Avocado Face Mask Preparation of home natural cosmeticMasks for the face - this is a simple and inexpensive way to give a fresh and blooming look to your skin. Such masks from components of a natural origin at the system and complex approach can solve set of problems, including those for which decision you formerly addressed only to professional cosmetologists. Of course, home face masks are unlikely to be completely removed, for example, scars, but to calm, moisten, "nourish" your skin to them quite well. To give it radiance, to smooth and prevent wrinkles - yes, all these are capable of miracle facial masks from natural ingredients.

Avocado: seven troubles - one answer

But then a natural question arises: where to get natural products for a mask in the winter? Yes, dairy products will not go anywhere. But seasonal fruits in the winter in the afternoon with fire can not be found. More precisely, they are on supermarket shelves, but the greenhouse "plastic" fruit, apart from its bright appearance, does not differ in any way. One way out: turn your gaze to the overseas exotic. After all, just at this time, the ocean is harvesting, so we get the most useful fruits at home! One such megapole fruit is avocado, and the facial mask of avocado is a miracle elixir for the health of your skin. Avocados, which is part of the mask, has a truly unique set of nutrients. First of all, the fruit contains in a huge amount of "vitamins of beauty" - A (retinol) and E (tocopherol), which are excellent antioxidants. In addition, the avocado, or "alligator pear", is a storehouse of B vitamins, as well as C, D, K, PP and a lot of elements from Mendeleyev's table. But the most important feature of this fruit - it consists of a third of the fats - just provides its effective action in masks. This is explained simply: vitamins A and E are simply not digested without the presence of fats, i.e. Do not penetrate into the layers of the skin and do not affect its condition in any way. And in avakado, among other things, fat also contains not any harmful but unsaturated fatty acids, which are in themselves necessary for the body, and in combination with vitamins and minerals can solve even such problems as acne and acne. mask of avocado for face

Patience and work ... to beauty will result

Regular use of an avocado mask forface will affect your appearance, your face will literally change. And such a transformation you will not only be able to see in the mirror, but also hear about it from your acquaintances who vying with each other to ask for the phone of your new miracle cosmetician. After all, the unique natural composition of avocados with its constant use in face masks allows you to achieve simply stunning results:

  • Moisturizing and nourishing the skin;
  • Disappearance of inflammation in dermatitis or acne;
  • Growth rate of regeneration of skin cells;
  • Smoothing of small wrinkles and prevention of new ones;
  • Healing of small inflammation;
  • Postponement of natural aging of the skin.

The universality of this fruit for use incosmetic purposes is also in the fact that it can be used in an unprocessed form, without additives - for absolutely any type of skin. That is, in order to make the face mask you like, there is no need to urgently study your skin type (often it is not possible to do it yourself because of our inadequate awareness of dermatology) so as not to harm yourself using the contraindicated components. And it can not but rejoice! After all, if you are not yet twenty years old, when cosmetics for skin care are not needed, then in order not to have to hurry in the future ahead of time, you can make masks from avocado for young skin, and especially in the frosty season . If you are concerned about persistent inflammation and flaking on your face, a mask of avocado is what the doctor prescribed! If you are already a little over thirty and you can say that your face looks like a "juicy peach" in the morning, you just need to pamper yourself with masks based on avocado. The result will not take long to wait, as the applied efforts will uniquely bring the necessary "effect is evident" - the skin will acquire a healthy and radiant color and smartness. And if you can rank yourself as a ladies-berry, for whom ... and your skin naturally looks drained, dull and tired, then give it a tone and cheer again, the mask from this green marvelous fruit will help. Let's open a little secret: avocado oil is an ideal remedy for care and for the skin around the eyes. useful face mask from avocado

Recipes for shining your skin

Given the universal effect of the action of masks fromavocado, we give only those of them that are created for purposeful action to overcome the unsatisfactory state of the skin, and also to maintain a healthy and flowering skin type of a certain type. And remember that only a regular and correct approach to using home cosmetics masks from avocado will give you a young, well-groomed and healthy face.

  • Honey and almond royal cleansing mask with avocado

We take st.l. crushed fruit of the ripened fruit of avocado, 0.5 tsp. warm honey and 1 tsp. ground almonds. All the mix and get a thick mass, put on the face for fifteen to twenty minutes. After the required waiting time, we wash off the mask with usual warm water.

  • Mask that helps to narrow the pores

Strain the avocado pulp, add proteinchicken egg, which is pre-whisked before it turns into a thick foam. Now in this mixture you need to add art. a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and a little olive oil. Action masochki - twenty minutes, and then wash it with cool water.

  • Milk-oat mask from avocado for sensitive skin

Stirring 1 tablespoon. boiled oat flakes (cook on water, milk does not work here) and a spoon of crushed pulp of "alligator pear". Add to this mass 4 tablespoons. milk and the resulting mask is applied to the face for fifteen minutes, after which it is washed off with running water.

  • Vitaminized mask based on avocado for mature and dull skin

Necessary ingredients: one ripe fruit avocado, 2 chicken eggs, 3 tbsp. spoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of soda, 2 tbsp. spoon kefir and a couple of drops of natural essential oil. Crushing the pulp of avocado, to this mass should be added all the other components, except ether, and mix. After add the essential oil and mix again, and then put the mask to cool for 12 hours. After this time, it is applied to clean skin for ten minutes, and then washed off with lukewarm water.

  • Soothing mask of avocado and potato for owners of dry, irritated and flaky skin

We cook unsalted puree from potatoes, addgrinded the flesh of the ripened avocado fruit, a little (literally the dining room cover) of sour cream and a teaspoon of olive oil, mixed thoroughly, put on for 15 minutes, now wash with plain water and enjoy the effect.

  • Deeply nourishing and moisturizing mask for dry skin type

Mix a tablespoon of pulp of banana and avocado,add the egg yolk and a spoonful of honey. Mix thoroughly the ingredients. Carefully apply the mixture on the face, wash it off in ¼ hours.

  • A mask that will be good for owners of oily skin

We take the art. a spoonful of crushed avocado pulp, one egg white and add a little freshly squeezed lemon juice. For the best cleaning effect of the mask, you can add a little flour, but you need to carefully monitor the consistency - the mask should not be very thick and viscous. Apply to the skin for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

  • Delicate yoghurt mask of dried avocado for dried skin

Four st.l. yoghurt (without flavor filler) and one st.l. grind the flesh of the ripe fruit of the "alligator pear" carefully mix and cover the skin of the face. After thirty minutes, wash the masochka with warm water.

  • Toning mask, helping to restore fading skin

Mix a portion of the grated fruit of the avocado fruit with ¼ cup warmed honey, mix and let your cheer up. After ten minutes, gently wash off the mask with cool water.