beautiful make-up Acquaintance with cosmetics at girls begins stillin early childhood - with lipstick, borrowed in my mother's cosmetic bag or taken from her older sister. However, despite this, most women admit that they have not learned how to properly and beautifully look even when grown up. rules for applying makeup

How to learn to beautifully paint

First of all, you need to decide on the colorgamma, that is, pick up those shades that correspond to the color of the eyes and the tone of the skin. Do not try to give the skin a darker shade with a foundation or powder. It will look unnatural and ridiculous, because the borders of the neck, forehead and ears will still remain a natural shade, and the face will look like a mask. But the color of eyeliner and shadows, on the contrary, you need to choose a contrasting eye color. If the eye shadow is the same shade as the eyes, it will make your eyes faded, and instead of an expressive look you will get a completely opposite effect. The correct color of eyeliner pencil and mascara is also selected individually. It should match the color of the woman's hair. Suppose a blonde, thickly colored eyebrows and eyelashes with coal-black color, will look vulgar. However, for evening make-up it is permissible to choose black mascara, but the eyebrow pencil is desirable to leave the beige. Having decided on the color, we are going to buy decorative cosmetics and various means for its application. Here, too, have their own secrets and rules. The basic rule is that all means must be of good quality. Low-quality cosmetics will bring you not an ideal make-up, but smudges on the skin. And this is only at best, at worst - you can get a strong allergic reaction. Well, quality sponge and brushes will help to achieve the desired result. Of course, quality products are expensive, but this will quickly justify itself, as cheap brushes and sponges break down very quickly and become unusable, and these will last for quite some time. good makeup rules

How to learn how to paint properly

To make the cosmetics lay on the face smoothly and beautifully,skin should be prepared. Before applying a foundation or powder, the face must be cleaned and moistened. So first you need to wash, wipe the skin with tonic or lotion, apply a basic makeup or moisturizing cream, and only then take on the powder. In order for the tone to lie perfectly perfectly, the moisturizing cream needs to be absorbed, that is, it should be applied after 5-10 minutes after the application of the cream. In case there are redness or dark circles under the eyes, they can be masked by a corrector. However, without practice, even following all the tips, makeup will not look good. Therefore, before you go out into the world, it is advisable to try several make-up options. First, with unaccustomed and hands tremble, and the cilia often blink, which prevents the eyes from making up perfectly smoothly. And secondly, the type of person for each woman is different, so to understand what makeup suits you, you can only try a few options. Well, in conclusion a little about how to properly dress up teenage girls. You should definitely make a discount on age. It is not necessary to use brightly and darkly colored colors, since this will make the look of the girl look sloppy. Also it is better not to use lipstick. It is better to prefer a lip gloss of light shades - this will emphasize the freshness of the face and make it more tender. It is desirable to replace the tonal cream with friable powder, since at least it will not aggravate the teenage skin problems. Well, redness should preferably be masked by a corrector, and not by a thick layer of foundation.