food for weight gain Is it possible to find a person who is satisfiedhis figure completely? Someone is gaining weight too fast and is trying hard to lose weight. And others, on the contrary, dream to get a little fat. And the conversation is no longer about purely aesthetic preferences, in the foreground is the question of a healthy and strong body. If a person leads a normal lifestyle, and the weight decreases, it is worth seriously thinking about health problems. The organism is a perfect system, and if there is a malfunction in its work, it loudly "declares" about it. Constant loss of body weight for no apparent reason is often the cause of a serious illness. A person who has decided to change his figure and get better, should be ready for painstaking work on himself.

Causes of weight loss

You lead a measured and active lifestyle,you have a great appetite, and there are no changes on the scales? In this case, you need to identify the cause of thinness. The more accurately you determine the root of the problem and its characteristics, the easier it will be to find a way to eliminate it and add weight. Loss of appetite, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating, bloating or heartburn, problems with stool - all these factors signal about problems with the gastrointestinal tract. And in the end they can develop into problems with weight. Too it's not worth worrying about, but you do not need to ignore and start the disease. To improve your health, consult a specialist and he will prescribe you an effective treatment, the right diet. Many suffer from different degrees of curvature of the spine, which leads to a problem with gaining or losing weight. Especially if the spine is curved in that area of ​​the skeleton, where it fits snugly to the human digestive system. The course of massage and special physical exercises will help you cope with this situation. This process is long, and recovery depends on the degree of curvature and duration of your disease. Those people who dream of gaining additional kilograms, refuse to believe that they have psychological problems. But it is the inner mood and perception of both the surrounding world and ourselves that shape our consciousness. Negative thinking can make a physically healthy organism stop eating food or lose its appetite. The expert will help you to understand yourself and return to normal weight. With some reasons that prevent a person from recovering, you can manage yourself. These include:

  • smoking and alcohol;
  • malnutrition and malnutrition;
  • passive way of life;
  • high intake of caffeine.

Aspiring to your cherished goal, tryexclude all bad habits. People who adhere to the dietary regime and eat healthy foods are getting better. Change your lifestyle, start playing sports, do not forget about full rest and be sure to get enough sleep. Avoid negative emotions and stresses, think positively and believe in your success. proper nutrition for weight gain

How to eat

One of the most important components in the adjustmenthealth and recovery of body weight is food. Choose useful and natural products and include them in your daily diet. Remember that your gastronomic preferences do not need to be high-calorie. Appreciate the products that give you strength: carbohydrates will release energy, and proteins help in the formation of muscle mass. Adhere to the diet, where you will eat 4 times a day. Even if the portions are small, but nutritious. Listen to your body, try between the main meals to find time for healthy and high-calorie snacks. Eat, but in no case do not seek to overeat. This will only slow down the process of digestion and lead to a metabolic disorder. Try to eat at the same time. This will help the body develop a reflex, and it will provide enough enzymes to digest food. As a result, the body will function properly and absorb all the useful elements from food. Do not starve, you do not need to know this feeling. Some believe that you can gain weight with the help of fast food (fast food) and high-calorie drinks, but this is a deep delusion. Such heavy food will only worsen problems with the stomach and intestines.

Choosing useful products

Pay attention to what you eat. Give preference to high-calorie foods, in which there are many complex carbohydrates and proteins. But it's not worth completely giving up healthy fats. After all, they participate in the metabolic processes of each cell in the body. Eat chicken meat, eggs. Such food is perfectly digested, supplying you with useful amino acids and proteins. Potatoes and legumes will replenish your body with the necessary starches. Very important when gaining kilograms of cereals. They will give you a lot of minerals and vitamins, and their nutritional value is quite high. Eat fish, especially herring. It enhances the formation of protein and chromium, which is indispensable for the proper functioning of the digestive system. Collect the mass is excellent help macaroni and white bread. They contain a lot of useful carbohydrates, which, when released, will give a lot of energy. Do not forget about dairy products: sour cream, cottage cheese, milk, butter - these products are supplied not only with protein, but also with useful animal fats. The use of fruits and vegetables is very important for the daily diet of people who gain weight. Fiber helps the intestines work more actively and release harmful waste, and vitamins support the body. Spoil yourself with delicious chocolates or homemade cakes - these products are quite caloric, and even with stress will help cope. physical exercise

Physical exercise

The mass should be typed correctly, and in this youwill help exercise and sports. If you decide to just eat high in calories, the body will accumulate excess fat. And adding the power load, you get a beautiful relief figure. The new diet will be dominated by proteins that nourish the muscles and help to form a beautiful body. Excellent training will be swimming. It will allow you to use all muscle groups. Doing it is possible at home, doing sit-ups, push-ups and exercises with dumbbells. Work on problem areas of the body. If you have too thin hands or feet, put a strain on them. But do not forget about the restorative exercises, run in the fresh air or just walk before going to bed. People who gain weight should not forget about vitamins. Directly they do not affect the increase in mass, but play an important role in the metabolic processes of the body. They can be obtained from products or special vitamin complexes.

Folk wisdom

In folk medicine have their own provenways to effectively combat painful thinness. To do this, 3 kernels of walnuts chop and combine with a teaspoon of fresh honey, pour 200 ml of beer. Mix everything well and drink the whole serving at a time. This treatment lasts a month, during this time 3 kg you can add. Fix quickly and from such an old recipe: live or dark beer (250 ml) mix with 2 tablespoons of home-made sour cream, shake. To drink such a high-calorie cocktail you need freshly prepared daily. He will allow to gain up to 2-3 kg per month. Mix the flowers of chamomile (5 g), calendula (5 g) and mullein (10 g). Pour the herbs with boiling water (200-250 ml), wrap with a cloth, let it brew (30 minutes). You can add sugar and take infusion over a tablespoon before eating. Body weight gain occurs with the use of a simple and useful drink: in a glass of hot milk (preferably home) add butter (5-10 g) and a spoonful of honey. Drink such a nutritious mixture daily for the night. Whichever way you choose to fight leanness, remember that weight gain and health improvement should occur gradually and cause you harm. If you embarked on this path, do not give up, because this process is long and will require patience and perseverance.