how to draw arrows in front of eyeliner With luxurious expressive eyes the girlbecomes more attractive. This was known in ancient times. Therefore, since that time, girls have tried in every possible way to give depth to their eyes with the help of make-up. They blinked and drew arrows with the help of soot. Modern young ladies were much more fortunate, because at present they have a lot of cosmetic means to put their hands on their eyes. Today you can use liquid eyeliner, pencil or shadows. But if you want the arrow to turn out to be clear and bright and stay on the eyelids for a long time, it is better to use eyeliner for these purposes. Then your appearance will become more sensual and sexual. All that is required of you is to make the right choice of pods and "stuff" your hand so that you can easily draw arrows in front of your eyes.

Modern means of cosmetics

The tools that we can use today to draw arrows are divided into several groups:

  • compact lining;
  • liquid feeder;
  • gel or cream liner;
  • pencil for drawing arrows;
  • eyeliner.

Liquid Eyewear This type of liner is available inthe form of a felt-tip pen or in flakonchikah with a thin sharpened brush. Liquid eyeliner is used in the makeup of the eyes to create bright expressive arrows, which are pretty easy to draw. However, liquid liner has one drawback. It dries very quickly, so it's not good for beginners, because the mistakes made can not be corrected. But, no matter what, it is convenient to use liquid liner. It is more resistant than a pencil. In any case, waterproof podvodka felt on the skin more pleasantly than a waterproof pencil, from which the impression is created, as if a thin strip of plasticine lies on the eyelid. Compact eyeliner With its help you can draw arrows in the eyes bright, but not so catchy as when applying liquid liner. This cosmetic does not slip and does not lubricate. In most cases, the compact eyeliner is water resistant, so it keeps perfectly in front of your eyes throughout the day. It is available in the form of a pressed powder-like product, applied with a moistened brush. So that you can draw arrows correctly with the help of compact eyeliner, it is necessary to have considerable experience, since this kind of liner is used mainly by professionals. That's why the brand firms of professional cosmetics make a special liquid for their application. However, most of the compact bridges are applied by thin brushes, which are wetted in ordinary water. Cream or gel cuffs Cream or gel cuffs are applied more easily than liquid ones, because due to the cream texture, the brush practically slides through the eyelid, which makes it possible to draw an ideal line. To correct the arrows that were drawn with such a tool is quite simple. Cream podviku better to apply with a flat synthetic brush with an asymmetric edge. The color scheme of creamy podvodki is much inferior to pencils and liquid eyeliner, the choice of which is more diverse. Pencil for the eyes Pencils are the most solid means for drawing arrows. Due to the fact that they are not smeared and easily adjusted, they are suitable for beginners who quickly learn to draw arrows in front of eyes. The assortment of cosmetic pencils is incredibly wide. In addition to pencils of all colors of the rainbow, there are also pearly and matt pencils with different hardness. Why do you need a different hardness, you ask? For example, in order to be able to draw more saturated and softer lines, it is important to use a soft pencil. Especially it is necessary for tinting on the inside of the eyelid. To create a clearer line that will last longer, you should use a harder pencil. However, this pencil has one minus. With a careless application of arrows such a tool can damage the tender skin of the eyelids. But remember that you can not use kayala pencils to draw arrows, because they are too soft and very quickly smeared. Shadowing This option is far from the last in popularity. Especially it became important after the appearance of the baked shadows, when it became possible to cover the whole eyelid with one easy movement, and to draw an arrow with shadows of a more intense color. In principle, many kinds of conventional pressed shadows make it possible to draw the same dense arrow as if you were drawing it with a damp brush. In order for you to take your eyes off with this cosmetic remedy, you need compact dry shadows of the darkest shades and a thin brush with a pointed tip. arrows in front of liquid eyeliner

Types of arrows

To create a bright eye make-up you need to correctlychoose arrows, which, in fact, you will draw. Otherwise, you just highlight the shortcomings. But you need to emphasize dignity! That's why you should study in detail all the stitches invented by stylists for the eyes and experiment as often as possible. In this case, you can find the perfect one for you. This takes a lot of time, but the result is worth it. With a suitable makeup her look is exciting and intriguing. In general, these types of shooters are distinguished, such as the cat's sight, invisible hands and arrows with bifurcated tips. Cat's sight This kind of shooter is the most common. In this case, the eye must be completely delineated, and the arrows should be pointed upwards. As a result, the eyes seem somewhat slanting. This image is ideally suited to the owner of the eyes of a round shape. If you have small eyes, then the "cat's" look is strictly contraindicated to you. If you draw this kind of arrows, your eyes will become invisible. In order to visually enlarge the eyes, draw the arrow not from the corner, but somewhere from the middle of the century. This will make the eyes more visually. Strengthen the effect by drawing thin lines to the very corner of the century with a white pencil. If necessary, reduce the size of the eyes and bring them closer visually, by applying the arrows in the corner from the lower eyelid. However, it should be noted that this option is not suitable for everyone. So, before you go out into the street, try to try out each of the types of shooters. Arrows-invisible Young girls who do not use a lot of makeup can draw invisible arrows. They are applied between eyelashes by a liquid podvodkoj or a pencil, by creation of a dot pattern. Remember that these points can not be connected with each other, otherwise the created effect will be spoiled. After the application of the cilia points, it is necessary to carefully paint with mascara and add lip gloss. As a result, you will get a rather touching and cute image of a gentle lady. And still the invisibility hand can create the impression that you have unusually thick eyelashes and there is no makeup at all. If you have any difficulties with what type of shooter to choose, it is best to take advantage of their traditional appearance, when the tip of the two arrows closes, and the eye looks clearly outlined. This kind of make-up is suitable even for work. However, they should not be overused. Arrows with bifurcated tips This kind of shooter is ideal for parties. Here the upper end should rush upward, and the lower one go almost exactly. Arrows with bifurcated tips have one feature, which is that they require great diligence and good coordination of movements. You need a lot of training. If you do everything right, the hands will just look perfect, and your eyes will become piercing and enticing. The main points when applying the arrows to the eye To learn how to correctly and confidently draw arrows, you need a lot of training. And not every girl immediately succeeds in perfectly drawing arrows from the first time. If you do not succeed, do not worry. Practice more, and you will succeed. In order to correctly apply the eyeliner, you need a solid hand, a brush that is comfortable to hold, and a mirror in which you can see the result from all sides. To the hand does not tremble, the elbow needs to be placed on a hard surface, and only after that you can apply the arrow. Those who do not know how to use podvodka, it is better to draw arrows in front of pencils, and not liquid podvodkoj. In addition, using the pencil opens more opportunities - you can create lines and shade them.

Choose the color of the eyeliner

The choice of eye liner color should be approached very carefully, since it depends on how you will look. There is the following gamut of eyeliner colors:

  • Classic black. But the most mild option, in particular, for natural make-up, is brown or black-brown. For make-up of a cool shade, it is better to use dark blue;
  • Green. There are a lot of options for using green liner. And for half of the makeup types there is a shade of green;
  • For a festive make-up, the silvery and golden colors of the eyeliner are ideally suited;
  • You can optically enlarge and open your eyes if you apply a bluish or white pencil on the inner line of the eyelid.

The technique of applying the ideal arrow

It all depends on what you draw arrows. If you use liquid podvodkoj, it is necessary to put in advance on a skin a dry powder or shadows. Then the liner will not crack when dry. To paint eyelashes it is necessary in last turn, after the liner will be put. Put the brush on its side, not pressing strongly to the eyelid. For the lower eyelid, it is better to use a clear liner. Makeup artists recommend applying liquid liner in two stages. To begin better from the inner corner of the eye until the middle of the century, then bring the arrow to the outer corner of the eye and then give it the desired shape. After the liner is applied, you need to wait at least twenty seconds, and all this time, try not to blink, lowering your eyes. It is necessary to ensure that the piping is not smeared, while it will dry up. how to draw arrows in front of eyeliner

How do you draw arrows in front of your eyes?

  • If you want to draw the outline of an arrow, you should do this, sitting in front of the mirror and always in bright light, as each movement needs to be clearly seen.
  • At the time of eye make-up, the skin of the eyelidsneed to be slightly pulled aside and up. Then, when the arrows are applied to the eyes, the lines will be smoother. This is done very easily. The head should be thrown a little back, and the eye, on which you will draw the arrow, keep half-open. In this situation, you will see possible irregularities.
  • You should start by drawing a thin arrow,Because it can always be made wider. But if you draw a fat line at once, it will be more difficult to remove irregularities. Therefore, it is better to first draw the arrows thin, and, if necessary, thicken them.
  • If you decide to use a pencil for drawing arrows, remember that its lead should be well sharpened and keep it perpendicular to the eyelid.
  • When using a liner (liquid liner)It should be borne in mind that when drying, it slightly tightens the skin. That's why it's better to apply it to dry shadows or powder, but only before mascara is used. The line will be smooth and thin, if you hold the brush, tilting it to the side. Do you draw a line with liquid liner? In this case, try to be extremely accurate. Open the eyes only after the line has completely dried.
  • The line should be kept as close as possible to the line of eyelash growth. In this case, the contour breaks will be hidden, and visually it will appear that you have incredibly thick eyelashes.
  • Always point the tip of the arrow up, otherwisewill have the effect of sad eyes. Therefore, when choosing the direction, it is better to focus on the line of the lower eyelashes. It should seem that the tip of the arrow, as it were, prolongs this line, rising upward. To avoid visual eye reduction, the arrow must always be removed beyond the edge of the eyelid.
  • After the entire contour is drawn, you will need to draw a few more fine lines from the outside of the eye. But from the inside, the contour should be thin and barely noticeable.
  • If irregularities are obtained, they can be eliminatedwith the help of cotton buds, which are moistened in a liquid for removing makeup. Did you get a very smooth line? No problem. Just put the dark shadows over the arrow lines and shade them towards the outer edge of the eye.
  • To make your view more profound,be sure to apply several layers of mascara or use false eyelashes. Bright arrows will look harmonious, if they combine with no less bright eyelashes.
  • Regardless of what kind of technique and option are youchoose, remember that there is nothing difficult in drawing arrows on the eyes. This is under the power of every girl. You just need to have free time, a little patience and a great desire. Try, learn, experiment, and then the question of how to draw arrows in front of eyeliner and pencil, you will no longer bother. Good luck, dear ladies! We advise you to read: