make-up without problems step-by-step guide The makeup technician is a great variety. To select individual it is necessary, proceeding from your color-type and appointment mejkapa (day, evening, celebratory). However, the order and rules for the use of decorative cosmetics remains unchanged in any case. In our article "Make-up without problems: a step-by-step guide" you will get acquainted with the general instructions for applying make-up.

Stage one: skin cleansing

Do not be surprised, beautiful makeup begins exactlywith the correct cleansing of the face from dirt, dust, sebaceous discharge. Surely you are interested in the question: is it necessary to wash, if you just woke up, and thoroughly washed off the remains of makeup before going to bed? During that time, while you were sleeping, your epidermis managed to allocate a very large amount of sebum, which will pound into the pores and cause inflammation, if you apply a tone or powder over it. Ideal means for cleansing the skin before make-up - foaming gel or foam with a neutral ph-level. An excessively aggressive washing medium can cause a feeling of tightness and peeling - then you have to forget about the even tone of your face. When buying, also make sure that the product contains no dimethicone and mineral oil - these components are poorly washed and cover the skin with a greasy film. If you like natural cosmetics or just want to save, prepare a gel for washing yourself. Take a piece of "Children's" soap, grate it on a large grater and dissolve in 300 gr. boiling water. Add 25-30 drops of essential oil suitable for your skin type. Tea tree, for example, dries pimples and reduces redness, ylang-ylang perfectly matures, and rosemary oil calms dry epidermis. Before washing, apply a few drops of the product on the sponge for washing. Massage it with damp skin for 1-2 minutes, then rinse face with warm water. Do not wash hot - it activates the work of the sebaceous glands, so half an hour after cleansing, there will be a greasy sheen. Pat your face with a towel. eye makeup step-by-step guide

Stage two: application of a scent and make-up basis

If you want your skin to always staysmooth and well-groomed, be sure to use daily cream. The tonal base will lie on it in a thin even layer and you will not have to shade it for a long time. A small amount of cream put on the skin with a thin layer and wait a few minutes for it to absorb. For oily and combined epidermis, it is better to use a light gel or a fluid with matting properties. It will protect you from the appearance of a greasy shine on the forehead and tip of the nose during the day. Dry skin in summer is pampered with a moisturizing cream, in the winter it is replaced by a nutrient with a dense, saturated texture. Wipe off excess cream with a paper towel or cotton pad. Apply moisturized skin to the skin under the make-up with your fingertips. It prolongs the life of makeup, prevents the absorption of tonal funds in the skin and smooths the complexion. For dry skin, the base is released as a transparent powder, which is spread over the skin with a puff or a broad brush. For normal and fatty epidermis, gel-like substrates are designed for make-up.

Stage three: skin toning and correction of imperfections

Correct choice of voice-frequency means - pledgebeautiful makeup. Fatty skin is leveled in a liquid tone in the form of a cream or foam, normal improves with a firm stick or mousse, dry moisturize with a toning spray. If you make a mistake while choosing the right shade in the store, buy a tone of the same brand, but one unit lighter / darker, depending on the color of the first remedy. You can dilute the foundation with a few drops of moisturizing gel or a fixing base for make-up. There are several ways of applying a tone to the skin of the face. Professionals recommend using a wide flat brush for these purposes. Squeeze a little of the medicine from the tube on the back of the palm. Dipping the tip of the brush in a tone, put four "points" - on the forehead, nose and cheeks. Moving from the center of the face to the cheekbones, shade the foundation on the face. Blot excess with a damp cloth. The most uneconomical method is cosmetic sponge. A piece of foam rubber absorbs more cream in it, than you have time to put on your face. Tone and sebum are an ideal medium for the development of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, sponge should be washed with warm water and soap after each use. A few drops of tone squeeze into a sponge, moistened with cosmetic cream - this will make it easier to apply. Distribute the cream in a thin layer over the face, paying special attention to the area around the eyes and the border of the face with the neck. It is easiest for a beginner to use his own fingers as a cosmetic tool. So at you it will be better to cover up spots, the bursted sosudiki and the expanded pores. One "but" - do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap before applying makeup. If you want to hide from prying eyes large inflammations, freckles, dark circles in the eye area or vascular network - you will have to use a color corrector. It is used after applying a tonal remedy, but before the final stroke in the form of dusting. Green concealer neutralizes redness, purple mask reddened blood vessels, and yellow will hide facial wrinkles and age spots. To give the face a fresh look and a natural glow after yesterday's party, use a highlighter. step-by-step guide

Stage four: eye and eye makeup

Before applying the shadows, moisten the skin around the eyes.a special basis for the eyelids. In the same way as the make-up base, it prolongs the duration of the shadows' stay on the eyelids and facilitates their application. For daytime make use of shadows of brown and gray scale. If you want to give a glow to the look, apply a few dry shadows with a silvery shimmer to the inner corner of the eye. To divert attention from the dark circles around the eyes, draw a thin line in the lower eyelid with a sharpened pencil of cream-brule color or champagne. For ceremonial occasions, the make-up technique "smokey ayz" will do. Apply to the mobile eyelid one layer of creamy shadows of a saturated shade - graphite, chocolate or coal-black. Thoroughly shade until half-tone with a cotton swab or a cosmetic disc. Pass along the line of growth of the eyelashes line with a black pencil, the border between it and the shadows also grow. The main rule of eyebrow make-up is naturalness. For their selection and correction, you can use a pencil or dry shadows, the shade of which will be a maximum of one and a half tone darker than the natural one. Agree, the black eyebrows on the face of white blondes look more than comical.

Stage five: lips

Day time makeup involves the use of lipstickor shine of a natural shade. Ideal "office" options - beige, flesh-colored, light pink or golden. Seductive volume gives the lips a clear and silvery luster. To ensure that the lipstick does not flow into the cracks on the lips and does not roll, apply a couple of layers of moisturizing balm before using it. To learn how to perform makeup in stages, you need constant practice. It is possible that from the first try it will not be possible to choose the most suitable shade of shadows or hide the hormonal pimple. We advise you to read: