beautiful correct make-up Agree, it is much more pleasant to hear that youlook beautiful than how beautiful you made up. To comprehend the art of make-up, constantly improving - all this will help in achieving the goal. But one practical experience is not enough here. To learn makeup rules that require a certain consistency in actions is the necessary base that will help you to get irresistible without much effort.

Consistency is the key to success

Doing makeup, you do not need to paint everything at once. To achieve the desired effect when applying makeup it is very important to observe the following correct procedure:

  • Cleanse the face. Apply the basic cream, evenly spreading it over the face. It can be a normal day cream.
  • Blot your face with a paper towel to remove excess fat and get rid of the gloss.
  • Apply tonal cream with your fingertips, not forgetting the area of ​​the neck and décolleté.
  • Apply a large cotton swab to the face, including the lips. Brush out excess oil with a large dry brush.
  • Apply blush, given the color of your skin. This makes the image complete.
  • Use shadows of two shades - light and darker.
  • Make a contour eyeliner with a pencil or liquid eyeliner.
  • Apply mascara. Upper eyelashes color more intensively, especially the outer edge of the eye.
  • Comb with a brush eyebrows, then with a special pencil emphasize their line.
  • Create a lip correction line and apply lipstick.
  • Make-up is ready! Naturally, this is only a brief description of the sequence in which to apply makeup. In the following, all the steps are described in detail. cosmetics for make-up

    With what to begin?

    If the skin has irregularities and enlarged pores,without a base perfect make-up not done. With oily skin, a moisturizing cream should not be used, since modern bases already contain components that are sufficient to care for this type of skin. The base well smooths the relief, disguises the pores of the skin, small scars and pimples. Note that you can not put a base around the eyes, because wrinkles are emphasized in this way. To achieve the effect of transparency of the tone, apply a foundation cream better with your own fingers. Using a damp sponge, you can get a more dense layer of cream, while the effect of masking will increase. It is necessary to impose a tone with light movements - this will give an opportunity to evenly distribute it on the surface of the skin. Correct to apply a foundation is necessary, moving from the center of the face to its edges. Special care requires a zone at the roots of the hair, here the makeup shortcomings are most noticeable. On the cheeks the tone is distributed from the top down. Applying a little more dark cream on the wings of the nose, you can get a narrowing effect. Never forget about the neck area. It is also necessary to impose a tone, but in a smaller volume. Thus, the differences in the color of the neck and face will be smoothed, which will give naturalness to your makeup. Proper application of the tone will contribute to the creation of a natural shade of the skin, perfectly disguises flaws, small scars, and covers up the uneven skin. The main rule of applying powder is movement from the top down. Your skin will be silky. At home it is better to use friable powder, it is easier to apply it evenly. You need to do this with a puff, a special brush or cloth sponge. Due to the consistency of the powder, the powder falls flat, and the coating turns out to be imperceptible. Compact powder is suitable only for correction, since it is evenly difficult to apply. It can be a good road option. It is applied with a cloth or spongy sponge. Just a few strokes of the powder make the skin matte and more fresh. Decide on the area of ​​the face where you need to apply blush. To do this, smile broadly at the mirror, and you will see the contour of your cheekbones, where you should apply the blush. Using this brush, move it up and down until an even layer appears. If you like to use the sponge, then apply blush to them in a circular motion. An important detail of makeup is that the chosen shade of blush must necessarily be combined with a shade of your lipstick. It should be taken into account that beige and cream blush - clarifying, all the others are attributed to obscuring. shadowing

    All attention - to the eyes and lips

    Before using shadows, it is best for the eyelidsapply a thin layer of foundation foundation, and then a little powder them. So the shadows will fall evenly, the duration of the action will last. It is very important to choose quality brushes, flat and slightly curved. Choose the shades of colors that match each other. The color of your eyes will tell you which shades will suit you most. Gray eyes are approached with green, blue, blue shadows, just do not use shades of gray. Karim eyes will come with golden, purple, dark brown shadows. To the blue eyes, choose peach, lilac, gold shades. To emphasize the green eyes will help shades of lilac, brown, blue, purple. The rules of eye makeup read: start with applying a large brush of light shadows from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. Center color neutral tone, the outer corner - a small brush the darkest shade in the direction up, avoiding the dedicated lines. In case you use a contour pencil for eyeliner, it is worth choosing a pencil, ideally combined with the color of shadows and mascara. Wiring is done this way: draw a thin line of eyeliner as close to the line of growth of your eyelashes, starting from the inner corner of the eye and gradually moving to the outer corner. After that, lightly shade the line to give a natural look. Using liquid liner, do not apply it to the lower eyelid. To create the effect of false eyelashes, put a base on them, eyelashes will increase in volume and length. Brush the mascara parallel to the eyelashes, move easily and zigzag in the direction from the roots to the tips. First, paint the lower eyelashes to avoid a fingerprint on the eyelid, when you will stain the upper lashes. Pay special attention to the corners of the eyes. If you carefully paint only the upper eyelashes, without touching the lower ones, you can visually increase the size of the eyes, and the same degree of dyeing of the upper and lower eyelashes will make your eyes languid. Color mascara is able to change the depth of your eyes and eye shade. To visually increase the eyelashes, while not imposing a lot of carcass, they can first carefully paint with black classic ink, and then shade the ends of the eyelashes with colored mascara of any color. You will need either a special pencil or shadows. If you have thick eyebrows, use shadows. To start the eyebrow you need to comb. Applying a shadow on the eyebrows, use a very thin brush, stroke strokes with light strokes, in the direction of hair growth. If you have rare eyebrows, use a very hard pencil. Strongly press and conduct a solid line should not, draw a short strokes. So fill out all the necessary parts of your eyebrows. Makeup lips need to start with their light peeling and moisturizing, since here the skin is very tender. After these procedures, proceed to make-up.

    • First of all, the lips should be covered with a tonal base, carefully filling all wrinkles - lipstick or shine will lie more evenly and will last longer.
    • Next, outline the outline. The hue of the contour pencil should match the color of the lipstick or be darker in tone. Shake the contrast contour too much. Properly making a lip contour, you can adjust their shape. To give the effect of swelling, lightly go beyond the natural boundaries of the lips. The contour, drawn by the natural line of the lips, visually reduces the large mouth.
    • Now apply a layer of lipstick, blot your lips with a napkin and lightly powder it - in the end, lipstick will hold better. Apply a second coat.

    A little bit about the color of lipstick. The owner of a swarthy skin suits rich, dark colors. Light skin requires light, caramel shades. When choosing a firm lipstick, remember that it is able to overdry the lips.

    Work on bugs

    Always follow the make-up rules called forimprove, not spoil the appearance. But to spoil it is very simple, constantly allowing and not correcting mistakes. Let's do a little work on mistakes when applying make-up.

  • Make makeup on dry skin. In this case, the tone is flakes. Look after yourself, regularly peel and moisturize your skin.
  • We use the wrong shade of foundation. It should merge with the natural tone of the skin, it should be checked on the chin, not on the arm. Do not apply too much tone, use different tonal remedies in summer and winter.
  • We sleep without taking off our makeup. Often this leads to acne, getting the cosmetics in the eye can cause irritation or lead to infections.
  • We impose a lot of powder. Apply it with a brush, not a sponge, do not apply powder under the eyes.
  • Do not pay attention to the eyebrows. It is the grooming of the eyebrows that makes the makeup neat.
  • We paint eyelashes too thick layer. Comb the eyelashes and reduce the layers of the carcass.
  • Too much blush. Thus, the makeup is weighed down.
  • Overload the makeup or dye not in time. Makeup boundaries can not be left noticeable. Select only one part of the face - eyes or lips. Remember, evening make-up is unacceptable to do for work during the day.
  • Avoiding the most common mistakes, absolutelyit is easy to bring your appearance in the proper order. However, not only make-up can make you more attractive: take care of hair, hands, neck and décolleté area. Get enough sleep, do massages, visit various beauty parlors and just enjoy life!