women's treason Treason is probably old, like the world. As soon as the society decided that inter-sex relations are a union of only one man and one woman, a problem of betrayal arose immediately. The conveyor of loyalty to each other only began to work, as in this work there were failures. Representatives of both sexes not only looked more often at the side, but also went to the left. Well, what to do - the forbidden fruit, as you know, is sweet ... Only for men and women it is sweet differently. Why? What is the difference between female and male betrayal? Now we will try to understand this.

The nature of man's betrayal

The assertion that men are naturally polygamous,already all fretted. In fact, it's hard to judge how right it is. There are a lot of representatives of the stronger sex who, having one woman, and do not think about connections with others. Where there is a tendency for polygamy in such representatives of the strong half of humanity, nobody knows. Perhaps they are just too lazy or very afraid of their blessed anger, - she learns of treason, a hurricane in the house can be deadly! However, I would very much like to believe that the devotion of these men is due to natural morality, which suppresses the animal instinct of the male. And a deep affection for his half. I must say that such representatives of the stronger sex, unfortunately, not so much. A good part of men in suitable situations will not give up intimacy with a nice lady. At the same time, they do not particularly think about the fact that somewhere else a woman is waiting, and often they are not tormented by guilt of conscience. What is it - immorality, licentiousness, selfishness, special male psychology? By no means. These are just those polygamous men whose sexual behavior is governed by a genetic instinct. And he, this instinct, is directed to impregnate as many individuals of the female sex as possible. So our active males fit into bed with an extraneous attractive female, not especially moralizing at the same time. Because it is almost reflexive and is, as it were, the fulfillment of the order of His Majesty's instinct, and psychology has nothing to do with it. However, this instinct is also the cause of male betrayal is not always. Victory over women for many of them is a way of self-assertion and the desire to constantly conquer new peaks. A wife, no matter how wonderful she is, is already a conquered peak. And another woman still needs to be conquered - here the ancient psychology of the man-hunter and conqueror comes in. In this case, the wrong husband gets maximum pleasure not from intimacy with the woman, but from the process of her conquest. Such a process is necessary to him, like air. In his absence, the man withers, becomes inactive, irritable and can even fall into a deep depression. Well, finally, a male adultery often happens due to the fact that a permanent relationship with one woman is either tense or boring. Often a friend or wife does not stint on reproaches and edification, trying to cause a man a sense of guilt and lower his self-esteem. He, of course, resists, perceives such attacks in bayonets and as a result tries to restore the internal balance at the expense of another woman. Because men are in fact very vulnerable and subject to stress. They are very painful suffer all sorts of reproaches and scoldings, and they are trying to hide from them somewhere on the side. Almost the same thing happens in boredom in a relationship. Monotony of communication, lack of diversity in sex and especially female coldness in bed oppress representatives of the strong half of humanity and often cause them mental suffering. All this - real and powerful prerequisites to the fact that the man will start pulling more and more to the left. And one day he will go there to make sure that he may well like a sexual partner and can be interesting, as a person. Treason in this case is a kind of attempt to convince oneself of sexual viability and attractiveness. In general, the nature of male change is uncomplicated and easily explained. Adultery is prone mainly:

  • Men with a strong reproductive instinct;
  • Men are conquerors in need of constant conquest of new peaks;
  • Men with hurt self-esteem and a shaken self-esteem.

And now let's see what the difference between male and female betrayal is. female infidelity

The nature of female adultery

Statistics say that men changemuch more often than women. Frankly, she is cunning. Because lately the representatives of the weaker sex began to behave more freely than before. And female treason is not much less common than male infidelity. However, its psychology is somewhat different. The main difference between male and female infidelity is that the lady almost never pulls on adultery because of the violence of the instinct of reproduction. This is intended for males to fertilize as many females as possible. Females only need one father for their child. And it is desirable that this father was the best. Therefore, there is no sense in the constant change of partners. It's enough to find the right one, that's all. From the point of view of nature. However, the same nature provides that the male must be strong, active, proactive and passionate. Do we see a lot of men today that meet these requirements? Do not offend the strong sex, be it said, but not very much. Actually, men are not to blame for this. In our time, the society makes them too high demands. In order to somehow correspond to them, it takes a lot of physical and psychological stress. So the eternal passion and activity in relation to the weaker sex in men often simply does not remain neither the strength nor the time. The lack of male initiative and attention is very hard for women who need them. They begin to look around in search of their partner's desires, because the psychology of women is such that they try to avoid being alone. And, of course, find the right man. In fact, it can be nothing better, but initially behaves exactly as a woman needs - he is caring, considerate, sexy. And she feels attractive, sexy, in demand, just interesting, finally! Often, with a long relationship with a woman, men cease to see her as a desirable sexual object. About romanticism in communication and can not speak. It quickly disappears, and all contacts become familiar, everyday and predictable. And women always need confirmation that she is loved and isolated from the mass of other women, so they have psychology. This is an emotional need, which no material wealth can satisfy. The woman starts to rush about, feeling herself alone and not very necessary to her chosen one. In her subconscious, the idea of ​​finding a more suitable partner is gradually being formed. In other words, it is already ready for infidelity, although it does not intend to change it yet. But the idea is ripening and makes you look narrowly at other men. And then in her entourage appears such, as she would like, a gentleman. All. Under favorable circumstances, he will become a lover. Of course, female adultery has other reasons. Someone is changing men in search of a more suitable partner for intimacy, someone - satisfying the painful self-esteem, and someone is just trying to annoy his faithful because of his indifference and inflicted injuries. Often, deciding on adultery, a woman seeks revenge for her husband for his constant trips to the left and at least a little calm down. And, finally, there are a lot of mercantile ladies who change for their own benefit. We will not talk about them - corruption, it is venality. So, the main causes of female and male adultery we already know. Now let's try to determine what is the difference between male and female betrayal, in general. psychology of female adultery

The main differences between male adultery and female adultery

On the basis of all the above, it can be concluded that male and female infidelity are unequal in their manifestations and in their quality. What is the difference between them?

  • Men for treason is not necessaryfall in love with his partner. Sex on the side for many of them - just a short-term mechanical act, which does not attach much importance. For such sex, passion is not necessary. Simply impersonal desire is enough. Women, however, decide on third-party sex mostly only with those to whom they feel sympathy;
  • A man does not particularly choose a partner foradultery. It is enough that she was sexually attractive. Women usually look long enough at a potential lover and are unlikely to consciously and voluntarily go to physical contact with someone who is not emotionally comfortable. Unless it happens either accidentally (under the influence of alcohol, for example), or with a significant threat to yourself and your loved ones;
  • Entering into sexual relations on the side, the man is veryrarely has the intention to leave the family. Even if you have feelings for your mistress, he is unlikely to do it. And if it is decided, it is far from immediately, having carefully considered everything and weighed all the pros and cons. Women often see in the lovers of a potential husband and can get away from their faithful, without particularly thinking about it. Especially when the connection on the side is due to the love of the partner.
  • In a word, the main thing is, what is different aboutmale betrayal of a woman is that a woman should feel her treachery, pass through herself. Adultery for her - not a fleeting satisfaction of the physiological need, but a verdict, the conclusion of which has been suffered and endured for a long time. This is the psychology of female infidelity. Note that we are now talking about normal women, and not about those who trade their bodies or throw it to anyone because of increased sexual needs. Whatever it was, still the infidelity of a loved one is always a disaster, causing a half of his inner confusion and unbearable mental pain in his half. It is unlikely that we are interested in this state, what is the difference between male and female betrayal and what are its causes. I want to tear, throw, scandal, revenge ... Because, no matter how we were told that the betrayal was due to a physiological need or lack of attention, we always perceive it as a betrayal. And it is unlikely that this perception can change the arguments about the freedom of morals and polygamy. After all, we trust the beloved person completely and body and soul, believing that he answers us the same. And then suddenly it turns out that someone else is starting to use this priceless gift. How to be? Go to tear the relationship? Do not make a decision in a temper. In fact, there are a lot of outlets from this situation. It will greatly simplify the search for an optimal way out of knowledge, what is the difference between female and male betrayals. We have already found out that many men can very much love their wife and yet not give up sex with other women. Well, they do not perceive this fact as a betrayal, they do not perceive it, that's all! And they do not understand why it is impossible, because there is nothing to understand - the brain has disconnected, because you really want to! Well, if you really want, then you can ... Such is their psychology! A man of this type deserves more indulgence than reprobation. It is possible that he is a wonderful father and a caring husband, but the instinct of reproduction sometimes takes precedence over the mind. So, does the wife need to worry about her husband's next intrigue? Moreover, after a while he, it is likely, will not remember the name of this "intrigue" either. Yes, it's unpleasant, and it hurts, besides. But will not it be painless without it? In the end, one day the reflex of reproduction will calm down, and the husband will turn into an exemplary and devoted family man. As for women's betrayal, the situation here is more complicated. If the wife began to run to the left, then she, most likely, someone was carried away. This is a very big threat to family relations. At any time, they may fall apart and because the woman will leave for another, and because of excessive aggression of the person who learned about the betrayal of her husband. Men are rarely able to perceive such a fact more or less adequately and to approach the situation judiciously and weighed. Consciousness that the body of his woman belonged or belongs to someone else, leads a man into a state of rabies. He ceases to give a report in his actions and can do mischief. Therefore, representatives of the weaker sex need to understand well what the adultery can turn out. And do not allow communication when it threatens serious danger. If you live with your spouse completely unbearable, it is better to divorce first, and then already meet with another man. In general, a man and a woman with a fact of someone's betrayal, you should first try to calmly discuss the problem, and then make decisions. Sometimes this situation helps to restore the previous warmth in the relationship and make them more profound and sincere. For this, of course, both need to work on themselves and on their perception of a loved one. Well, if the cause of betrayal is the complete fading of love, there is nothing to be done. Have to gain strength and divorce. And in the event that a divorce is impossible, give each other complete freedom of action. Perhaps someone will not be able to do this easily - the sense of ownership is too developed. However, it must be curbed, otherwise the existence of both will become a total hell. We advise you to read: