how to get rid of stretch marks after childbirth Oh, these stretch marks! Not one piece they messed up! Most stretch marks appear after pregnancy and childbirth. As a rule, women are not very worried about this problem at first. Care of the newborn takes all thoughts and all free time. But a couple of months pass, and his own kind begins to irritate the young mother. And who will like the numerous stretch marks on the once slender girl's body? So women rush for help to doctors or girlfriends, trying to learn how to remove stretch marks. Someone advises the desperate woman a cream, someone shares recipes of home cosmetology, some advise to reconcile and address to the good psychologist to accept the new body after sorts. We decided to combine in one article all the most common methods of combating stretch marks. get rid of stretch marks after childbirth

Body care before delivery

Let's start with prevention! It is this simple rule that many women neglect. From the side it seems that it is much easier for them to deal with an existing problem, rather than to prevent its appearance. But we are not one of them, are they? Therefore, stretch marks on our body will be much less. And in order for this to happen, you need to consider several requirements:

  • Wear a special bandage for the abdomen and a bra for pregnant women. This linen will help the spine to cope with the increasing load and protect the body from the appearance of stretch marks;
  • Wash skin with lemon juice. You can do this at home, so the "lemon method" is so loved by our women.
  • take a bath with the addition of pine extract. Just make sure that the water is not above 38 degrees. Pregnant women have a high water temperature;
  • Be sure to buy cream from stretch marks forpregnant women. It will make the skin softer and more elastic. Today, a lot of similar products are presented in pharmacies, and if you doubt which way to choose, consult a gynecologist. Just remember that the prescription in the bag or cream, lonely dusting on the shelf, will not protect from stretch marks. Only regular rubbing will help. By the way, you can replace the cream from stretch marks with the usual olive oil. It also moisturizes the skin.
  • Take a contrast shower, rub in cubesice, do massages. The more actions you take against stretch marks, the more likely they are that you will not appear. And notice that spending a lot of money and a lot of time for salons is not required. Most procedures can be done at home and on their own, so do not ignore our advice.
  • By the way, about massages. A very effective tool during pregnancy is a slight tingling of the body. You can rub the body with a stiff washcloth or simply pat the problem areas with the palm of your hand. None of the movements will not hurt. With the help of any such massage it is possible at home to increase the flow of blood to the skin in a short time.
  • A necessary condition is a full-fledgedfood. Often, stretch marks appear due to the insufficiently rich diet of a pregnant woman. The organism begins to lack some substances, and it signals the problem with all sorts of reactions (and the appearance of stretch marks as well). Well, if the doctor will prescribe you a special mineral and vitamin complex for expectant mothers. You can just listen to your own body. As a rule, a growing kid himself tells mom what he would like.
  • But do not overdo it! Many women are so absorbed in the idea of ​​eating for two that not only double their daily diet, but also triple it, sinning on the boundless appetite of a growing baby. Stop to shift responsibility for your own gluttony to an innocent (and yet unborn) child. It's better to stand on the scales and see what your negligence has brought. How then do not appear stretch marks, if your weight is many times higher than the norm? The skin just does not keep up with your appetite. And no cream will help to remove stretch marks. Only a balanced diet. Vitamins can be left. There are not many of them during pregnancy (and after childbirth).

Can I get rid of stretch marks after childbirth?

Fighting stretch marks after childbirth

So, you obediently followed all the instructionsdoctor, wore a bandage, smeared not one cream from stretch marks, but striae all the same appeared? More precisely, not even "appeared", but with an enviable regularity arose on the body during pregnancy, whatever you do. It happens. Some women have a genetic predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks. Therefore, if your mother after the birth has started wearing an indoor swimsuit, then you are also more likely to struggle unsuccessfully with striae. What to do? Moving to a Muslim country, where wearing closed things is the norm? Or continue to try to remove the stretch marks? We would advise you the second option. And in order not to be unfounded, we will give a couple more recommendations. This time more specific. We will learn how to get rid of striae after childbirth.

  • The first on the list is the familiar cream fromstretch marks. Only this time it is worth choosing the drugs intended for postnatal care of the body. It can be as a cream "Kontraktubeks", and more well-known in the medical world a cream "Mederma".
  • Very effective in dealing with stretch marks is consideredmassage. Its manual variant improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the skin, eliminates its flabbiness and swelling. Vacuum massage allows to achieve the same effects as with the manual method, and besides it can help a woman to throw off a couple of extra pounds that accumulated on the body after childbirth. Any kind of massage is best done at a time when the baby is asleep (to be able to lie down after the procedure), and use a special massage cream in order to not damage the structure of the skin.
  • If the massages did not bring the proper result,try microdermabrasion. Behind the long name is an unusually simple procedure: exfoliation of the upper skin cells. The body is applied a special cream, which includes the smallest ambrasive particles. They later and polish the skin. This is, of course, not the first time. But after a series of microdermabrasion sessions, women notice a significant improvement in skin condition. As you can see, the cream from stretch marks after delivery is different, no less than the methods from getting rid of the defect.
  • Do not rush to leave the beautician. Algae wraps also help to remove stretch marks. For this purpose, the body is wrapped for a while ... correctly, with algae. It is proved that using this method you can get rid of stretch marks after childbirth, increase blood circulation and restore skin elasticity. And this is just what a woman lacks after giving birth.
  • And did you know that stretch marks cream is effectivein only 40% of cases? But even he can not completely rid the woman of striae. A much more effective method is laser therapy. Here, with a defect, fractional thermolysis fights. Simply put, the doctor grinds the stretch marks with a laser. But do it not during pregnancy, but after childbirth. Therefore, after seeing new stretch marks on the body, do not panic. Everything has its time. After the birth of the baby you will have a lot of opportunities to get rid of the shortage, but for now use the traditional in such cases cream from stretch marks.
  • The following method of getting rid of stretch marks is consideredthe most cardinal. This is a surgical procedure. The plastic surgery is called abdominoplasty and is capable, according to surgeons, to remove the stretch marks permanently under stationary conditions. But this is possible only if the striae are located on the lower part of the abdomen, and the skin after delivery is greatly stretched. Then the doctor cuts out the excess skin along with the stretch marks. The disadvantages of such a desperate method are mass. First, the scar remains from the operation on the body. Secondly, after abdominoplasty a woman undergoes a complicated postoperative period. But she is a young mother. And after birth, her place is not on a hospital bed in a plastic surgery clinic, but at the crib of her baby. Plus, anesthesia has a very negative effect on the composition of breast milk. Moreover, after surgery, you can lose not only stretch marks, but also breast milk along with health. Add to this the psychological factor (psychologists noted that in those patients who got rid of any shortcomings with the help of plastic surgery, there is dependence on "light beauty"). Therefore, if you want your child to be healthy and happy, we recommend that you replace plastic surgery with stretch marks.
  • It happens that none of the above meansstill does not help to remove stretch marks. Women have to wear closed swimsuits. Many people feel embarrassed by their husbands. This, of course, is sad. But understand that beauty is not a slender smooth body or lack of stretch marks. A beautiful woman is the one whose eyes are burning. So accept yourself as you are, and begin to enjoy life. We advise you to read: