Do you want to renew your relationship with your spouse? Upgrade your bedroom Often in the family it happens that although you and your husbandexcellent relationships, and you even love each other, children do not give you problems, but something is wrong with you. Suddenly, the irritation of the spouse is taken from somewhere, more and more often there are incomprehensible grievances against each other and there is a desire to retire, or even to leave somewhere for a couple of weeks. Perhaps it's just fatigue, but more often than not, it's due to the fact that you just get the discomfort of a joint holiday. Gone are the days when you only needed each other's societies, and you did not pay attention to all the other "trivia", including the convenience and comfort of sharing sleep. But after falling asleep, a person especially needs a sense of security and comfort: all that he experienced while still in the womb. Look at your bed: what is it like? If it's a creaking bed with an old mattress and a spiky woolen blanket, then you can not wait for a family idyll. If at night you are fighting for a blanket, then in the daytime you can not agree. So to get rid of negative emotions in relation to each other, first of all you need to create coziness in your bedroom. Let the symbol of renewing your relationship be a new bed in all senses. For example, if you have slept all your life on the usual stereotypical rectangular bed - replace it with a round one! Psychologists have established that people who prefer rectangles among other figures are distinguished by a tendency to conflict and, conversely, a circle - a symbol of integrity and harmony in family relationships. In addition to its originality, the non-standard round mattress on a round bed differs not only in style, but also in increased comfort and convenience. After all, the movement of your body will not be limited by anything: neither the wall of the room, nor the walls of the bed itself, nor the body of the spouse, because now you can sleep at different angles with respect to each other. Next, you need to make sure that each of you has your own blanket. With him you can move independently on the bed, and your blanket will only meet your needs in the heat, or, conversely, in the cool. Today, the stores offer a wide selection of different blankets from different materials. Of course, it is better if they are natural fibers of animal or vegetable origin. For example, you can buy a camel blanket, differing in that the camel hair inside is hollow, and, therefore, it is easier and better to keep heat. It is necessary to pay attention to the medicinal properties of the camel blanket. With the help of it you can treat many diseases. For example, a catarrhal type Even more lightweight will be a blanket made of bamboo fibers. In the summer under the bamboo blanket is not hot at all. It is especially recommended to buy a bamboo blanket for those who are prone to allergic reactions, since it does not cause allergies. You will see how your mood will change attitude towards each other not only before bedtime and at night, but also during the rest of the time spent together!