sculptural facial massage The most powerful and effective rejuvenating massage- this is sculptural. A special technique in the skilled hands of a professional turns into a kind of panacea for age-related manifestations on the face skin. Initially, this massage was developed for use in patients after strokes and was designed to transform the face after paralysis (remove the distortions, omissions of the corners of the mouth or eyes). Subsequently, the technique was adapted for cosmetic purposes, and has long been successfully used not only by professional masseurs, but also by cosmetologists. Sculpting facial massage includes several blocks that follow one after another in a clear sequence:

  • We influence the neuroreceptor system, performing a superficial massage;
  • We provide lymphatic drainage with deeper and stronger movements;
  • Alternately, we act on the facial muscles - first we relax them, then we tone them;
  • We spend a facial massage;
  • If necessary, a massage is performed around the eyes;
  • In the end, additional lifting techniques are applied with the use of cosmetic products.

sculptural facial massage Joel of Siocco

The main features of massage

The founder of sculptural massage isJoelle Ciocco. She made and tested the technique of this cosmetic procedure with the use of high pressure with a deep massage of the face, neck and décolletage. Massage on the technique Joelle Siocco is a deep study of the muscles of the face and neck. The cosmetologist gives tone to the muscles, works the fascia of the face and skull (strengthens them), focuses on the points of the projection of blood vessels to improve blood circulation and conduct lymph drainage. After such procedure muscles of the face ache a bit, as after good physical exercises. But the effect of the sculpted massage is simply stunning: the sagging muscles and skin in the cheek area are pulled, the transverse and longitudinal wrinkles of the forehead are smoothed, the skin acquires a healthy and fresh appearance. When carrying out the massage, the beautician pays more attention to the non-working muscles - they are the main problem in the aging process. Since the massage technique is aimed at deep impact on the muscles, it helps to remove and swelling. The facial skin will acquire a pleasant pinkish hue, bruises under the eyes disappear and even nasolabial wrinkles will be smoothed out. Usually Siokko technique massage is carried out by the course, but not less than 12 procedures. The beautician begins work with the décolleté zone, then rises to the neck and, in the last instance, works on the face. Having reached the forehead, the specialist begins the "return journey", returning to the décolleté zone and the back of the neck and shoulders.

When to start doing sculptural massage?

Sculpting facial massage can be done not only inbut also in preventive - the skin is constantly in a tone, blood circulation and microcirculation are normal, all the facial muscles work in the usual mode, and not the workers begin to exercise. It makes sense to start to perform massage procedures after 25-30 years. But it all depends on the woman's predisposition to wrinkles - after all, take a look, there are ladies who even at 50 years old find it difficult to find at least nasolabial wrinkles (and they appear one of the first), and there are women at 40 with deep manifestations of skin aging. It depends on many reasons, including - ecology, the neuropsychic state of a woman, heredity. But we are women and we always want to look perfect. A sculptural massage is almost the only way to change and avoid surgical intervention in the form of expensive, not always effective and, what's to hide, sometimes unsafe plastic surgery. We advise you to read: