striptease for her husband Striptease was invented in order to distract menfrom intelligent thoughts and direct them to important thoughts. (Unknown author) Your husband's birthday is a week later and you've already run through all the stores, choosing a gift? A razor, blades, shaving foam, a funny postcard ... It seems that nothing is forgotten? No, everything is in order: an annual gift set is collected and fully packaged! Stop…. Is it time to present her with such a gift, which he will remember for the rest of his life? No, a false certificate of divorce does not fit here - suddenly a trustworthy kondrashka will suffice right at the jubilee? But to dance alone a terrific striptease for the husband - the idea is not only fresh, but also quite constructive: one must once return romanticism to the relationship! Well, if the idea of ​​a striptease has not only come to your mind, but has already managed to live in it, then it's time to think about a plan of action. What do we want to achieve with our presentation? It's right that your spouse should not have a jaw and he wants you the same way it was on your first date (some on the second date). So, all we need to do is to amaze, to stun, to amaze and ... to excite. As easy as pie!

Stage one: preparatory

Approach the mirror and look at yourselfattentively. If you have a chiseled figure and you work as a teacher of ballroom dances - you're damn lucky, you can not even read this article to the end. Just do it once for your husband what you regularly do on duty at work - dance! Just add to your usual movements a slow stripping. Believe me, you once again with amazement will understand that you were not mistaken with the choice of profession: your man will be in seventh heaven with happiness and will call you there. If the parameters ninety-sixty-ninety - it's not about you, and the last thing you danced in your life - polka-Yanka in the third grade, then read the text thoughtfully and carefully. You may well need the knowledge of what errors it is worth avoiding a beginner stripper of the "plus" size. So, in no case do not shake with fats and folds in the face of his dumbfounded man, otherwise he will have heart trouble (voo-from such a scar!). All your lovely shortcomings can and should be covered with a light cloth, and in the room you should set up gloomy lighting. All these candle mice are invented not so much for romance, as for the sake of the opportunity to hide the chic cellulite on the stomach and hips of unhappy dancers. Did you know that no professional strip bar will allow itself to install top lights during the striptease dance? Otherwise, all customers will flee in horror, like cockroaches. In Soviet times, one remarkable joke was popular, and he touched a failed stripper of one pretty woman. All ladies who did not listen to the advice on the preparatory stage, can get into a similar situation: A wife who returned from a trip abroad, tells her husband: - You know, we were still taken to a striptease to see. A terrible sight! I will show you now. And begins to dance, slowly taking off the old cotton bra .... The husband looked and said: - And indeed, the sight is simply disgusting. Yeah, scared? Not worth it! To protect yourself from being loved by such male rudeness, think carefully about which side your darling will be sitting on, and how the light will fall on your body. If you try hard, then everything that your blessed one will notice is the bends of the dancing body, and not the folds before and after the supposed waist. By the way, it's not necessary to strip naked, it's quite permissible to finish a passionate dance, leaving behind a couple of modest scraps: men even get it! striptease husband

Stage two: how to dance something?

Oh, sorry that the teachers of ballroom dancinghave already flipped through our page, otherwise we could have suggested a couple of movements ... Although it is not necessary to be a first-class dancer, to dance for a husband is a really beautiful, passionate striptease. The main thing is your eyes full of fire and desire! Believe me, any man will prefer to see beside him a undressing woman with slightly awkward movements, but with a passion in her eyes, than a professional ballerina with the look of a tired crow. So, remember how you danced in a retro disco with your friends or at the last corporate party (memories of dancing on the table are especially welcome). Now try to picture something similar, simplifying the movements to a minimum. Happened? That's the same, now add to the dance easy rocking shoulders and hips. Honestly, in this moment there are two small tricks: first, do not turn your shoulders and hips at the same time, or the husband decides not to pour you more; and secondly, try to make sure that the rocking does not turn into a frank wagging - you want to excite your loved one, and do not laugh! It would be quite good to watch a couple of movies or clips with a beautiful striptease and take on a couple of receivers. Although you know, caution should be exercised here: sometimes an excessive initiative punishes the initiator! Once, a young, pretty girl decided to please a loved one with a striptease and decided to repeat the scene from the clip of Jay Lo, where she rolls herself with water. Actually, everything would be fine if, at the most crucial moment, the man, who was stupefied by happiness, did not change the warm water in her glass to freshly brewed tea (well, he is such a caring one, what can I do about it?). In the end, the surprise turned out, but not for him, but for her ...

Step three: change the image

If you are such a bitch, it will be quiteit is superfluous to play in a submissive concubine, rotating hips for the adored master. If modesty is your second "I", then be impudent and seduce your husband, pretending to be a woman of easy virtue. Your spouse is probably used to you for a long time as you are - so try to surprise him and create the illusion of meeting a stranger. Be sure that by playing such a scene, you will light a fire in the loins of the condemned to such an extent that he can not wait for the end of the dance! That's just kink the stick with a change in the image is also not worth it - otherwise your behavior will cause bewilderment and even resentment of the spouse. For example, if your husband is a real Puritan, then do not insult him with his defiant behavior, and a lover of sharp-tempered - on the contrary, full submission and humiliation. In both cases, a man can doubt: did he do the right thing by taking you as his wife, maybe he just revealed your true nature? Relax and improvise, and you will succeed. If the pads are shaking suspiciously, then try to soothe them with a glass of dry wine. Alcohol is one of the most famous, and most importantly, available to us aphrodisiacs. And again, be careful with the amount drunk! You should go too far, and the script striptease will go in a completely different direction: either the spouse will not be impressed by the uneven movement of the woman under the chair, or it will become so good that you decide to do without a striptease at all. As we understand, both options do not suit us, and therefore we will be careful with the insidious drink. And do not forget to pick up music for striptease in advance. If you think that absolutely any "slow" is suitable for these purposes, you are deeply mistaken: sometimes our musical tastes do not coincide with the preferences of men. In a word, if you adore the band "Golden Ring" and the incomparable Stas Mikhailov, then do not rummage in their repertoire if your husband is a fan of Rammstein. Although, on the other hand, heavy "industrial metal" for your erotic dance is also not suitable - a jerky dance for the murderous screams of brave German guys will force your husband to doubt your good health. Choose the "golden mean" - neither ours nor yours, and everything will go smoothly! So try to provide for all the little things so as not to get trapped and give your husband a really terrific gift. Do not forget that your birthday is just around the corner - it's better to dance a striptease and hit it in the heart (and not only!), Than with a sad look at what he is going to give you soon. Do not you want to get another pan instead of a presentation, which you hinted about for so long? We advise you to read: