can you get rid of stretch marks Stretch marks on the skin are quite depressing phenomenon,It can cause negative emotions in any woman. Each of us wants to look young, attractive and to fight all men with smooth, beautiful and elastic skin. The appearance of stretch marks is facilitated by several factors. First, pregnancy, during which the body of a woman undergoes a strong hormonal surge. Secondly, the sexual maturation of the girl, here, too, does not do without hormones. And, thirdly - stretch marks can "decorate" your body if you have sharply lost weight, for example, a kilogram by ten. And then the question arises - can I get rid of stretch marks? How to give your skin a pristine look? In this article, we will discuss this problem.

Declare war on stretch marks with the help of proper nutrition

The foods that we eat arestrong influence on our body. And the physical condition of the skin depends on our diet. Eating somehow, you can never give your skin enough of the vitamins you need. And to start the struggle with stretch marks is necessary with the study of the consumed products. Nuts, seafood, greens, vegetable oil, fruits and vegetables contain substances that give the skin elasticity. That is why, before asking the question - is it possible to win stretch marks, it is worth taking care that these products are necessarily present in your daily diet. Lack of fluid also adversely affects the skin, especially for pregnant women or women who decide to take a strict diet. They are recommended additional moisturizing of the skin with the help of special cosmetic products containing plant extracts and collagen. Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?

Vegetable oils against stretch marks

Russian women have long used differentOil, to give the skin elasticity and elasticity. Basically, this matter was trusted with linseed oil - just rubbed it into the skin in the right place. Today, experts recommend the use of almond, olive oil and wheat germ oil. All of them contain a sufficient amount of vitamin E, which contributes to the regeneration of the skin. If the skin is oily, it is better to use pure almond oil. For dry skin, it will be more useful to mix it in equal parts with wheat germ oil. If you "make friends" with aromatic oils and use them in combination with vegetable, you can arrange a real spa at home. For example, such oils as orange, lemon, and also rosewood oil will help to make getting rid of stretch marks not only useful, but also quite pleasant procedure. It is worth simply adding a few drops of any of these oils to the vegetable, and lifting the mood is assured for a long time!

Massages and wraps

The procedure described above can helpIf the stretch marks are "weak," they are barely noticeable on the skin. In a more neglected case, it is recommended to use different wraps and make an appointment for a massage course. Professional masseurs know how to help in this situation. It requires an active massage, which increases blood circulation and metabolism. Such procedures are especially effective in the abdominal area. In general, you can use massage from stretch marks in any zone, except the mammary glands. In order to maximize the effect of the trip to the masseur, it is necessary to fix it with a wrap. To do this, you can use any means containing collagen, cocoa butter, lanolin, elastin or other regenerating substances. Apply the product on the skin, wrap it with a film and rest in the heat for a while. Can I get rid of stretch marks myself?

Get rid of stretch marks in the cabin

In beauty salons specializing instretch marks, bring your skin in order can be an order of magnitude faster, but it will cost an order of magnitude more expensive. Here, wraps are produced by algae, mud, various gels. Also, employees of such a salon can offer you other methods of dealing with strongly pronounced stretch marks. For example, using ultrasound correction or laser therapy. Before you contact the salon, be sure to find out about it as much information as possible. Remember, perhaps one of your friends got rid of stretch marks here and very much praised it? Or you read reviews about it on your favorite forum on the Internet. In any case, do not trust only bright advertising.

Plastic surgery

In especially neglected cases, physicians resort tosurgical intervention - abdominoplasty. This type of plastic surgery allows you to get rid of stretch marks by excising excess skin and fat deposits. Of course, such an operation is the most effective way to remove skin defects, but it, like any other surgical intervention, has a number of contraindications and can cause postoperative complications. Some experienced doctors try to explain to women that stretch marks are not such a big "evil", it is not necessary to lie under their knife because of them. Use more sparing methods to combat this problem, even if not immediately, but the stretch marks will disappear, and you will feel young and beautiful again! We advise you to read: