, can you be cured of hepatitis C?

Symptoms of hepatitis C

Symptoms of hepatitis C are similar to symptoms, for example,influenza: malaise, sudden fever, headaches. These symptoms are characteristic of other types of viral hepatitis, such as hepatitis A or hepatitis B. Due to the fact that viral hepatitis is caused by a violation of the liver, it is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • loss of appetite,
  • nausea,
  • feeling of heaviness in the stomach,
  • change in the color of urine and feces: urine - darker, faeces - lighter.

As a source of infection with hepatitis Cis the blood of an infected person, the risk group includes, for example, blood donors and drug addicts. Also, you can get infected, for example, doing manicure or tattoos in artisan salons, whose owners often do not even have a license to carry out such activities. If an acute form is found, hepatitis C can be cured, but always with clear compliance with the doctor's instructions for a fairly long period of time. An effective method of treating hepatitis C is currently combined therapy with interferon in the form of injections. Recovery from hepatitis depends on the condition of the patient's body, as well as his age, and usually occurs no earlier than after a six-month course. diagnosis of the disease

Intended treatment of hepatitis C

To date, widespread in thisInterferon and interferon, combined with ribavirin (the so-called combination therapy). For six months or more, a patient infected with hepatitis C virus should:

  • systematically receive subcutaneous injections,
  • take immunostimulating drugs on prescription,
  • give up alcohol and other foods that suppress liver function,
  • pass the test, which allows you to trace the dynamics of the state.

The above methods have a rather smallthe efficiency is about 40%. As a result, it appears that only 3-4 of 10 patients may experience a slight decrease in viral load as the most important parameter, which indicates the amount of the virus in the blood of the infected. This disease, caused by the hepatitis C virus, is considered slow, which allows it to have a negative effect on the body for a fairly long period of time without any symptoms. At the same time, in 75% of cases, hepatitis can be caused by chronic liver disease, and half of these cases usually result in cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma. In addition, recently, incidents have increased when the disease affects not only the liver, but also vital organs located nearby: the pancreas, kidneys, blood cells, the heart, the nervous system. First of all, everyone should be aware of the danger of becoming a carrier of the virus, taking all possible measures to prevent this. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen explanatory work in the media on measures to prevent viral diseases. Third, at the state level, measures should be taken that will be directed to a sharp reduction in the prices of antiviral drugs used to treat hepatitis C. Although they have not yet invented a drug that can overcome hepatitis C to the full, cure this disease really. With correct and timely treatment, the number of patients who recovered is 60-80%. It should be noted that in order to get on this list, it is not enough for the doctors alone: ​​the patient must also make some efforts. First of all, you need to contact the hepatologist immediately, as soon as the initial signs of the disease have appeared in the analyzes - Anti-HCV-total, that is, the absence of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus. Treatment should begin with the first changes in the liver. It was mentioned that there is no medicine that destroys the hepatitis C virus, but there are medicines that can help fight it. Today, combined therapy is increasingly popular: interferon, combined with ribavirin. Within six months, the patient receives subcutaneous injections of the drug. When taking into account existing contraindications to the drug and its side effects, the intensity and speed of such monotherapy are very individual. In addition, the patient should use immunostimulants and completely abandon alcohol products that inhibit liver function. Unfortunately, the treatment of hepatitis C in Russia is often complicated due to the high cost of drugs - not everyone can afford to buy them. Only after knowing the price, many patients think about alternative methods of treatment. It is possible that a doctor can prescribe some hepatoprotectors. But these drugs do not have an antiviral effect and will only support the function of liver cells. Naturally, the treatment will not bring any significant effect. With considerable mistrust and caution, one must treat different types of advertising, which states that one can be fully cured of hepatitis C. analyzes for diagnosis of the disease

Number of people with hepatitis C in Russia

Accurate statistics on the number ofthere are no infected people in Russia. From various sources it is known that in Russia about 4-7 million people are infected with hepatitis C. Such a spread is due to the fact that many infected for help to doctors did not apply. This, in turn, is associated with two important reasons: for a long time in the human body, the infection can exist asymptomatically without causing any harm to the patient for several months or even years. Therefore, a large number of those who are actually infected can not even recognize this. Another very important reason is that the treatment of this disease is very expensive. The cost of a one and a half year course is from 4 to 18 thousand dollars. The time of remission in this case is no more than 3-5 years and a possible exacerbation of the disease is possible. Such costs are too high for many of those who are infected with the virus. A variety of drugs that strengthen the liver, supplements and vitamin complexes without prescribing a doctor at best will not cause harm. This is usually a waste of time, which can lead to grave consequences. Of course, hepatitis C can be overcome, but it is necessary to take timely measures agreed with the doctor.