sleep disturbance treatment The fact that a full sleep is necessary fornormal life of a person, has long been confirmed by science. But most unfortunately, with a full sleep, most people have serious problems. And in no case can we ignore this problem, since complications can be very serious - both physical and mental health of a person can be endangered. In order to prevent this, a person must understand in time that he has started sleeping problems. Although it is extremely difficult to do this, as the pace of modern life dictates its conditions - today we have a "lit" report and we do not sleep for several days, tomorrow we have time off and we spend many days in bed. Come here understand if everything is in order with sleep, if the body does not sleep when he needs, and when they are allowed.

Types of sleep disorders

It is generally accepted that sleep disorders areinsomnia. However, in fact, this is not entirely true. Of course, insomnia is not the norm to call language. But excessive sleepiness is also a pathology. And a shallow sleep with constant awakenings is also not the norm. And the problem of falling asleep is very common. But let's talk about everything in order.

  • Insomnia

Not so long ago insomnia was an attributeexceptionally elderly people. But today, even school children complain about insomnia. But it is necessary to divide insomnia true and imaginary - doctors very often hear complaints that the person can not fall asleep at night. But in a detailed conversation it turns out that a person has a habit of sleeping during the daytime. No wonder that there is no sleep at night. Of course, in violation of normal biorhythms there is nothing good, but there is no need to talk about insomnia in this case. True insomnia is diagnosed if a person sleeps less than 7 hours a day. And, importantly, does not want to sleep at all the rest of the time. Otherwise, it's also not about insomnia. Very sad is the fact that people can not even notice insomnia - moreover, in most cases they are proud that they need 5-6 hours to sleep. And it is not surprising - a modern man 24 hours a day long is not enough. As a result, a person does not realize the problem, no measures, respectively, are not accepted. And the problem is aggravated and aggravated until one day makes itself felt.

  • Drowsiness

It is not enough to sleep badly. But too much is also no good. And not much less often than insomnia, there is excessive drowsiness. This problem can be talked about if, in order to get enough sleep, 8 hours a person is not enough. Of course, the situation when before this a person did not sleep enough, they are not taken into account. But if drowsiness with a normal amount of sleep lasts longer than three days, it's time to worry. Most often, excessive sleepiness is nothing but a consequence of chronic fatigue syndrome. In more rare cases - a symptom of a disease. In any case, leave the problem without attention in any case impossible. It often happens that the body throws from the extreme to the extreme - then insomnia, then excessive sleepiness. In any case, the treatment of sleep disorders should begin as soon as possible. sleep disorders treatment

Treatment of insomnia

The biggest mistake is to try to get rid ofdisorders themselves. After all, what most often goes into action? Correctly, for the treatment of insomnia, hypnotics are acquired, and coffee is used to eliminate drowsiness. Liters. And even worse - various energy drinks, of which there are a lot on sale. And very few people think about what is fraught with such grief-treatment. Yes, it is quite possible that for a while you might think that the situation has stabilized - you fall asleep quickly, or you feel cheerful. But this is just an illusion of recovery - sooner or later the organism will stop reacting to external influences and everything will return to its own places. But, as a rule, in a more neglected form. Therefore, the most reasonable thing you can do in such an unpleasant situation is to seek help from a doctor, a somnologist, who specializes in various sleep disorders. In an extreme case, if you can not find such a doctor, you can go for help to a doctor-therapist. There are a lot of ways of treating sleep disturbances and it's almost impossible to tell about all of them. This is a medical dream, and acupuncture, and physiotherapy, and medication, and a lot of other. The course of treatment is selected only after a thorough examination of the patient. And strictly individually - there is no single treatment scheme and can not be, as there are no two identical organisms.

General recommendations

Treatment of treatment, but also from the person himself dependsa lot of things. Of course, the doctor will probably tell you about the rules that you need to perform, but we will repeat the truisms again. It is not for nothing that they say that repetition is the mother of learning. Moreover, without these rules you can hardly get rid of the problem.

  • Insomnia

If your sworn enemy is insomnia, rememberfollowing. First, always go to bed before midnight. At this time, sleep is much easier, and sleep until midnight is most useful for the body. Secondly, pay special attention to the bed - mattress, pillow, blanket, bed linen: all this should be comfortable and comfortable. Thirdly, about an hour before a dream, open the window in the bedroom - fresh air is just necessary. And if it is also cool - the process of falling asleep will be facilitated at times. And, at last, the most important thing - two hours before a dream it is necessary to refuse any food and drinks. Yes, and from a surge of emotions, too, by the way. Even if these emotions are positive. Pay attention to your daily routine. It goes without saying that you just need to give up daytime sleep, even if in the afternoon you want to sleep especially hard. Better go for a walk - because the lack of fresh air and physical activity also does not contribute to a normal healthy sleep.

  • Excessive drowsiness

If you constantly want to sleep, thoroughlyreconsider your habitual way of life. Firstly, the rule "sleep before midnight" applies to you in no less degree. It is those hours of sleep that the body will have time to "snatch" before the onset of midnight, contribute to his most complete rest. Secondly, take for a rule always, under any circumstances, to sleep not less than 8 hours. And not in a day, but at night. Although daytime sleep, if there is such an opportunity, will have to come in handy. But here there are special features. First, do not sleep more than two hours, so as not to work "the more you sleep, the more you want." Secondly, folk wisdom says that you can not sleep at sunset. And this wisdom is confirmed by doctors - it is extremely not recommended to sleep after 4 pm. Get up completely "broken", tired, or even with a headache. sleep disorders treatment

Folk remedies for sleep disorders

If the treatment prescribed by the doctor seems to younot enough, you can use one of the many recipes of traditional medicine. We offer you the most effective of them and, importantly, safe for your health. But, of course, no matter how good these recipes are, they should not replace the basic treatment.

  • Remedies for insomnia

Even our ancestors knew - if in the evenings it's hardto fall asleep, you must drink a glass of warm milk. To this day has not lost this means of its actuality. Before you grab a pill of sleeping pills, have a drink of warm milk - in most cases this is enough that it's sweet to fall asleep. If the previous remedy did not help you, and in general for warm milk you have an allergy from the kindergarten, replace it with valerian. In the evening, before going to bed, put in a mug a teaspoon of chopped valerian root, pour boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. After this, strain the infusion, add sugar or honey and drink. For the sake of reliability, the root of valerian can also be put under the pillow - to be sure. Very many people believe that a warm bath will help them fall asleep. In fact, you will achieve the opposite effect. Therefore, before going to bed, limit yourself to a warm shower. But for the feet a hot bath is extremely useful - only 10 minutes and you, most likely, will fall asleep a dream of the baby.

  • Means for increased drowsiness

If you constantly want to sleep, you needbring your body to tone. And it is absolutely not necessary to go to the store for the vaunted power engineer who inspires. You need health, not wings, right? So, go to the shower from the very morning. Yes, not just in the shower, but in contrast - only two three alternations will provide a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Just do not overdo it - increase the contrast gradually, so as not to catch cold. And to overload vessels too to anything - let them get used gradually. Went out of the shower and went to the kitchen? Put the jar of coffee on the far shelf. And even better, generally send it to the trash - coffee will add vivacity for just a couple of hours, and then the state will be even worse. Therefore, the best option for the morning is green tea. Just one cup of tea will energize you at least until dinner. In Soviet times, there was such a beautiful thing, like Elizarov's applicator - a rug, on which plastic spikes were sewn. If you have such a left - consider, you are very lucky - as soon as you feel drowsy, take off your shoes and walk along the spikes for a few minutes. If the applicator is not available, you can replace it with ordinary buckwheat groats - pour it on a rag and take a shower. This effect is explained simply - there is a huge number of active points on the sole. In most cases, sleep disturbances are amenable to correction. But, of course, only if they were identified in a timely manner and immediately started treatment. We wish you sweet, iridescent dreams!