how to cheer up a friend The mood of a person is a fickle thing. At one point you can enjoy life, soar and have fun, and in the other you can be sad, worried and bored. Of course, when a change in mood occurs too often and dramatically, this may be the reason for going to a therapist. But periodically this can happen to each of us, and friends are not an exception. How do you want them to always have funny faces! This, unfortunately, is impossible; but we will tell you how to cheer up a friend at a difficult moment for him. cheer up a friend

What makes up the mood?

In order to understand how to act inthis or that situation, it is necessary to understand what influences our mood in general. It can be described as the emotional background of our entire life, on which various processes of its kind occur. It determines the general tone of existence, the activity in life spheres depends on it. The reason for the mood is not always realized by the person, but it is always there. What things have a decisive influence?

  • Hormonal spherestrongly depends on the balance of hormones in his body. Serotonin, endorphin, oxytocin, estrogen with testosterone - all these molecules, moving through your blood, create joy and sadness, anxiety and calmness, activity and passivity. If there is something wrong with the hormonal sphere of a person, then he stably starts to experience problems with his own emotional background. For example, with such a thyroid disorder as hypothyroidism, there is a significant decrease in mood - down to depression.
  • Season Psychophysiologists have long proven that inautumn and spring period many people have mood swings, and often they are "stuck" at the negative pole, that is, in sadness. This is due to the lack of sunlight (especially in our latitudes), vitamins, climatic features. There is even such a thing as seasonal depression - about ten percent of people around the world suffer from it.
  • Family situation The family is the rear, on thewhich we always rely on. The climate that reigns in it largely depends on how confident we feel in other spheres of life. Agree, it is very difficult to work, if you on the eve of a strong argument with her husband.
  • Situation at work All the same concerns andprofessional sphere. Work for many of us acts as a source of money and a means of self-realization. Therefore, when we face difficulties on this front, several basic needs are immediately affected: the need for achievements and in comfort. It is very difficult to be kind and affectionate with people when you have a "project" on your work.
  • Physical Activity Sports Activitycontribute to the development of endorphins. If a person is far from sports, as well as from any other physical activity, then chances are that he will most often encounter a feeling of sadness more often than others. In part, this is due to the increased number of depressions among residents of large cities, who lead a largely sedentary lifestyle.
  • Nutrition Regular intake of unhealthy foodsproducts leads to an imbalance of nutrients in the body, which, in turn, inevitably entails various diseases. It's not easy to enjoy life, when you have a stomach ache, the heart "pisses", and the liver sends out signals about its insolvency. Although for many people tasty food is a separate way to cheer yourself up.
  • Communication with other people Whatever they sayintroverts, man is a social being. Experiments "evil" psychologists have shown: if a person is placed in a cell where there is no connection with the outside world, he will very quickly go insane. That is why people who are in some kind of isolation, behave strangely and lose the ability to establish contact with others.
  • Personal problems This factor is not in principlecauses no one to question. I know it's clear that if you are confronted with some kind of life turmoil, you will have a bad mood until you overcome it. It happens that a person in principle has some personal problems that prevent him from living and enjoying life, for example, he is too self-centered or, on the contrary, helpful. Although there is a class of people who feel themselves in a tone, only being in a situation of emergency, but this also says a lot.

how to cheer up a friend correctly

Have fun on your friend

So, all of the above factors affect both theyour mood, and the mood of your friend. If he is sad, then there is a problem on one of these levels. Of course, you can not arrange for a friend of his life and forcibly do good. But something to do completely in your power. First, ask him to talk to you. Men rarely share their experiences with other men and their girls, because they do not want to look weak and unsuccessful. But my friend can be opened. It is possible that your friend will just have to talk out - for men this is sometimes effective, because they all keep in themselves, and this creates additional stress. For someone, it's important that you are just around, listening, understanding it and expressing support and sympathy with all your kind. If it's bad and hard for him, you, too, should be bad and heavy. If he wants to break everything and destroy, then you also have to break everything and destroy. You can take advantage of some kind of shock therapy and abruptly shift the attention of a friend from him to yourself, asking for advice in any matter. But this is all - the conversation of friends in the female understanding of this word. Men talk about problems in order to find their solution. And in this you too can be useful: the woman's view of the situation differs radically from the male, so even if he has already discussed his grief with friends ten times, you will still add something new. Non-standard vision of the situation, female intuition, sensitivity to emotions, wisdom and poise - all these things make us good advisers on a number of issues, especially in matters of the heart. But you will not be full of talk. If you can not help your friend solve the problem, then change his attitude to it. Sometimes this can be done by strengthening the positive aspects of the situation and finding its meaning. For example, after these life tests he will become an even stronger personality. Or, after completing the project, he will receive a lot of money. In any problem there are always resource moments - the main thing to see them. And for this you just need you, because your friend is inside a situation in a very depressed state and simply can not see its pluses. It will be useful for some time to "pull out" it from the melancholy anguish. To do this, you need to take your mind off distress. What is your favorite way of spending time? There you go! You can suggest nightclub, bar, restaurant, game cafe, paintball or laser tag, cinema, yoga classes - in the modern world there are lots of options for every taste and color, how to have fun and distract from sad thoughts at the same time. Your friend will be able to recover and recharge his energy, and in the circle of people this is the easiest thing to do. One trip to the entertainment facility in difficult situations is not enough. Then you can surprise him and offer something he never did before. For example, parachute jump or dance class, hot air ballooning or circus performance - choose something that will shake it sufficiently, but it will not make you turn gray before the time. If suddenly he wants to sit at home and indulge in sad thoughts, you can cheat. Tell him that your tickets are missing. Or that you need his help - it's difficult for a man to refuse a woman in such a situation, no matter how bad it may be. Just do not overdo it - it is possible that now it is exactly the period when he needs to be alone and digest what is happening. But do you have a "positive person" in the environment? This is such a special class of people in the presence of which it is physically impossible to be sad. As there are energy vampires, so there are those who flood their energy with all life around them. They are always active and cheerful, they have a lot of fascinating stories and interesting activities in stock - in general, they do not get bored with them and will not make you sad. Find at least one such person and arrange a joint evening. Pleasure and good mood is guaranteed! It's no secret that the big always consists of small things. Even if a huge black cloud hangs over your friend's life, this is not an excuse to shut yourself up. Try to draw your friend's attention to all the good things he has. If the problem is at work, then the family should be all right. If it's bad there, and there - well, he has wonderful friends. And to fix the result, pamper it with all sorts of nice little things. Treat yourself to a delicious dinner - men just love it! Find some incredibly funny comedy and watch it with him. Buy him some nice and sweet little thing, which he had long dreamed of, but it was not enough to buy everything. Send during the day twenty cheering SMS. If he is alone, send him to an erotic or just a relaxing massage - this will relieve unnecessary stress. Being close at a difficult moment is exactly what friends are for. As a fighting friend, you simply have to cheer up your friend and put a warm shoulder in moments of crisis. In doing so, try to feel when your help is really needed, and when - is unnecessary. And do not forget: when you are sad, your friend will also be close. We advise you to read: