how to reconcile with a guy after parting "Do not part with your loved ones!"... The famous phrase from the poem injures your soul and makes you cry tears in your eyes. Because recently you have experienced a break with your loved one. Long days, weeks, you are tormented by thoughts about what led you to parting with the guy and whether there is any other way to fix it. Until recently, you always spent together - laughing, rejoicing, quarreling and reconciling, but now everything has come to an end and you are no longer together. How to survive this shock, how to bring back your beloved and reconcile with him? First of all, look back and think about what led you to break up with your boyfriend. It is not so easy to do, especially if your heart is still bleeding when you remember one of your loved ones. Even if you are sure that everything went wrong and that reconciling with your beloved guy there is no way - do not give up. If you really want to make up and bring it back, the first thing you have to do is understand the reason why you broke up. There is an old saying that says that tango is a dance for two. Relationships in any pair are also built by two people, and mistakes are not made by anyone. After parting, give yourself the opportunity to think carefully. Be honest with yourself in order to understand why he left, and realizing - armed with this knowledge and try to correct the main cause of the gap. Perhaps all the ills lie in your behavior or character - then take on yourself and overcome all the unpleasant aspects of your personality. It will not only help to make up with your beloved boy sooner, but also to avoid such problems in the future. Another great tip. Before you start implementing a plan to return a loved one, give yourself a little time to cool down and calm down. Understand yourself and think: so do you need him to come back? Immediately after parting in our heads, chaos and confusion reign, we are not able to adequately think and sometimes do not understand what we want from life. Sometimes we can just be enraged by the very fact that he allowed himself to leave after he swore in eternal love. After all, being an abandoned guy is such a humiliation of self-worth! If the reason that you want to return a guy and reconcile with him is precisely this, then it is better to drop these thoughts and try to start a new life, already without this person. If you really love him madly and do not think of your life without him - well, it's time to start acting and implement a plan to return your loved one. how to reconcile with your loved one after parting

5 errors to avoid

In his blind belief that in love everythingmeans are good, many girls make gross errors, closing the way to possible reconciliation. If you want to return the guy after parting, you should know exactly what you should not do under any circumstances:

  • Do not impose yourself As much as you would likesignify his position and prove his love, do not impose himself on the guy and beg for return. Calls 10 times a day, countless sms and messages on the social network will not bring you closer to the desired goal. The maximum that you will achieve - finally lose for him its value, appearing annoying, at all consonant special. Even if thanks to your efforts he will have a self-esteem (as, after all, such a girl achieves him!), He will hardly perceive you as an object of love and desire anyway. Simply because you are too accessible - and this is the worst thing that can happen to you after parting.
  • Perhaps your boyfriend is already himselfhe considers possible ways of reconciliation. Even if you are very offended by your boyfriend and want to get a good lesson, stop talking with him, all the same - leave him a thread for reconciliation and keep in touch. Do not turn off the phone, do not ignore his messages. If you get too far away from him, your loved one may decide that it's impossible to make peace with you, and leave this venture.
  • Do not take revenge on betrayal Some girls believe thatJealousy is the best way to get a guy back after parting. Perhaps, in some ways they are right, if only the matter does not reach real betrayal. As soon as your loved one is heard that you have spent the night with another guy, he will simply delete you from his list of priorities. Yes, he will be angry and suffer, but unlikely to want to restore the old relationship. For any man, the physical treachery of a girl, even an ex-girlfriend, is a betrayal, a knife in the back. So think twice before deciding on this, otherwise you can forever part with your loved one.
  • Do not blame him Sometimes a man, thoughbeloved, delivers too much pain, stopping with you relationship. And then you want to call him a bastard, a traitor, a rascal. Call it as many as you like - it's even useful for complacency. But just do it quietly, "about yourself", and in any case do not pour mud on it with other people. Firstly, it's just dishonorable on your part and hardly anyone will appreciate your slander. Secondly, sooner or later a man learns about your words, and then there can be no talk of reconciliation. Do you really want this?
  • Do not give him gifts You want him toI realized how much you love him and that you are ready to forgive him everything in the world? And if in confirmation of this you start to shower it with gifts, then you make a huge mistake. This behavior is akin to humiliation and flattery, everything looks as if you want to buy his love. There is nothing wrong with making a present to a loved one, but not in case you broke up and are no longer considered a couple.
  • how to reconcile with a guy after parting properly

    How to reconcile with a guy after parting

    So, it's been a few weeks since yourparting with your beloved. If in his soul there were at least a crumb of his former love, then he certainly misses and wants to see you at least from the corner of his eye. Perhaps you can not make up - namely, to see and make sure that you are suffering and still "dry" on it. So, how do you behave, so that the guy decided that your parting is the biggest mistake in his life? The first thing you need to do is to surprise him. The fact that you look great and do not look like a victim of unhappy love. Play with your beloved, make him believe that you do not regret anything. The fact that you were fresh and beautiful when you met him is understandable, because you tried to please him. And the fact that after the parting your appearance is ideal, it will make him think: for whose sake are you trying now? At least, it will push him to the following thoughts: either you are carried away by another guy, or you do not at all worry about the fact that he left. Both of which will cause him to want to communicate with you closer, to find out exactly the cause. Is not that what we are trying to achieve? Keep your emotions under control. You will be surprised, but the guys are very fond of reserved women. We too often live only with emotions, not noticing that we subordinate all our actions to them. Men reason more straightforwardly, and it is difficult for them to understand the connection between our picture discontent and our actions. Sometimes we women can come up with a problem from scratch, and we begin to look for the guilt of a loved one where there is none. We anticipate the possible consequences beforehand, winding up this and ourselves and the partner. If you too often abuse negative emotions "out of the box", leading them to despair with your tears, cries and accusations, then it will be hard for him to continue to build relationships with you. Do not let the far-fetched fears take over the top, be emotionally restrained. If the reason for parting was covered in your mistakes, then try to tell him that you have changed. That, you decide to be together again, will not step on the same rake, but you will be able to make your beloved man happy. You just have to break his resistance and prejudice in the fact that you can not build a normal relationship with you. As soon as he realizes that you are not the same megger "with the eternal PMS", which brought him to the handle, he will necessarily want to restore the relationship and try again. Expend your loved ones and do not repeat the same mistakes. If he is to blame for parting, then do not remember his past flaws, live in the present and rejoice in the upcoming reconciliation. This does not mean that you should let go of all his mistakes and continue to suffer bad deeds. Simply at the moment, it is more important for you to restore the status quo and be together again, and over the reasons for parting, you can later work together when you become a couple again. Remember that once you already managed to fall in love with him, you will get it again, even if he assures himself that he no longer feels any feelings for you. Try to see him again in you the girl that he once fell in love with without memory, this will aggravate his desire to make peace with you. Do you know that a man, unlike a woman, is much harder to erase from the life of a girl whom he has long loved? Despite his own decision to part, he will continue to worry for a long time about the rupture of relations and yearn for the subject of his love. Let it be secret, let not show off, but he will miss you and remember all the time. Therefore, you are much more likely to return it than you think. The main thing is not to give up and break his prejudice against you. If you managed to make up with your beloved guy and return it - well, congratulations. Try to avoid past mistakes in order not to lose it again. If, despite all your efforts, the young man has not returned to you, then release him in peace and begin building a new life, already without him. You know, fate is very anxious about the distribution of roles in our lives, and perhaps this man is not at all the prince on a white horse who will make you happy. So keep on living, rejoicing at every moment - surely your real happiness is somewhere nearby. We advise you to read: