how to maintain youthfulness of the skin of the face Every woman is interested in how to saveyouth of the skin of the face. And this is not surprising, because in modern society, women's beauty is demanded very high, and the cult of adolescence is able to plunge anyone in anguish after thirty years. Unfortunately, we do not become more attractive with age: brown spots, "bags" under the eyes, "crow's feet", wrinkles between the eyebrows, under the eyes, on the lips and on the neck and pronounced nasolabial folds appear on the face. All this in aggregate adds to us from five to thirty extra years. Oh, how I do not want to! Therefore, the head is full of questions, especially on the topic of how to look younger and more attractive, and we together with you will try to find answers to them.


Facial skin is a reflection of the quality of your life: healthy and useful habits reduce age, and harmful, on the contrary, add. Of course, we can not exclude the factor of heredity from the field of vision. There are women who are lucky with genes and who can effortlessly look stunning (for example, Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci or Angelina Jolie), but most ordinary mortals can only dream about it. And, of course, to lead a healthy lifestyle - in order to preserve the youthfulness of the skin. It's not a secret for anyone that we are what we eat. Proper nutrition is very important for appearance, especially for the skin. It reflects all the malfunctions in the gastrointestinal tract: for example, chronic gastritis can manifest itself in the form of rashes, pallor and premature wilting. How should there be a skin-friendly diet?

  • Drinking plenty of fluids is the number one rule forthose who want to preserve the youth and health of their skin. And it should be exactly water, and not juice or soda, because only it helps wash away toxins from the body. The liquid is also necessary for the proper functioning of the intestine, since in the case of its lack, its work is disrupted.
  • Eat vegetable oils and fish. They are rich in fatty acids, which, first, are necessary for the assimilation of retinol (it is responsible for the regeneration of the skin), and, secondly, they are responsible for a clear oval face, smoothness and healthy skin color.
  • A varied diet rich in vitamins andmicroelements. We will not describe to you in detail what benefits each of these substances brings to the body, since this will require a separate article (or two). To ensure that everything useful is present in the diet, try to fill it with different products: meat, fish, milk, cottage cheese, cereals, vegetables and fruits - you should eat them periodically.
  • Absence of harmful substances in the diet. We all know about the harm to the body of preservatives, emulsifiers, dyes and other chemicals. Also a very important way of cooking: fried, spicy and salty is better to minimize. The products must be natural and fresh.

Proper nutrition is not everything: Your skin also needs oxygen in order to please you with its freshness and beauty. Where can I get it? Naturally, in walks in the fresh air - just not along the motorway, but in the forest park area. In general, one of the main secrets of young skin is movement and physical activity. They force the heart and blood vessels to work, accelerate the metabolism and, as a result, improve the saturation of organs and tissues with oxygen. Plus, doing sports, you pull not only the skin of the face, but the whole figure as a whole. It is very important to minimize such harmful habits as alcohol and smoking: they deprive the skin of oxygen and nutrients, which leads to premature aging. Also negatively on her condition is affected by lack of sleep, so try to even in a furious rhythm of your life to find time for full sleep, because without this you can forget about the effectiveness of all sorts of procedures. Thinking over a plan to preserve eternal youth, do not forget about protection from the sun. So it was believed that ultraviolet rays are the worst enemies of youth and blossoming appearance. Yes, for some brief time you look like a cool "chocolate", but for that you pay with the health of your skin. Therefore, every day in the morning, apply a protective cream that will protect you from both scorching rays and contaminated air. how to keep skin youthful

Home treatments

Self care is a special action in lifewomen. We rest and soul and body, when locked in the bathroom, we do peelings and spread on ourselves layers of creams and masks. Needless to say, the benefits of these procedures are enormous! What actions are recommended by the most beautiful and famous women of the planet? Skin cleansing is the first step in any facial skin care system. You understand, if you start doing something with a contaminated site, it will not have a positive effect, and, perhaps, even vice versa, will even more clog pores. Peeling at home involves the use of funds with microscopic particles of natural abrasives: apricot kernels, nuts, medicinal mud, sand or something else. You can use cosmetics bought in the store, and you can cook it yourself, for example, from coffee grounds. The recipe is simple: take a couple of tablespoons of coffee grounds and apply it to a clean moisturized skin. Wait a few minutes for partial drying, then remove the gruel from the skin with circular massaging movements. Then rinse it with lukewarm and cool water. If you want to keep your face in perfect condition, the use of all kinds of cosmetic masks is a must. Simple thing - to buy a magic product in the store and apply it, but we offer you something more interesting: the most to prepare a natural and, most importantly, an effective mask. A good recipe for express masks for dry skin: you will need a large, but thin and dense piece of cotton that could close your face, and olive oil. Cut out holes in the cotton wool for the nose and eyes and moisten it with hot olive oil. It should be slightly absorbed, but not leak. Apply the mask for fifteen to twenty minutes, then wash it off first with warm, then with cold water, spread the face with a nourishing cream - and voila! You are the first beauty in the city. Very effective in maintaining the youth of the face is the technique of facebuilding. It combines the elements of massage and the work of facial muscles, which together helps to maintain the skin in tone and maintain a clear oval face. This system includes a whole mass of exercises, we draw your attention only to some of them:

  • Exercises from a different kind of wrinkles. Place your index fingers above the eyebrows. Then start raising your eyebrows, and with your fingers resist this movement - this technique from horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. From the interbrother the following exercise helps: shift the eyebrows tightly, while pressing them with the middle fingers, preventing the formation of a fold. To prevent the appearance of "crow's feet," put the ring fingers on the outside of the eye cavity. Close your eyes. To fix the result, squeeze the fists, lifting up the thumbs, which then put them to the outer corners of the eyes, slightly pressing. The view must be directed upwards.
  • Strengthening the cheeks and chin. Stretch the lips, placing index fingers perpendicular to the line of the mouth on the folds between the nose and cheeks. The line of the chin can be strengthened by lowering the lower lip so that the front teeth are exposed from below (while the corners of the mouth can not be lowered). From the double chin the following exercise helps a lot: stick out the tongue and try to reach the bottom of the chin with its tip, making maximum efforts.
  • Exercises for the neck. Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders. Raise the chin until the skin of the neck is stretched. Close the jaws by pressing the inside out with the tip of the tongue on the gums from the bottom. Another exercise: in the same pose, raise your chin, pulling the skin around your neck. Slightly open lips and teeth, strongly push your tongue against the sky.

This gymnastics must be performed every day infor ten to fifteen minutes - in this case the result will be visible after three weeks. Regularly doing exercises, you will save the previous volumes of subcutaneous tissue and restore the tone of muscles and facial skin. It will also be necessary to choose the appropriate care products, since your skin will especially need oxygen and nutrients. Another cosmetic secret: the use of essential oils can work wonders. Especially beneficial is the effect of rose oil: it penetrates into the tissues and pinpoints the fibroblasts that are responsible for the production of collagen. Add a drop of essential oil to your moisturizing cream and nine to ten drops, previously diluted in milk, kefir or yoghurt - into the bath water. It sounds fantastic, but it really can increase the elasticity of your facial skin. youthful skin

Salon methods

However, if you decide to take seriously seriously,how to maintain the youthfulness of the skin, then without the intervention of professionals can not do. Be sure to choose a salon with a good reputation and qualified specialists - only they can really improve the condition of your skin. What procedures will help you? Laser lifting is a skin cleansing technique that does not injure the epidermis. During this process, the temperature in the deep layers of the skin increases due to the energy of the laser, which in turn stimulates blood circulation in small vessels, thereby accelerating the production of collagen. It is he who is responsible for regeneration and the absence of wrinkles. Therefore, this method is considered rejuvenating. Radiovole lifting - another variation on the topic of the known procedure. Radio waves of high frequency are directed to strictly defined areas of the skin. Due to this, heating of collagen fibers occurs, as a result of which their quantity is reduced, which, in turn, contributes to the production of new collagen. Also, this method causes an increase in the production of elastin, which is responsible for the renewal of epidermal cells and moisturizing. This is how the skin is given firmness and density. A much more extreme method is mesotherapy. It increases the elasticity of the skin due to the introduction directly into its deep layers of nutrients. For this, small dosages of active substances, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, nucleic acids, etc., are used. ... They are introduced with the help of very thin needles to a depth of half to four millimeters. There is microtraction of the skin, which activates blood supply, oxidative processes and regeneration. The health and youth of the skin depend on its elasticity. This is quite feasible task, especially if you start to solve it from a young age. The most important secret - in the regularity of skin care: there will be no special sense if you take care of it once a month, but if you do it regularly ... Then the dream of radiant skin will become a reality. We advise you to read: