the perfect girl According to some beautiful ladies, all menare the same and women want "only one." What is specifically implied by this, most readers, as we assume, can easily guess on their own. But in fact everything is not so simple and trivial. Men just as zealously want to meet their princess, their ideal of a woman, as a representative of the weaker sex, to find her prince, a real man and the dream of their whole life. The ideal girl ... What does it represent in the opinion of representatives of the strong half of humanity, what qualities distinguish it from all other young ladies and make the man's heart beat faster at one sight? After all, being a perfection in the eyes of your chosen one is a dream of 99.9% of women, at least. We are eager to reassure you, dear readers, and to inform you that there is no reason to panic. The ideals, preferences and perceptions of every person, regardless of gender, age, education and political views, can be directly opposite, which gives us all a huge choice in finding the most suitable candidate for a life partner. Certainly, a certain collective image, a general idea of ​​what it should be, this ideal girl, is laid in men by nature itself. The woman and the man were created by her in such a way as to complement each other, and not to be similar to one another. Therefore, women love masculinity in men, and members of the stronger sex value femininity in us, in all its manifestations. In this article we will try to explain in as much detail that being an ideal girl for any man is not the most difficult, but even quite pleasant.

Attention! Urgently looking for an ideal

So, what qualities should one possess?a woman to see the guys in her own ideal? Physical attractiveness Remember that men perceive most of the information visually. The proverb about what they love with their eyes, has arisen not from an empty place. It's not about the color of hair or eyes, but it's more about the personal preferences of a particular man: someone prefers blond curls, someone has juicy red curls, and someone is crazy about the hair of the black wing. Someone likes miniature, like a statuette, girls, and someone will be delighted with a mouth-watering, like a bun, girls. But all the ideal girls are united by their personal confidence in their own external irresistibility, which has arisen, of course, not from scratch. Ideal girls always manage to find time for fitness classes to be on their toes. Taking a sport for such a girl is as common as washing hands or taking a shower, that is quite a natural state of things. They always take the time to do a manicure and a pedicure, look after the skin and hair, pick up a make-up that can emphasize her personality. True, you should not overdo the stick - a beautiful wrapper without filling can only briefly win the attention of a man, and then he will take care of the further search for his perfection, which will be equally beautiful both inside and outside. Sexuality In the opinion of most men, a woman who knows how to enjoy sex, deserves unlimited love and admiration. Of course, not every man you met on your way of life can appreciate this quality, but for the only one whose ideal you aspire to be, it will be important to know that you enjoy sharing the love bed with him. Few of the representatives of the opposite sex attracts a clamped, complexed person for whom sex is more of a duty or a duty. But the desire to express themselves in sex sensual and passionate woman will be appreciated by a loving partner. The ability to flirt, be moderately flirtatious, be able to again and again seduce your own man - all this creates an aura of sexuality around a woman, attracting her male attention and interest. The main thing, as always, is to avoid excesses: a plaque of vulgarity or debauchery can rather alienate a man or provoke his interest only in a certain sense. The masculinity of Men still fascinates the ability to cook something delicious, create a cosiness in the house and keep it clean. Develop a love of cookery in yourself - and you will not have hanging lights in admiring admirers, one of whom will take all possible actions to be able to achieve your favor. As for comfort and accuracy, it is more pleasant for us to return to a place that we can not only formally call home. That's for the man just as well - he will always be more drawn into the house, where he is waiting for a charming hostess who will take care of feeding her man delicious concoctions, provide him with rest and the presence of fresh shirts in the mornings when he hurries to work. Everyone knows the funny phrase that an ideal girl can do from nothing three things: to cook food, create a beautiful hairstyle and make a grand scandal. As for the last skill, we suggest still be more reserved and express emotions more constructively, but the ability even in austerity to create a culinary masterpiece and make sure that all the homemade were full, deserves great admiration for the strong half of humanity. Mind It should not be understood literally. Few of the men as a confirmation of your mental abilities will require you to show him several diplomas of higher education, a Nobel Prize or some other conceivable and inconceivable awards and medals. In ideal girls, the mind manifests itself in several other ways. In it there is a constant thirst for self-development and it is interesting to talk with her, to discuss and learn something new. At the same time, it is not required to be smarter and more educated than your immediate partner. Well, or you can skillfully hide it, which is also a clear sign of the presence of considerable mental abilities, coupled with tact. Ideal for real girls refuse to linger on the spot, calm down on what has been achieved. They set new goals for themselves, seek new knowledge, develop themselves and involuntarily attract their men to this. At the same time there is no competition between partners, there is no place for rivalry; on the contrary, communicating with each other, they get mutual pleasure from this, there is an exchange of information, knowledge, opinions. Many men argue that the manifestation of the mind in the young lady who liked them added that many points in her favor. Loyalty A man wants to be confident in a woman, as in himself. Ideal girls do not even think about the betrayal of their guys, this is a categorical condition in which men are unanimous. It concerns the physical aspects of the matter to the greatest extent, but sincere loyalty and devotion to the stronger sex in the lady of his heart is also welcomed. Agree, the ideal girl is unlikely to expose the dignity of her elect to the test, commenting on the correctness of his actions or thoughts, and it does not matter whether it happens alone or with witnesses. Even if her point of view is at odds with his opinion, she will always be able to show loyalty towards her man. In the end, what's the difference, who is right? Diplomacy in a relationship is valued more than the ability to insist on one's own. Positivity Which girl has more chances to get the ideal title - the one that frowns forever, gets upset even by trifles and always expects bad news and news, or the one that is always set on positive, finds an occasion to rejoice even trifles, and her smile lights up, it seems the whole space near it? The answer is obvious, is not it? Too often women prefer to be sad about and without it, although common sense advises doing the opposite. After all, men prefer not blondes at all, but girls with any hair color who can perceive life in a positive way and color it in all colors of the rainbow. The ideal girl understands that while she will complain about life, she will pass by, and therefore it is worth learning to see the good and enjoy every moment and event. Moreover, most men think that they must protect and protect the tender sex from all sorts of trouble, but when it turns out that trouble surrounds us from all sides, everyone will be lost, not knowing which of the bottoms to protect first. Trust Men want girls with whom they are in a relationship to trust them, and count on similar actions. Jealousy can disappoint any man, even the most in love. If you are constantly looking for evidence of his infidelity, jealous of him, arrange a debriefing, then be sure that you will not find any understanding on his part. According to the unanimous opinion of men, the ideal and desired girls of this behavior should not be allowed. After all, in the end, a man will tire of excusing himself, explaining himself and dealing with clarifying the attitude, and eventually he will go looking for a girl more fitting in his ideas about the ideal. It is also true that the ideal girl will not experience the trust of her man for strength, provoking in her by his actions jealousy. She takes care of his heartfelt feelings and self-esteem. She does not need evidence of love obtained in this way. She knows how to value the trust that her man gives her, and will not test him for strength, as some short-sighted and imprudent young ladies allow themselves to do. Wisdom We are used to believe that this quality comes to us only with the years. Believe me, this is not always the case. In fact, many women have it fully at an early age. And men, having met in a young lady the presence of this priceless advantage, immediately recognize that such a girl is a true ideal. Wisdom is given to woman by nature itself, just someone starts to use this gift later, and someone earlier. What is the most manifest in the ideal girls? For example, in the fact that such girls understand the value of their relationship with a partner, they can bypass sharp angles in various life situations, and most importantly, gently teach this to their companion. Begin to develop in yourself the wisdom of women as early as possible, so that the title of the ideal girl has been appropriated to you from her youth. Weakness Do all the girls remember that the strength of a woman in her weakness? A girl who allows herself to be naturally weak, defenseless, in the eyes of men is a real ideal, next to which he can feel in reality a defender, a rescuer and a getter. Which man will voluntarily give up these titles, which from time immemorial are laid in him by nature itself? In the modern world, girls too often forget that such qualities in men evoke the desire to protect and cherish the possessor of these virtues. After all, this is how we treat our ideals. Some girls replace one concept with another, and instead of a sweet weakness and defenselessness they demonstrate to the men full infantility, inertia and lack of will. As reality proves, men react to such behavior disapprovingly. After all, they want to see next to each other an adult personality who is able to make decisions and be responsible for their actions, rather than the child to whom they must become a parent. Mysteriousness Men admit that there must be some mystery in the girl claiming the title of ideal. It's about a special charm, when a woman seems to be open to you completely, and at the same time as if escaping from a man, always leaving room for a tiny fraction of the mystery, a small touch of understatement. The charm of such ladies acts on men simply in the most miraculous way, like a real magic potion. Therefore, every woman, in order to approach the ideal, should learn to observe the fine line between openness and an easy veil of mystery. Parenting A girl who knows how to behave in a society, educated and cultured, causes admiration not only in the eyes of a man. Good manners will always find approval, especially among older people. The most remarkable thing is that this quality may not be congenital, but it is so easy to create in oneself! Everything is in our hands, the main thing is to set a task and start acting. Kindness This is probably the simplest thing that can be in a perfect girl. She should be kind to people, to the world, to herself. How do men evaluate this? It's very simple: they listen to how we talk about others, how we talk, talk, what we do and for what. Remember that kindness manifests itself most in small details: are they ready to feed a stray dog, visit an elderly relative, take the products to a sick friend. It is from such trifles that a man composes his holistic image within himself, which at one moment, perhaps even imperceptibly for himself, begins to be considered ideal. the perfect girl what she is

What never happens to an ideal girl

We mentioned the most significant for a girlthe qualities of character in which most people will find you the very perfection. But there are things that are not compatible with the idea of ​​what an ideal girl should be. We are sure that there are no such traits in you, and we will mention them only if you want to have an idea about them:

  • Envy

It is impossible to imagine that a girl who is a real ideal could feel jealous of someone.

  • Coarseness

This concept generally does not fit very much into the concept of femininity, and even about ideality in general it is not conducted.

  • Greed

If everything in the girl says that the priority for her is only the receipt of material wealth, and the soul is the tenth thing, then few want to name her ideal.

  • Arrogance

Men avoid contact with women who suffer from this disease, and bypass such girls. True, we are sure that this has nothing to do with you.

  • Manipulation

Girls by nature are more subtle psychologists thanmen. But if it occurs to them to use such abilities for their own purposes, then such behavior will not lead to anything good. The man eventually guesses that they are skillfully manipulated, and ceases to consider you not only an ideal, but just a decent girl.

  • Vindictiveness

Only in books and movies do men lovebitchy ladies, but in life the situation is quite the opposite: a similar feature repels them. In their head, the image of an ideal girl is simply incompatible with the image of a formidable avenger who at any moment can bring down her righteous sword on them in order to teach a lesson for some (sometimes even insignificant) blunder.

  • Unpredictability

Even though men welcomewomen are mysterious, they clearly understand that, according to his ideas about the ideal, one can count on a girl. She will not behave in a strange way, to put him to a standstill with his behavior, and will not put this himself in an awkward or even embarrassing position. what an ideal girl she is

The most important secret

I would very much like to read this articlehelped each of our readers to understand one important thing: you are that very real ideal girl, you just need to realize this, believe and accept. With one caveat: the ideal is a sufficiently generalized and little achievable value, but one must strive to it all his life, although initially each of us is beautiful by its uniqueness and individuality. It is necessary to develop, as you perfectly understand it, but according to your personality, not against it. You should know yourself better, do not be afraid to look into your heart, analyze your thoughts and feelings, in order to decide which character trait needs development. But this must be done only for the sake of themselves, for their own sake, and not for someone else. Men seek and love women, in which the traits of the mistress, the queen, the mistress and the little girl are harmoniously combined. It is about that representative of the female tribe, who will be able to maintain a balance in all these components, they will readily say that this is exactly the real ideal of a woman. But there is one secret that we will open to you. If a man has fallen in love with you, then in his eyes you are already perfect, everything in you is perfect for him and you do not need to change anything. It is only necessary to allow yourself to remain the same as in the very first minutes of your relationship. This for many years will allow you to keep in his heart love and confidence that in his choice he was not mistaken. Lovely girls, we are sure that now you understand that a girl named Ideal is not a myth, but a real reality. Because that's you. Always remember this when someone tries to deprive you of this certainty. After all, you know perfectly well that in the world there is someone for whom you are the embodiment of impeccability, perfection and ideal in one person. And this is the most important thing! We advise you to read: