Eyelash extensions in the cabin: what material to choose? Recently, eyelash extensions have become very popular, because it's a quick way to make the cilia dense and beautiful, and the look is fascinating. Eyelashes can be grown in two ways:

  • American or Hollywood (build-up beams);
  • Japanese (one by one).
  • Both methods have advantages and disadvantages,However, with the Japanese extension, the life of cilia is longer, they look more natural. If, for example, eyelashes were enlarged by beams of 5-7 eyelashes, then with natural loss of the eyelash, to which the material was attached, an urgent correction will be required. , eyelashes and hair are now widely available to everyone,they are made mainly of synthetic materials. What is the buildup of mink, silk or sable? The use of natural fibers from animal and silk wool is impossible, since there may be a strong allergic reaction. Just silk thread, mink fur and sable served as a similar structure for the name of artificially created fibers. These are synthetic eyelashes for piece growth, the length of which can be 8, 10, 12 and 15 mm.

  • "Silk" eyelashes. They are very popular, because they are affordable and look as natural as possible. In addition, the great advantage of using this material is its light weight, which means that even weak cilia can withstand this load for a certain time. You can wear silk eyelashes from 3 weeks to 2 months, if necessary, making a correction.
  • "Mink" eyelashes. Materials for eyelash extensions of this type can also be of different length, however, in diameter they are slightly larger than silk. Look "mink" eyelashes, as if made up with black ink, worn for as long as "silk". The service for lash extensions from this fiber is very popular among brides, actresses and anyone who wants to stand out with a spectacular look. But the "mink" eyelashes may not be suitable for girls with thin, rare eyelashes, since this will be an excessive burden for them.
  • "Sable" eyelashes. The longest and largest in volume, create a certain effect of theatricality. Sable eyelashes are built up specially, for a specific occasion (for example, a celebration or a photo session), soon, after a few days, they are necessarily removed.
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