life style "Tell me how you live, and I'll tell you who you are," -so it sounds in a somewhat altered form a well-known saying. Life style and personality type are inextricably linked, when one defines the other and vice versa. The existence of the very concept of "life style" is beyond doubt. Undoubtedly, on the one hand, each life is unique and unique, and on the other, one can speak of whole groups of people living in a similar way, which proves the existence of this phenomenon. Here is what the well-known psychologist and creator of his own psychoanalytic concept, Alfred Adler, says about him: "Lifestyle includes a unique combination of traits, behaviors and habits that together determine a unique picture of a person's existence." The scientist also believed that a stable style (image) of life is formed in man by five years. Further in adulthood, it is possible to find new ways of expressing this style, but, by and large, life priorities and perceptions of life itself will depend on it. style of life is

Typology of life styles

Psychologist Adler offers his typologyvariants of life. It is based on two parameters. The first is the degree of interest in people, the desire to contact and cooperate with them. The second is the degree of activity, that is, the amount of energy with which a person overcomes life's difficulties. Based on these parameters, he distinguishes the following life styles. Taker This style is preferred by people who are parasites. They are passive and seek to live at someone else's expense. Their basic need is to take from others as much as possible, without giving anything in return. It would seem that such people are simply dangerous for society. However, due to their passivity, they do not cause others damage that could. Manager This way of life is inherent in selfish people, whose activity is not aimed at the benefit of society and others, but to satisfy only their own needs. They are self-confident and persevering. They consider themselves better than others, and, faced with life's difficulties, often choose criminal ways to overcome them. Avoiding a way of life in which a person tries to avoid the slightest difficulties and is completely given to the will of the waves. One could say that people have this type of interest in others. However, this interest is completely invisible because of their passivity. They do nothing to solve their problems due to the fact that they are afraid of failures and flee from anything that might harm them in any way. Socially useful This way of life can only lead a mature person. It embodies activity aimed at socially useful goals. This person is able to sincerely and openly communicate with other people and take care of them. Accordingly, only he, when building relations, both workers and personal, takes into account the interests of the other and seeks to achieve a mutual good. Another, no less famous psychologist Vladimir Druzhinin describes the life styles a little differently. Its typology is more diverse and applicable for use in everyday life. Life as Creativity For the "creative" person, the past is inaccessible, the future is unclear, there is only the present, which has no value in comparison with eternity. Therefore, he does not notice anything and is indifferent to everything. His own life for such a person takes some abstract forms, depreciates and loses all meaning. Life as an achievement This way of life is led by self-actualizing people who prefer action to inaction. They are also called business people or self made men. The most important is the result. When such a person achieves his goal, then it depreciates, and a new goal is set. He believes in the superiority of his abilities over the abilities of others. Such a person lives exclusively in the future. He is absorbed in his activities and does not notice anything else. Life as a dream If the burden of troubles, problems and worries is impossible for a person, he returns to the serenity of his childhood. He prefers to dream, not act because he lacks strength. Life for man becomes a world of dreams, which is much more intense, more interesting and brighter than real life. Very often, people who prefer this way of life fall into addiction. Life by the rules A way of life in which a person does everything right. His life is subject to the regulations and is filled with various rituals, which greatly simplifies it. However, such people can also become addicted, whose name is perfectionism. In this case, the person is not responsible for the changes in his life - he does not have his opinion and is rid of the problem of choice in advance. Life as a waste of time People choosing this style are completely free in all aspects of external behavior: sampling, games, entertainment and consumption. As a rule, this option is chosen because of boredom and inability to find their place in life. Man, leading a similar way of life is not interested in either the past or the future. Time for him is an infinite present. Life against the lives of these people is distinguished by a poor inner world. As a rule, such a life style is a consequence of a deep psychological trauma. This sad past man carries into the future. He sees hostility in everything and avenges the whole world. For him, the only way to get rid of the trauma is to destroy the world, this is the whole of his life. life styles

Create your own picture of life

All of the above typologies of life have onea significant drawback - they represent a framework in which to enter someone's lifestyle, to call it a style. Of course, this framework helps us to understand the world by simplifying it. But how unpleasant it is when simplification concerns your personality! Therefore, Even having guessed the type of one's way of life described by psychologists, many do not want to put up with the formulations. It is understandable that changing one's attitude towards life, a person is able to change life itself. And if you suddenly think about the usefulness of the chosen lifestyle, try to follow a series of recommendations. The whole life's business Find the cause of your life. It is no accident that many talented people and their profession are told: "This was his calling." Try and you find your vocation - a business, the occupation of which will bring you not only income, but also positive emotions from self-realization and achievement of more and more new goals. A loved one can change, friends can leave, and only your favorite business will always be true to you. Sociability Be aware that a person is a social animal, so make contact with other people. The reclusive way of life still did not bring happiness to anyone. Therefore, reach out to people who are pleasant to you, have fun and communicate with them, try to create something new and positive. In this case, even with the closest you should not forget about the right to personal space, which can be indicated by the appropriate boundaries. Dream Come up with a dream (or better not one). Dreams charge our life with energy, support in difficult periods and deliver incomparable satisfaction with their fulfillment. Many people who have lived happily have said: "I fulfilled my dream." Follow and you are their example. Feeling of reality Periodically freeze and pay attention to life. Do not think about the future and do not hang in the past. Here it is, your life. She is here and now and nowhere else. Try to be in touch with what is happening to you in the present. That is why it is important here and now to surround yourself with beauty, and not postpone it for tomorrow. Do not waste time on self-destruction and self-devastation. Alcohol, drugs, other bad habits - all this is the illusion of happiness. For someone like these dreams become a typical lifestyle, and it's sad, because behind them he does not see a real, genuine world. Novelty of sensations Constantly try to try something new. Very often, people are afraid of any endeavors, because this involves a constant risk: "What if you do not like it?". But who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne. It is not necessary to constantly commit insane acts - most people have enough travel to maintain a sense of novelty. Although small frenzy can bring a lot of good things into your life. Freedom True freedom is freedom from oneself, or rather from feelings of guilt in front of oneself and others. Do not blame yourself for anything. Take responsibility for your words and actions, but do not get angry. A way of life based on a sense of guilt destroys a person, and from him there is no profit. Very often it occurs when a person "hangs" on himself someone's mythical debts. Listen carefully to yourself and on the phrase "I must" stop to take an informed and motivated decision. How to create your life style, following these recommendations? Use them as a basis. And let the superstructure become manifestations of your own individuality: habits, traits and favorite things. It is from this intricate designer that life turns out, and only in your power to make it as saturated and interesting as possible.