beautiful makeup for brown eyes Despite a lot of tips makeup artists innewspapers, magazines, the Internet and other information sources, not every woman can correctly apply makeup for brown eyes brunettes. In order to create a successful make-up for brown-eyed brunettes, of course, do not put a lot of layers of cosmetics and study a huge number of thematic literature. follow the basic recommendations and do not forget about some rules concerning your particular appearance.

Features of the choice of liner and ink

Makeup for brown-eyed brunettes is almost nothas limitations in the color of cosmetics. Owners of this eye color, as a rule, have brown or black eyelashes, so there are practically no restrictions for make-up. It is best for them to use mascara-black, dark-blue and dark-brown mascara. Dark brown makeup for brunettes with beautiful brown eyes will visually increase the amount of eyelashes. Dark blue mascara does not give such an effect, and the color becomes pronounced only with a certain drop in light, however, despite this, the view will be open and more expressive. This color range of makeup for brunettes with brown eyes can be chosen for eyeliner and contour pencil. The combination with ink of the same color will allow for an additional visual increase in the eyes. shadows for the brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes of brunettes: a palette of shadows

Brunettes with brown eyes, as we have already said,Suits almost any color, so you can not limit your imagination. The selection of shadows in this case depends solely on the color of your clothes. A win-win option for every day can be cosmetics using shades of brown or neutral shades. Very beautiful in brunettes with brown eyes looks makeup of pink tones, in particular, if you make a successful transition between light and darker color. As an option, gray shadows are also suitable for every day. They will give the eyes a characteristic languid charm, to which the true seducers are famous. For evening make-up it is best to choose more saturated colors - bronze, gold, dark shades of pink or dark brown tone. Purple makeup for brown eyes in brunettes also will look very impressive, especially in combination with black ink and dark purple eyeliner. Smoky makeup is best for serious meetings or parties. To make up for every day too bright colors it is better not to use. One of the simplest everyday options - the arrows in the retro style. This simple and elegant style with proper use can be very effective. beautiful makeup for brunettes

Possible exceptions to the rules

Despite the fact that brunettes with browneyes can use almost any color combination, something better to avoid. If there is no experience in applying blue and pink shadows, they should be used very carefully, otherwise bright eyes and bruises may appear instead of spectacular and bright makeup. Also with care should be taken to silver color. It fits better with gray and blue eyes. However, you do not need to completely abandon the silver eyeliner, as it visually increases the size of the eyes.

Correct application of makeup for brown eyes of brunettes: step by step instruction

First, a thin layer is applied to the corrector - ithelps to hide the characteristic dark circles under the eyes. Use a corrector, whose color tone is lighter than your foundation. The light texture of this product will not create unpleasant sensations on the skin, but it also makes it possible to hide the effects of a stormy night or a hard working day. After the corrector, a foundation is applied and, if desired, powder. After applying these funds, the face should become monophonic and smooth, without the slightest hint of fatigue under the eyes. Brunettes with brown eyes very well fit wide eyebrows with a barely expressed arch. Eyebrows are best painted with shadows using a beveled brush. The form can be fixed with a special gel. To make them look more effective, first the shadows coincide in tone with the eyebrows, and then - the tone is lighter. To make fashionable and beautiful eyes, you first need to draw a contour along the upper line of the eyelashes, then slightly continue the arrow, just lifting it up. The same technique is used to create cat eyes. The arrow needs to be slightly shaded, and over it to put shadows of a dark shade. The result is a beautiful and spectacular haze. Visual increase can be created by additional drawing of the lower parts of the eyelids to the outer corners of the eyes. Movable part of the century stands out with contrasting shadows, so that the resulting haze is not faceless. To this end, dark shadows are applied to the sub-dark part, and a triangle parallel to the eyebrow line is created. The outer corners of the moving parts of the eyelids are distinguished by dark gray or black color, and shadows of light shades are applied to the inner part of the eyelids. To create a similar eye makeup, blue, purple and maroon shades are best suited. The final stage is the application of mascara. To make the eyes a little longer, the eyelashes should be stained with a detachment to the side. You can also twist eyelashes with special tweezers. Creating a new image, do not forget that you should, first of all, like yourself, then you will like others.