how to recognize the betrayal of her husband American psychologists conducted a large-scalethe study, according to which the following information was found: 94.6% of married men who had no problems with potency, changed or would like to change their wives. What can I say? We, of course, do not live in America, but our men also like to admire someone else's ass or chest right before their own wife's eyes. Perhaps this is normal (well, let him look, he will not lose us!), Or maybe you should think about whether your spouse is faithful to you all these years, that you live together? Someone believes that a woman feels betrayed by her husband, because it's not for nothing that representatives of the weaker sex are so intuitive! That everything can be understood by eyes and by deeds, and there is nothing complicated in this. Where did the sad stories that wives learn about the double way of life of their husbands in the last place? When everyone around knows and the name of the mistress, and how long they meet, and the poor wife, as they say, "neither sleep nor spirit." And, believe me, this happens not so rarely. How hard it is to realize that all these years you were betrayed and deceived, and you believed your husband so much and tried to be a good, loving wife for him! How to recognize the betrayal of her husband and to protect herself from such humiliation? how to recognize treason

How to recognize the betrayal of her husband

There are many ways to notice that your husbanda novel on the side. Changing behavior, habits, work schedule. If you ever had a suspicion of loyalty to your man, then carefully study all external factors that may indicate possible treason. Forewarned is forearmed! The work has become more, and money is less. If your husband has become quite lagging behind at work, going to office on weekends and constantly traveling on business trips, then this is a serious reason to ponder. Perhaps your beloved husband is an ordinary workaholic who, without sparing his strength, is trying to provide financial support to his family. But these circumstances may have a completely different reason. If your husband has an affection on the side, then he needs time to meet this woman. Of course, a couple of times he can take time off from work in order to arrange a date, but it's not possible to do it regularly. Here it is necessary for him, the poor man, to constantly wriggle out, inventing all the new "blockages at work" and the unexpected demands of the leadership to go to work on a day off. Working more, your husband, in theory, should bring more money into the house. But how else: the higher the amusement, the more the salary! But if you suddenly notice that with a more intense schedule of work, money in the family is diminished, then this is a serious bug. What if the husband has expenses intended for another woman? You should take care of your mistress: give her flowers, gifts, and maybe keep her, for example, paying for an apartment or traveling together. Remember, in your life everything was exactly the same when the future husband won your attention. You can easily check whether your husband is actually at work at an inopportune time or is it true that on a weekend he went on a business trip. It is enough to call him at the office and ask him to phone. If several of your attempts to contact him at the workplace have not been successful - this is a bad sign. It's pointless to ask about his whereabouts of your mutual friends, if they are his colleagues. A man always closes a friend out of a sense of male solidarity, a woman - just does not want to get into other people's family relationships. Yes, and look to your spouse "snitch" is unlikely to want any of them, so you will have to do without their help. Changes in appearance Sometimes men start paying too much attention to their own appearance for nothing. Of course, every woman is pleased when her husband does not look like an untidy orangutan - he is always shaved clean, brushed and dressed with a needle. But more often men with coolness refer to the need to perform daily beauty rituals, and we are accustomed to seeing them with a slightly disheveled hairdo, a two-day stubble and in ordinary, unremarkable clothing. For us, this situation is quite natural: it's us, women, should shine with beauty and well-groomedness, a man is enough to be neat and tidy. And if such an ordinary man, who has never before been perfumed with French cologne and who did not wear costly suits, suddenly begins to surprise you with his concern for an ideal appearance, then it is no accident. There is a small chance that the management of his firm has new requirements for a dress code, but this is unlikely. Usually the desire to look best appears in men when they want to impress an excellent lady. And if you have been married for several years and with you he does not hesitate to walk in stretched exercises and holey socks, then this lady, alas, is not you. Non-standard behavior Sometimes the habitual way of life changes the strange behavior of the husband. He is irritable and thoughtful, although there seems to be no reason for it, he becomes too affectionate and gentle for nothing. Especially after strange absences on weekends and in the evening. What does he find: stress, problems at work? Or maybe a sense of guilt after having sex with another woman? Both options are possible, and in order to calm your soul, you need to take a good look at the behavior of the spouse. Too often the eyes are running, the look becomes distracted, then a little guilty? And besides, on his mobile phone and at the entrance to the social network, new passwords appeared? Yeah, the situation is unpleasant. You'll have to take a closer look at the spouse, and at the same time often check his clothes for signs of staying with another woman. Traces of lipstick on the shirt, foreign long hair on his jacket or on the car seat, the smell of women's perfume. Some men who cheat on their wives are simply showing miracles of ingenuity in order not to "light up". Coming home, they rush into the shower headlong, they wash their head with an incredibly odorous shampoo, and all the clothes are shoved into the washing machine before it gets dirty. Having found out these clues, you have to face a choice: to demand from the husband of explanations or to close all eyes. Just in case, wait with scandal and finding out the attitude until you are convinced of the change accurately. Try to still study his phone: if your husband has another woman, then for sure it contains records of calls and gentle sms. New technique of sex. Whatever one may say, in bed we have long studied the habits of our faithful. Although we sometimes try to diversify our intimacy, we do not expect radically new receivers from the husband. And suddenly, your husband does in bed something completely unusual for you. Having enjoyed and rejoiced in the new sensations, you are thinking about the reasons for such a metamorphosis. Sex in bed - this is the same as cooking in the kitchen: each family eventually gets used to the same dishes, and something new is tasty only at a party. Only unlike food for sex you do not go to guests. Into the head immediately climb unbidden thoughts: why did not he do this before? Did not know how? Then who taught him? If your husband is not a fan of porn movies and if the Kamasutra is not his desk book, then all these questions are very reasonable. Somehow it's hard to believe that inspiration came down on him and he at once mastered the new technique of sex. It is quite logical to assume that your spouse got skills in another bed, and your rival became its instructor. Of course, changing the behavior of a husband during sex does not yet prove the fact of treason, but if you have doubts, then add this moment to your treasury of suspicions. how to recognize her husband's betrayal

How to "catch" a traitor: people's ways

Many women are not enough intuitive methodsin order to recognize the betrayal of his faithful. From generation to generation, among women, small tricks are passed on which one can convict a husband of infidelity. You can laugh at these grandmother's ways, but you can take it seriously and check on your own husband: what the hell do not joke, but what if it really changes? Focus with a bath In many villages and villages, the husband is still being checked for loyalty in the following way: after absenteeism, the husband is undressed below the belt and put in the trough. You can use the bathroom - it will be much more convenient. So, the trick is that a man who has had a sexual relationship recently, the testicles come up. Drowning - did not change, surfaced - "Oh, you damn damn cat !!!" This fact is absolutely not scientific, and, probably, the parts of man's dignity may emerge and sink for absolutely unknown reasons. However, it is this method that is seriously used by many women who suspect husbands of adultery. And, most interestingly, they are often right! Try-ka, drive your podgulyavshego peasant into the bath and check his intimate places for buoyancy. If you can not establish the truth, then at least have fun with the soul. Focus with sex Here everything is simple and clear: the husband comes from the next evening "meeting", and you - bang, and demanded the performance of marital duty. Immediately, without delay, without having time to eat and bathe. Sex giants among men are getting smaller, satisfy two women at once, and one after another, not every man can. Here also check the cunning wife of their husbands for the presence of sexual hunger. I coped with the task - well done, keep it up! Did not cope - the reason to blame for treason. Unfortunately, sometimes the most faithful man can not cope with the task. There can be many reasons: fatigue, irritation, poor state of health, lack of mood. But there are situations when wives are too well aware of the sexual capabilities of their husbands and can easily calculate the "unplanned act" on the side. If you belong to this category of ladies, then take a chance and try to pounce on your husband with the demand for sex right after he comes home. Perhaps this will clarify something. Focus with potassium permanganate Suppose your husband comes home, and you seriously suspect him of infidelity. Before going to sleep, soak the panties that were on his wife that day, in a basin with plain water. And the husband says that according to the old belief water in the pelvis will turn pink if the man who carried them had sex during the day. What exactly is your great-great-grandmother, aunt and aunt cousins ​​convicting their husbands of treason. Like, this is mysticism, but it works! The main thing is to throw in his rational head at least a small grain of doubt in the unreality of this method. Of course, the husband will not believe and laugh at you and calmly go to bed. As soon as he falls asleep, add a little bit of potassium permanganate to the water basin - so much that the water becomes slightly pink. If the husband is guilty before you, he will certainly look in the morning or in the middle of the night in the ill-fated basin: is it not enough? And surely change the water. The bottom line: if you woke up and found crystal clear water in the basin, then your husband is unfaithful and succumbed to your provocation. If the water is pink, everything is in order, your spouse is "clean." Focus with pepper This is a rather cruel way to learn about the betrayal of her husband, because the admission will have to be pulled out literally with pain. The cowards of the alleged traitor are peppered, after which he, poor fellow, begins to itch terribly. Snatch at the company and you, incidentally blaming the wife in all sexually transmitted diseases of the world, which he picked up with his mistress. When a husband brings a sexually transmitted disease into the house, then denying admission of treason is pointless: evidence of his infidelity is too obvious. And if your husband really has a sin, then, after seeing a terrible rash in intimate places and hearing quite just accusations, he can surrender and tell the whole story. This then he will start running around the hospitals, take tests, find out the diagnosis, and with an unexpected attack from your side, "split up," as a pretty one. Just now, if the husband is innocent, and you will cause him such terrible suffering? And suddenly he will have an allergic reaction or something like that? So think twice before pouring the peppers into the belly's panties. Well, when you know how to recognize the betrayal of your beloved man, but do not take it with fanaticism. Excessive jealousy on the part of women has destroyed many families, so be careful not to exhaust yourself and its unfounded suspicions. And the very knowledge of the betrayal of her husband will bring nothing but suffering. You will either have to disperse, or live with it further, waiting for further betrayals. Of course, it's unpleasant to be deceived, but if you value relationships and do not want changes in your personal life, then maybe you should not look for a black cat in a black room? Moreover, it may not be there. We advise you to read: