Masks for dry skin of the face at home Dry skin of the face is a common problem,regardless of age and way of life. And first of all the appearance of a woman suffers: the skin is flaky, itching and redness appear. Naturally, there is nothing pleasant about this, so it is necessary to look for ways of treatment. If the dryness of the facial skin is permanent, it is advisable to consult a cosmetologist. After all, not only external stimuli (wind, hard water or substandard household chemicals) can cause a problem. It can be formed due to a metabolic disorder or vitamin deficiency. In this case, the doctor will make a comprehensive examination of the body and prescribe a course of treatment.

How to prevent dry skin?

If the dry skin of the face is a temporary phenomenon, then try to observe simple rules of care:

  • Wash only with baby soap. Do not use fragrances, avoid gels and shampoos. By the way, at home washing for washing you can use thawed or purified water;
  • If you use makeup to remove makeup, then you should refrain from using it. It is better to give preference to almond oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy;
  • Be sure to use moisturizing creams. Choose children's products or those in which there are aloe and tea tree oil;
  • If applying make-up is mandatory, thendo not forget to put the foundation on the face. Let it be a moisturizing day cream. And try to get by with a minimal amount of powder, shadows and tonal remedy. From dry powder should be discarded altogether.

Mask for dry skin of the face at home

Traditional methods of treating dry skin

At home, you can take care of the dry skin of your face.worse than in beauty salons. But it will cost much less, and it will take a little time. The following masks will give your face a velvety and fresh look. Of course, provided they are regularly used.

  • Mask of honey and aloe juice

These ingredients perfectly nourish the skin with the necessaryvitamins, microelements and even accelerate the outflow of toxins. For a better effect, you need to add vegetable oil. Take the three components in equal proportions - for example, a teaspoonful. Mix and apply on face, hold for 20 minutes. Then rinse using a baby soap;

  • Mask based on cornflower extract

It is not only a beautiful flower, but also a healing onemeans. Sold extract in the pharmacy, it must be diluted in accordance with the attached instructions. Add a few drops of vegetable oil - the mask is ready. Lubricate the face with the solution obtained, hold for 30 minutes and rinse. This mixture is an excellent moisturizing and healing agent for dry skin of the face;

  • Mask made of honey and sour cream

At home, you can prepare the followingMask: take honey (a tablespoon), fat sour cream (a teaspoonful) and one yolk. Mix all the ingredients well, apply the mixture on your face, bypassing the eye area. Hold for about half an hour and rinse;

  • Mask based on burdock

Mask for dry skin of the face of tea tree oiland milled burdock roots perfectly helps to cope with the problem. After a few days of regular application, you will notice a positive and lasting result;

  • Ointment for dry skin

For the preparation of this product in the homeyou will need: butter and aloe juice (on a teaspoonful), 3-4 drops of tea tree oil and half a teaspoon of honey. All mixed (butter melted) and applied to the face. Such an ointment can be prepared for future use and stored in a dark, cold place. Remember, to buy funds for cooking masks at home is only necessary in pharmacies. Face Mask at home for dry skin

Some common tips

Of course, applying masks, you will achieve results. But it is necessary to adhere to other rules that will help to avoid dry skin or reduce it to a minimum.

  • Wash only with warm water! The temperature should be about 25-28 degrees;
  • It is advisable to use a herbal decoction for washing. For example, from chamomile healing. Brew a tablespoon of dry chamomile in a glass of boiling water, strain and use. For dry skin, this will be an excellent anti-inflammatory agent;
  • Be sure to use a moisturizer. It is desirable to have both daytime and nighttime availability. So the action will be more complete;
  • At home, you can prepare a vitamin "salad" for dry skin. Mix the grated cucumber, a little vegetable oil and a teaspoon of honey. Cover your face with this mixture and hold for 15-20 minutes;
  • Wipe your face with ice cubes with dry skin is not recommended;
  • Perfectly cope with dry skin anddairy products. Simply lubricate your face with fat kefir, sour cream or cream. At home, this is very simple, because in the refrigerator of any hostess, these products are not uncommon;
  • If you do not have allergies, use fresh strawberries. Just wipe her face;
  • You can apply to your face peeled potatoes or peach halves.

Be sure to observe the regularity ofprocedures! You will not get any effect if you resort to masks from time to time. You should apply moisturizing creams daily and use products prepared at home. Also for dry skin it is important to eat right. Let your diet include nuts, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables. At home, you can carry out a light facial massage. What does it give? Increases blood circulation, accelerates the lymph drainage, which means that toxins are quickly eliminated from the body. During the massage the skin is saturated with oxygen, it becomes susceptible to nourishing masks. For the massage you can use a variety of creams and oils, and the usual honey. Be sure to allocate time for daily face care. After all, at home it is so simple! Turn on the light music, light the aroma lamps and relax. And the mask at this time will have a beneficial effect on the skin of the face. Going to solve the problem seriously, you will quickly achieve the desired effect.