arterial pressure Most of the problems of arterialpressure and its normalization only concern those people who have an obvious excess of the norm, while people with low blood pressure or hypotension often ignore this phenomenon without taking any measures to eliminate it. In fact, low blood pressure is as dangerous as increased blood pressure, although it has more delayed consequences.

What is low pressure and what does it threaten?

Indicators of low blood pressurethe following values ​​are considered: upper, systolic - 90-100, lower, diastolic - 60-70. These indicators indicate that the circulation of blood is weak, which means that all organs and tissues of the body will not receive the necessary oxygen and nutrients, which ultimately leads to a number of symptoms and causes a number of concomitant diseases. As a rule, most people suffering from low blood pressure do not pay proper attention to the symptoms, and the existence of a deviation is recognized quite by chance when measuring blood pressure. As a rule, in young people the symptomatology is not too well expressed, therefore it is difficult for doctors to determine the presence of low blood pressure in a person, while the older people are very concerned about the symptomatology of this ailment, preventing them from living fully. The most common symptoms of low blood pressure are weakness, drowsiness, fatigue, irritability, frequent headaches, sweating of the feet and palms, chest pains, poor heat tolerance, short-term darkness in the eyes and dizziness, aches and pains in the joints that are not Feel only with physical exertion or mechanical compression of the joint, mood changes, aggravation of the condition when the weather conditions change. Symptomatic of low blood pressure also affects the mental state of a person. Hypotonics do not like the crowding of people and queues, strongly irritated, if they get into such situations, they get exhausted even with minimal physical exertion. The most depressing condition is in the morning, when a person after sleep sleeps as low as possible. All these symptoms greatly affect human activity, forcing him to lead a virtually amorphous lifestyle. blood pressure measurement

Ways to solve the problem of low pressure

There are both medicamentous andNon-pharmacological ways to solve the problem associated with low pressure. It is very important to understand that medication treatment has a number of side effects and it is best to use medicines only in emergency cases, when a person feels really bad and needs to quickly raise pressure. Non-pharmacological agents include a variety of ways to improve the condition of a person suffering from low-pressure manifestations. All non-pharmacological agents should be aimed at improving the overall health, improving blood circulation and contributing to saturation of tissues with oxygen. In addition, people suffering from low blood pressure should drink at least 2 liters of pure still water a day, as dehydration in hypotensive often leads to frequent fainting, and in addition, can lead to damage to the tissues of the heart and thickening of the blood. As a non-pharmacological therapy used a variety of folk recipes, diets and a set of exercises aimed at improving blood circulation and increasing cardiac pressure. Such methods of disposal are harmless and can be used at home. For hypotonic home and the means that can be taken without leaving home is the easiest way to health, since even visiting a doctor and crowded places sometimes becomes a serious stress for people with this problem. If a person feels an urgent need to improve the quality of his life, he is unlikely to be allowed to make medicines, as they are correcting some defects, create others, which is extremely undesirable, so it is important to know the safest way how to solve this problem. Some folk remedies allow you to achieve positive dynamics, with absolutely no side effects. treatment of arterial pressure

Folk remedies for increasing pressure

Traditional medicine has been developed a lotrecipes really contributing to increased heart pressure at home, so it is worth considering them first. Very good from low pressure helps tincture from the root of ginseng, which can be cooked at home. To make the tincture, it takes 4 tsp. crushed ginseng root pour 0.5 liters of water. Next, the vessel with the tincture should be placed for 8-10 days in a dark, cool place. It is taken about 30 minutes before breakfast for 1 tsp. Improvement of the state comes quickly, after a week, then you can stop using infusion. An extremely effective means, rapidly increasing the pressure, is the juice of wine grape varieties, and necessarily red. It should be noted immediately that most varieties of such grapes are very acidic, so the juice is the same. Drinking it undiluted is not recommended, since a strong acid will negatively affect the condition of the stomach. Dilute this grape juice as follows: 1 glass of juice is added ½ cup of pure boiled water. The drink will turn out to be a rich red color and with sourness. Add sugar and other flavoring is not recommended. Hypotonics are recommended to drink one glass of diluted juice every morning, but definitely after eating. If a person, in addition to low blood pressure, has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the juice should be diluted 1: 1. Among other things, it is recommended to prepare and drink herbal tea based on hawthorn, mistletoe and leaves of a shepherd's bag. Herbs are taken in equal proportions. Welding is better to prepare in advance, mixing grass in equal proportions. To make herbal tea at home, you will need 2-3 teaspoons of this brewing for 0.5 liters of boiling water. It is best to pour such tea into the thermos and let it brew for several hours. If desired, you can add to this tea a little sugar, honey or raspberry jam to improve the taste. Strangely enough, in order to increase blood pressure, it is recommended from time to time to eat pickled cucumbers and drink brine from them, since the salt obtained in this way helps to retain fluid in the body, which will help to avoid dehydration and lowering of pressure. Proper use of decoctions and infusions known to folk medicine, can significantly improve the quality of life of a person suffering from low blood pressure.

Some useful habits for people suffering from low blood pressure

Many medical devices that allow fastraise blood pressure, are often so effective that they can lead to a state when the pressure becomes higher than normal. This condition is also called hypertension. For people who have low blood pressure, a condition of high blood pressure can cause irreparable harm, so it's worth sticking to some simple rules of behavior and diet to avoid the need for medication. As a rule, it is precisely in the morning that hypotensive patients have strong weakness and drowsiness. In order to get rid of this condition, it is necessary to do exercises, and it is not necessary to perform serious loads. It is good enough to stretch the muscles, performing stretching exercises, carefully stretch, relieving drowsiness and sluggishness. Such exercises not only allow you to quickly raise blood pressure, but also saturate all tissues of organs with oxygen. The morning should not start with coffee, but with a cup of hot herbal or green tea, which not only excellent pressure, but also can not hurt the heart. Among other things, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of fatty and fried foods, including in the diet as much fresh fruit, greens and vegetables. To quickly raise the pressure, it is also recommended to include berries in the diet, including cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, as berries contain a large number of elements that improve the state of the cardiovascular system and stabilize the hematopoietic function. If a person is overweight, he should take care of his decrease, since a large amount of subcutaneous fat interferes with normal blood circulation and reduces pressure. Throughout the day, a person should alternate physical labor with the mental to ensure the normal circulation of the lower limbs, because it has been proven that it is the sedentary lifestyle that contributes to the occurrence of problems with arterial pressure. The combination of folk medicine and the right way of life will help to get rid of the problems associated with low blood pressure and improve the quality of life of a person suffering from this disease.