men's complexes They say that the weaker sex with its quirksmanages to eat out to the representatives of the strong half of the human race the whole brain. Yeah, yeah ... As if we can not stand it different there are male complexes, from which there is simply no escape. It is worth to get acquainted with some guy, as it certainly will be found at least one of these complexes. Well, where to go! Even the bravest Achilles had a vulnerable heel. What can we say about ordinary men, who sometimes have more than one weak spot! Yes, everything would be nothing - people are imperfect and tend to succumb to some fears and doubts. But how often this or that men's complex delivers a lot of inconveniences and even suffering to the fair sex! The worst thing about this is that many women take complexes of men as a matter of course, and even try to adapt to them. But in vain. Because it is not necessary to adapt, but to help a loved one get rid of such an internal flaw. Otherwise, it is quite capable of turning into a serious psychological problem, with which only specialists will be able to fight. Now we will discuss how this can be done. Of course, we all have some kind of individual weaknesses, which are often inherent features of the individual. However, there are a number of psychological complexes characteristic of a predominantly strong half of humanity. Moreover, they are even among the most worthy men, forcing them at times to worry hard because of the fact that such experiences, in principle, are not worth it. Because these are just quirks, to which one should be treated accordingly. Well, who in a man can work out such an attitude, if not a woman ?! Yes, but how will you work it out if you do not have an idea of ​​what a particular men's complex is? All of them, of course, difficult to discuss, but the most basic, we now consider.

Fear of very attractive women

This male complex, I must say, is weakhalf of the human race causes some perplexity. Well, it would seem, what are the beautiful ladies afraid of? After all, they, on the contrary, should cause the desire of the overwhelming majority of representatives of the strong half to immediately acquire such a wife! It was not there. It is this "overwhelming majority" is not something to acquire a beautiful wife - even to get acquainted with an overly effective young lady is afraid. And if someone does decide, then he ceases to be afraid of his own half only when he looks a little more impressive than a monkey. No, we, of course, know from many sources that the written beauty in life is incredibly lucky, and they are all married to tall, handsome men. Nothing like this. Those who are really lucky have one. Most often next to "tall handsome" you can see as a wife an ordinary gray mouse or just a nice woman. And why? Because to many, even very worthy men, it seems that if she were beautiful, almost the entire male race would hunt her. And among hunters there will always be those who shoot better and look more impressive. In other words, from the beauties, they say, wives turn out wrong, and women with rather modest external data do not constitute a threat in terms of treason. Actually, this is real nonsense. Often happens the other way around: a beautiful wife knows her own worth and does not intend to say "yes" to everyone who craves it. And some unpleasant outwardly young ladies, in order to raise self-esteem, are ready to say this "yes" to almost everyone. Only when one of the men manages to receive the attention of a beauty, he gladly tells about this. Yes, and comes up with all kinds of piquancy. And if the victory was over the ugly, then which of them will boast of such a boast? That's why walking idiots often it is much easier to keep their good name, than not inclined to betrayal of very attractive people. But many representatives of the stronger sex with a complex of fear of beauty think differently, but against male logic you will not trample. And what should the effective young woman do if her lover turns out to be among such representatives and does not hint at the registry office? To marry a more courageous, but absolutely unloved man? Alas, this happens quite often. Although you can do otherwise and help your loved one get rid of your complex. You just have to regularly, but tactfully praise some of its external virtues - hands, hair, voice and so on - all the while alluding to the exclusivity of a man. True, it is necessary to do this carefully, or else it is conceited and rants to some other beauty. men's complex

Fear of becoming henpecked

This male complex is intensively cultivatedsociety and its roots goes to the very childhood of our faithful. Fear of becoming henpecked in fear of restricting the independence of a man by a woman is expressed. Its appearance and development is influenced by both mother education and peer influence. Boys usually do not approve, if a friend of theirs is too loyal to girls, obeys their desires, carries out assignments and so on. Real boys, they say, should not allow control from the female in general! Otherwise they are not "real boys", but weaklings. Actually, peers in themselves are not the main reason for the appearance of the henpecked complex. Well, you'll think, as a child, the boys did their best to show their superiority over the girls! So what? Many of them, growing up and falling in love, beat the children's nonsense out of their heads, change and become gallant fellows and excellent husbands. A similar male complex usually develops in those whom the mother considered a small child, even when they grew taller than her. She believed that her son was not yet able to bear responsibility for his actions. Naturally, the son-oblatus rebelled against the attempt on his independence or against what seemed to him the symptoms of such an attempt. As a result, having become quite grown up and getting married, this person transferred the previous model of behavior to women and to his spouse, trying his best to prove to him his independence. It may look pretty tolerable. For example, a husband simply snaps when his wife says to him: "Go swimming!", "Go, eat!", Or ask how the day passed and when he will return home. Or maybe it results in a rather aggressive attack on his part and a complete reluctance to obey the call to the bathroom or the kitchen and report on his movements and plans. Say, leave me alone, I'm not your property and will do what I want and when I want. How to be, if we managed to jump out marrying such a chronic destroyer? Well, first we need to figure out whether he really suffers from a complex of fear of subjugation. Perhaps it is we are trying to drive a man under the heels? If so, then you need to change your own behavior. And if not, then you need to give him a sense of security and remove from contact with dear and beloved husband all the elements that he considers an encroachment on his freedom. And do not ask where he was, what he was doing, not to order to go to the table, but simply say: "I missed you so much and did not even have dinner with you. Are you hungry? No? Well, then maybe you'll sit with me! ".

Fear of not taking place in life

This male complex appears in ourthe representatives of the stronger sex of some twenty-five years. Many of them today for some reason believe that in so little more porridge eaten age, you already need to fully fledge, take a lot of money and make a great career. Here, they say, Seryoga has all this, but I have not yet taken place. No, in itself such an aspiration can only be welcomed. But the fact is that if in the life of a young man over the years nothing supernatural happens, the complex begins to progress. And often leads to depression and quite successful people. The current world is changing rapidly. And someone who was poor yesterday, like a church mouse, can fly to the crest of a wave in just a few months. Of course, the mass of average men is depressing. They say, and studied together, and worked, but he won out as he rose, and we are all in the same place! Why does his wife rest on the Seychelles, and our people can not buy themselves a decent coat? And went-went ... The wealth of others grows, grows in a geometric progression and fears do not take place in life. In principle, this is a very difficult case. Because it hurts ambition, and this for men - an extremely strong blow. And its consequences are deplorable. Someone tries to forget themselves in drunkenness and drugs, and someone is thrown out of the window. Such representatives of the stronger sex really need the support of relatives. They should in no case be humiliated, reproached for small incomes, ridiculing inexpensive gifts and citing the example of a neighbor who gave his wife a diamond the size of a nut. Otherwise be a trouble. It is better just to try to balance our requests with the budget today. Tomorrow everything can change. And someone who has just been almost at the bottom, will prance on a magnificent horse. men's complexes in bed

Fear of being a bad lover

Men's complexes in bed, in principle, includein itself much. Here, too, the fear of not satisfying a woman experienced in intimate matters, and fear of impotence, and anxiety for the non-ideal size of her penis. Complex bad lover can develop even if unable to kiss. Sex is a very important aspect of a man's life. And he, of course, gives her a lot of value. The recent sexual revolution has led to the fact that we are constantly shown from movie and television screens what the sexual organs of ideal lovers should be and how they should caress their women. Well, many men are not capable of this, they are not capable! Yes, and do not really have to have sex for several hours in a row! You can get sick ... And you do not have to talk about the ideal size of the members. They fit just porn stars. Normal women do well without them. But our beloved do not want to take it all for granted. And they bother with their sexual pseudo-perfection, thus creating in themselves another inferiority complex. What should a woman do in this case? Yes, it's just always to let your chosen one know that he is unique, and sex with him is simply delicious. And delicately teach something, if he really does not work very cleverly in bed. And at the same time not in any way not to blame, if the sexual act suddenly did not turn out. Man - he's not a sex robot. In life, everything happens. We advise you to read: