getting to know a guy If you really want to know how to get acquainted withthen you should change the traditional view of who should be the first to take the initiative. Men, of course, should take the initiative first, but why not push the representative of the stronger sex to this step? Only you need to know that it is not worth building air locks, even if the chosen object drew attention and went for rapprochement. Acquaintance can be fleeting, one can not like each other or be disappointed afterwards.

Obligatory conditions for acquaintance

To the meeting you need to be always ready, and for this constantly look good. This does not mean that the face should always be a ceremonial make-up, and on his feet - heels. Enough uhozhennosti.

  • A beautiful figure,
  • well-chosen clothes,
  • stylish hairstyle,
  • neat hands.

No unpainted strands and gnawedNails with a black border. Young people even of extreme subcultures distinguish deliberate negligence from slovenliness and are unlikely to want to go to rapprochement with the dirty. The proverb about the stove and fate is not always correct. Closed circle "work - home" limits the possibility of a fateful meeting. If you can not get out on vacation or visit youth companies, then it's worth trying to look around and get acquainted with the circumstances. The sports hall can serve as a place for acquaintance

Where it is possible to get acquainted and what for this purpose it is better to undertake?

A suitable object can be found everywhere: in a shop, on the street, in transport, in a queue at a savings bank or even in a hospital. How to meet a guy in this situation? The easiest way to ask for help. Take the goods from the top shelf, transfer money to the ticket, tell you how long the reception is going on and what doctor works. In the queues and transport people are talkative, not locked in themselves. If you are interested in a man, he will ask for a phone number. Just do not immediately throw out on the new acquaintance a lot of information about yourself. This is sure to scare him off. The guy can be found to himself, looking more attentively at his colleagues at work. Suddenly one of them is the future elect? It is easy to approach a colleague, there are common interests, albeit limited to production activities. You can invite him to lunch together. If you have not visited corporate parties before, did not go with the team to nature, then now you should not refuse invitations. At such events, there is an opportunity to get to know others better. You do not have to be obtrusive and clearly show interest. In service novels, caution is required. If a colleague does not experience attraction, then it will be difficult to communicate with him on a daily basis. Even the most strict and modest girl probably has girlfriends. And they definitely have birthdays. In the youth companies there will always be free young people, on whom you can pay attention, invite to dance. And then to exchange phones and ... It all depends on the circumstances. No free young people? Surely one of the girlfriends who have gathered has a boyfriend who "very much wants to meet with a pretty girl". Girls like to arrange someone's fate, and, having learned about the existing problem, she will make efforts to make the acquaintance successful. For girls who go "in the light", find yourself a couple easier. If there is no worthy candidate in your own environment, but you already know what you want, you need to visit the place where you can meet your prince. In such cases, it is important to remember that you need to dress appropriately, so as not to look like a black sheep and not cause ridicule. For example, to hang out rockers or punks, you should not come in a white collar and socks, and visit a nightclub in picnic clothes. Although? Perhaps, this originality will attract attention and the guy who likes it will make an effort to help join the team. How to get acquainted with a guy in a nightclub, it seems, and ask the question is not necessary. People come there not only to have fun, but also for relationships. But it is unlikely that such communication will be long. Will he arrange a one-day meeting? Then go ahead! In clubs it is easy to get acquainted, but it is difficult to communicate. Loud music interferes with the conversation, and it is rare to look for a partner with "serious intentions" in such places. Even in cafes or restaurants, the chance to strike a long-term relationship is higher. Communication with men can be tied up in gyms and Internet clubs. Rarely there is a man who refuses to help a woman understand complex exercises and problems with sites. It is necessary to enroll in driving courses - for sure the guy you like will not refuse help to a weak girl and help him master the difficult art of controlling the unit on four wheels. Have you found the point of contact? The only question now is to exchange telephones. Very quickly there is a rapprochement in tourist trips, on excursions, on rest. Just need to consider: the behavior of a woman who is ready for a serious relationship, and one that expects a resort romance, is fundamentally different. Although resort romances can also grow into a serious relationship. If you work as an insurance agent, a seller in a clothing store or accessories, you can always try to get to know the client more closely. In the first case, explain the favorable terms of the deal in a little more detail, in the second - help with the choice of the desired product. In such situations, relationships are tied very often. Sometimes the question of how to get acquainted with a guy is answered that in the age of the Internet, problems with dating should not exist. Register on the site, post an ad "get acquainted with a tall blonde" and choose the options. On the Internet, you can run into anyone, so to get acquainted in the virtual space should be approached with caution and extremely selective. At the same time not to get involved in the decoration of reality. If you do not want to show yourself at the first stages of dating, do not put an avatar on someone else's picture. It is enough to take a picture half-turned, so that you can not see the face. When the time comes, the photo will be sent to you. flirt with a guy

How to give the initiative to a man to use it

It often happens that a woman understands that sheI liked the man, but he does not pass to active actions. Not sure about yourself, waiting for a further signal or simply shy. In this case, the initiative needs to be taken in hand. Excessive pressure should be avoided, but you need to show your interest with a smile and gestures. The guy went for rapprochement - you need to start a conversation and let him talk about yourself. The more he tells, the better. Men love it when women listen to them attentively. Despite the fact that women now have the same rights as men, the first to ask for a phone number or start a conversation about the next meeting is the privilege of men. You can hint at communication, but in no case insist. Did not work today - it will be next time. Every woman has a chance to meet her man, if not to shut themselves up and not be afraid of communication. It is worth considering that getting to know a guy is easier. It is much more difficult to build a serious relationship in the future.