beautiful makeup for green eyes The owners of green eyes look mysterious, andalways attract attention. The main thing in wedding make-up for green eyes is to emphasize the individuality of the unusual color and make the make-up professional and festive.

Wedding makeup for green eyes: features

It should be thought out to the smallest detail, refreshingface, emphasize the eyes, give the image tenderness and femininity. Pure green eyes are rare, often there are green-brown, yellow-green, emerald and gray-green shades. Wedding makeup for green eyes can be both romantic and gentle, and bright, attracting attention. Many makeup artists believe that in the wedding make-up for green eyes, the accent should be done just in front of the eyes. For make-up of green eyes, terracotta, peach, bronze, pink, lilac, purple colors are best. Blue and rich blue shades of green-eyed brides in makeup should be avoided in order not to lose their color. Do not use for wedding make-up the same shade, as well as color of eyes. Green shades for green eyes should be used carefully and diluted with a different color. For example, to draw a green contour only the lower eyelid, and the top to paint with another color. But keep in mind that in colors there should be no sharp contrast. Directly before the makeup, carefully prepare the face. Cleanse the skin, apply the base for make-up, then use a moistened sponge to spread out the foundation layer with massage movements. Also apply a foundation to the neck and décolleté area. Tonal cream fix loose powder, absorbing excess fatty shine from the T-zone. Do not forget about the masking tools. Binds mask the beige corrector, which is applied over the foundation. Pryshchiki and other flaws obscure the green correctors, on top of which they put a tonal basis. Forever, apply a foundation under the shade, so that throughout the day the makeup does not spread and crumble. make-up

Shadows for green eyes

Take light shades of shadows: cream, light pink, white, pearly and apply, shading through the eyelids and under the eyebrows. If you think your eyes are small or not wide open, you can increase them visually, leading the inner part of the lower eyelid with white pencil. Now you can impose a different color, for example, purple or pink on the outer corner of the eyelid, or highlight the fold in a darker shade than the main one - peach or olive. Shadows applied with a soft brush or applicator. Lilac color is used for a more gentle image, it is well diluted with mother-of-pearl shades of gently pink or white. Any light colors: gently golden, creamy, creamy dilute the bright make-up and make a smoother transition. And such a shade, as terracotta, gives the eyes a richness and depth. For bright makeup use black mascara, preference is best given to a water-resistant and high-quality mascara. For a more restful make-up, choose a dark brown or chocolate mascara. Before applying the mascara, use eyelash curler. Each cilia dye carefully, and if the shades of shades are predominantly light, then focus on the fluffiness and density of eyelashes, you can increase the cilia in advance. If shades of shadows are intense, pay more attention to the length of the cilia. The pencil for the outline can also be dark or dark brown. Make-up can be made smoky, for this, use a thin applicator to shade the stroke line. light wedding makeup for green eyes

Well-groomed eyebrows, choice of blush and lipstick for green-eyed brides

Not without reason eyebrows are called one of the mostexpressive facial features. Therefore, they must necessarily be put in order. Remove excess eyebrows under the eyebrows, use scissors and a brush to decorate the upper part and the inner edges of the eyebrows. Eyebrows need to be plucked 2-3 days before the wedding, so that the holiday is not overshadowed by irritation or redness. When choosing a pencil for the eyebrows, take a closer look at the color of the hair. Blondes should not use dark brown or black pencils, preferring to give a gray, golden or warm brownish tones. Brunettes can focus on the eyebrows, highlighting them with a dark pencil or a special powder. Do not use ordinary shadows for eyebrows - this is an inefficient and short-lived method. When choosing a blush, preference is best given to the cosmetics of a creamy texture. They are well applied and more resistant. Brush the blush with a special brush over the tonal base and corrector. Green eyes perfectly shade the blush of peach, brown, pink and apricot hues. Brunettes can use a blush with a light bronzing effect. Lips do not have to pay attention to themselves, so do not paint them with a very rich color. Makeup green-eyed girls are well complemented with lipstick coral, pink, lilac, peach or plum color. On top you can apply shine: it will give the appearance a special appeal. Do not use persistent lipsticks, they dry and tighten the skin.

Makeup for green eyes according to the color of the bride's hair

Makeup for green-eyed blondes Green-eyedBlonde is better to give preference to a gentle, muffled makeup. On the mobile eyelid, apply matte shades of ash or lilac color, along the line of growth of eyelashes - a dark smoky color. To have a deeper look, you need black mascara with the effect of separation of eyelashes. Do not neglect the design of the eyebrows. For a bridal make-up the brown or beige pencil for brows will approach. Tonal cream choose a light, almost invisible - opal or cream shade, an image complemented by pink lipstick and peach or apricot blush. Makeup for green-eyed brunettes Brunettes with green eyes for bridal makeup should choose rich shades. Over the entire length of the eyelid, apply a dark shade with a flat brush for the shadows, the inner corner of the eye brighten with silvery shimmering shadows. The outer and inner contours are surrounded by waterproof pencil - this will make the look even more expressive. Mascara should be water resistant and bulky. The tonal cream - as close to the natural color of the skin, blush - peach or apricot. Lipstick can be taken from coral, pink, beige or cherry. Makeup for green-eyed brown-haired women To emphasize the beauty of the bride, choose juicy, but warm tones. Shadows can be taken bodily, golden, beige. The bright, thin greenish eyeliner will look good in the lower eyelid. Eyebrows clearly draw in brown or gray pencil. Black lengthening mascara makes the look more open. Choosing a blush, it is better to stop on a cream or apricot shades. Lips can be moistened with a transparent or light terracotta luster. Makeup for green-eyed red-haired girls Natural red color is a rarity. But thanks to the hair colors, the number of red-haired girls increased. Red-haired green-eyed brides are able to strike on the ground with their stunning appearance, but to emphasize the beauty, it is necessary to work hard. Red-haired girls are often pale and thin skin, so it will be a crime to disguise it with a dark tonal basis. Use the lightest shades: light beige or ivory. Accent is better done on the eyes, gray, golden, beige and green shades are appropriate. The main thing - do not overdo it, apply light strokes with light strokes. Green-eyed brides should use podruku brown or chocolate flowers, black eyeliner makes the look heavy and evil. Lipsticks are desirable to choose matte shades, red-haired brides are suitable coral or caramel colors. Try not to use lip gloss, it will visually overload the image and will distract attention from the eyes. Following these simple tips, any bride can create an amazingly charming and romantic image and will be at her own wedding a real queen.