language of the body What do men think? Oh, girls, how we would like to know the answer to this question! And we know that most often men lie to us consciously or unconsciously, and still believe. Naive! We ourselves, of course, are not sinless, and we often scream with our hearts, without telling the whole truth or desperately hiding it. Only for any person who can read the body language of his counterpart, the true meaning of the words and intentions of the interlocutor will always be clear. Are you surprised? In vain. The movements of a person, his facial expressions and gestures often carry much more information than what he says aloud. Even a person who speaks with little or no emotion will give out his state with body movements and gestures. By the way, sign language is almost universal in respect of the behavior of men and women. The movements of the head and arms are certainly individual, and the set of male and female gestures is very different. However, no matter how different the gestures are, they are similar. So, for example, any prettier woman will begin to correct her hair first. A similar gesture on the part of a man will be the correction of a tie or the shaking of invisible dust grains from the shoulder of a jacket or shirt. So what is sign language and how to understand the language of a person's body? Let's try to figure it out.

What is body language?

When we interact with other people, weWe constantly exchange wordless signals. The body language is as rich as our speech. All our non-verbal signals - our gestures, the position of the body, how fast or loud we speak, how closely we approach the interlocutor - give the attentive observer much more information about us than we can imagine. It's not for nothing that psychology studies the body language so intently. An experienced psychologist, watching the signals of your body, will always be able to understand what is hidden deep inside your soul, even if you remain silent or talk about something else entirely. Want an example? All of us as a child were taught how to properly keep the cutlery in their hands. Nevertheless, each person in his own way holds a knife, fork and spoon when he eats. You can tell a lot about a man, looking at how he holds a fork or spoon in his hand. If someone keeps a fork slightly closer to the middle, then one can say about him - he is a man of broad nature, very sociable and friendly. The same one who holds the device closer to the end of the handle is a very temperamental and in some ways even a tough person. That's right: a person silently eats, but it is worth to throw only one look at his hands - and much becomes clear about him and without words. "Reading" and understanding people on the signals that their body gives is an art that can be useful in life. Well, learning to understand the body language of guys is generally a separate topic. What woman does not want to understand what kind of thoughts are actually hidden in the head of the man talking to her? If women by nature are more expressive and open, then men tend to try to hide their true feelings. body language and body language

How to learn to read sign language?

What do "gestures" of men actually say to us,and how can they learn to read? Body language is, by and large, the language of hidden emotions. To learn to understand the subconscious information of movements, facial expressions and gestures, you just need to carefully monitor the person. Most often, a person does not follow his gestures, and sometimes simply can not control the language of his body movements and facial expressions. No, no, we, of course, try to control ourselves, but it is precisely uncontrolled movements that are able to give out our present mood and state. For example, a person consciously speaking untruth, subconsciously will try to cover his mouth with his hand. And this movement can be veiled and expressed in the periodic touch of the hand to the nose or to the corner of the mouth. And if the person with whom you are talking, thinks that you are telling him lies, he will unconsciously try to shut his ears. Naturally, such movements you will not see, but here's to touch your earlobe or rub your temple interlocutor while it will. In a word, watch how the person behaves during the conversation. Of course, to learn the language of movements, it will take a long time, because this is devoted to whole teaching aids and courses of practical psychology. However, a mini-course that will help you understand the language of movements, hidden emotions and the true intentions of men, you can go right now. In order to read the language of the male body, it is necessary to focus on the smallest gestures and actions that will reveal to us the secret of man's thoughts. You are ready? Then let's begin.

Look at the face

Naturally, during the conversation, we lookthe interlocutor in the eyes. But do not forget that although the eyes and the mirror of the soul, hidden emotions, they will not reflect. Therefore, we look at other parts of the face. What does it mean when his pupils expand? Oh, this is the surest sign that you are provoking interest in him. Moreover, the man, in all probability, is excited. True, we are talking about a situation where a man is not under the influence of any other exciting means besides your beauty. Note that the dilated pupils can be evidence of both sublime and low-pitched emotions. So do not deceive and drown in such eyes-pools. What does it mean if he does not look at your eyes? Here are two options, if a man looks away and directs his gaze to the floor, then most likely he lies to you. Or very much shy of you. If his gaze is directed at you, but periodically "runs away" from the face to the décolletage line, then be sure - the man is experiencing sexual interest in you. What does it mean when he licks his lips? You saw it in cartoons: when a cat is about to pounce on a mouse, it first licks its lips, right? In humans it means about the same thing. When we see something that we really want, we lick our lips in anticipation of the desired. We are slightly nervous if waiting is delayed; salivary glands stop secreting secretions, lips dry up, and we lick them. What does it mean when he raises his eyebrows? The meaning of this gesture depends on how the man raises his eyebrows. Raised eyebrows can mean surprise or skepticism. But if he raised his eyebrows quickly and literally for a second - you were lucky! Especially if these movements of the eyebrows are accompanied by a smile. This indicates that you are very attractive in his eyes. body language and gestures

Look at the body

Rarely, what kind of man will be stiffened by a salt pillarconversation with a woman. Naturally, he will change his posture and make some movements. The position of his body and the movement of his torso during a conversation can also tell a lot about the attitude and condition of a man. What does it mean when he turns in an armchair? He can not sit still and accepts the pose posed? Usually this means that he has something wrong, he wants to stop talking and leave the room. There is another option: a man will do so if he is sexually aroused, and gnarled poses and numerous movements are an elementary attempt to conceal an erection. What does it mean if he swings when he speaks? Psychologists agree: when a man during a conversation swings from the heel to the toe and from the toe to the heel, he is not sure of himself. Or in what he says. These movements seem to console him, imitating the rocking of the baby in the cradle or in the womb of the mother. It is quite another matter if a man talks, rising and swaying on one socks - these movements show that he is happy and even happy. What does it mean when he stands or sits, legs wide apart? This is one of the most important gestures of the language of the male body. Widely spaced legs as if declare: "I am an alpha male!". A man can even think that this kind of his turn you on.

Look at the hands

Hand movements are one of the most eloquentmeans of sign language. It is the movements of the hands that most often betray the man's intentions and reveal the true essence of his emotions. What does it mean if he gestures with his hands? Men who talk, gesticulating and waving their hands, as a rule, are very communicative. The more active the gestures, the wider the movement of the hands, and the more often he makes them, the more he likes you. What does it mean when he passes his fingers through his hair? Birds in the wild smooth and clean their feathers to look better in front of a potential partner. In the language of the human body, this remark has the same meaning. If he slightly tilts his head forward and gently holds his fingers at the roots of his hair, letting the hair between his fingers and combing them as if combing, then such movements signal that the man wants to please you. But if he does this when he hardly sees you, it means that he is nervous about what he looks like. In any case, this is a good sign for you. What does it mean when he strokes his face? Three cheers for such a man! If he is listening to you, touching his face or holding his fingers along the cheeks, it is not to try to impress you. Such movements mean that a man listens to you very carefully and tries to penetrate deeper into the meaning of what you said. This is a good sign that says that a man takes you seriously. What does it mean when he reaches out his hand to you? When a man reaches out his hand to you, he asks for your permission: "I want to be near you, can I?" Here the nuances are important, it is important how he moves the hand, whether he feels vulnerable or self-confident. If the hand is slightly turned with the palm upward, it means that he would like you to take the initiative in bringing together - this is a gesture of obedience and innocence. If the hand is turned with the palm down, then he wants to control what is going on independently. how to understand body language


No, no, we will not consider the techniquekissing, with a pronounced sexual overtones. Consider situations in kisses are not love, but others. What does it mean when he kisses you on the cheek? This is a sign of friendship. A man sees in you, above all, a pleasant interlocutor and a person with whom he is interested in spending time. However, this does not indicate his sexual coldness. If he kisses you on the cheek at the beginning of his acquaintance, then he intends to continue the relationship and even make them more intimate. But gradually. This, we note, a good sign. If a man kisses your hand ... A kiss of the hand can be an element of courtesy and a display of tender feelings. Unfortunately, men who kiss women's hands, now not so much. Therefore, this behavior of a man on his first dates speaks of his special upbringing and the character of the dandy. If you are kissed by a man with whom you have been close for a long time, it is a sign of special tenderness that your man will experience to you - he is just overwhelmed with a lot of tender emotions and tremulous feelings. Believe me, this behavior is worth a lot! Kiss in the temple Akin to a fatherly kiss. Kissing you in the temple man, apart from gentle emotions, feels a sense of responsibility for you, along with a sincere friendly disposition. He loves you and worries for you, and his sense of love perfectly coexists with the need for patronage. What does it mean when he kisses you on the forehead? Psychologists confidently call this gesture a "parent". A man sympathizes with you, he worries about you and is ready to patronize, but ... he sees you only as a friend. Pah, that's what we were afraid of! But, on the other hand, it can mean that he is literally smitten by you, but he does not have the courage to kiss you on the lips. Do not forget that your body also gives out your emotions and feelings. Try to control yourself and not take explicitly defiant poses. Remember that coquetry should be easy. Try not to lie and not to fantasize (your body will still give you away). And even better - be sincere, then your words and silent signs of the body will be completely harmonious. However, for us it is quite natural. But what men talk about is very often very different from what they think or feel. So do not rely solely on words. The movements, gestures and facial expressions of a man open his secret thoughts and feelings much better. Therefore, not what he says, but what he does - really matters! We advise you to read: