how to calm down "Aaaahh, I'm about to explode !!!"- Do you know this condition? Surely, many will answer in the affirmative and agree that the only question that excites you in such an uneasy moment in an emotional plan is how to calm down. Indeed, there are situations when it is impossible to throw out one's own anger, irritation or aggression by banging the fist on the table. For example, at work or at lectures, with all honest people, it is unacceptable to do so, so as not to have unpleasant consequences. Yes, and scream at your own kid, even if he just painted on the wallpaper the sun with your lipstick from Dior, too, is not worth it. And to slam the door and make obscenities to the address of a loved one who was late for a date, forgot to call back, or inadvertently compared you to a former passion - this is generally a sign of bad taste for a girl from a decent society. And what can be done in this case? The answer is one: you need to show miracles of self-control, instantly calm down and relax. By the way, scientists are still arguing about how best to behave if emotions cover, as they say, with their heads. One part of experts argues that the negative must necessarily be thrown out by shouting, mechanical effort or something else. So you will quickly free your brain from unnecessary emotions and direct its work into a constructive channel. Other psychologists insist on self-control and talk about the need to use various techniques and techniques of self-complacency, so as not to waste valuable nerve cells. Of course, sometimes it is useful to go to a deserted place and just loudly scream, relieving nervous tension. But what if there is no such possibility, and there is still a whole day ahead with all its troubles, anxieties and a lot of problems? How to calm down and not be nervous? What will help in the shortest possible time to regain self-control over the raging emotions and allow them to continue their work, study, communication with children without further loss and so on? This article is devoted to these issues, as it will deal with effective and quick ways of complacency. And even if friends and acquaintances with a smile are accustomed to perceive all your violent reactions, and incontinence is softly called eccentricity, many tips can be successfully applied in various life situations, practicing dominion over your own reactions to irritating factors. Excess these techniques will not be exact. how to calm down and not be nervous

Step One: Calm the body

The answer to the question of how quickly to calm down,is hidden in your body. Your inner essence and outer shell are interrelated and interdependent. Any of your emotions, including anxiety, anger, and fear, are manifested in bodily reactions, for example, in facial expressions, gestures. Therefore, if you need to calm your mind, calm the body first. Begin with breathing, because it determines your life rhythm and self-awareness. This process allows the blood to receive oxygen, and on how much it is productive, the work of the heart and other organs depends. Concentrate on how you breathe. It is not necessary to do this very slowly, especially since in a state of extreme irritation, you will not succeed at once. You can breathe in your usual rhythm, the main secret is to watch how the air enters your nose, passes through the trachea, gets into the lungs and back. First, you will digress from the fact that you are excited, and secondly, the rhythm of breathing will slow anyway. And in half a minute you can feel comfort. It will also help if at every breath you become a little breathless - for a short while, for four seconds. You need to do this about twenty to thirty times. The exhalation should be as long as possible - for this, gain more air. In general, concentrate and "play" with your breath, come up with your own exercises, because it can be both soothing and interesting. Perhaps you will invent your own technique of how to calm down and not be nervous. But breathing is not the only way of self-control for an agitated person. There are also muscles, through which, in fact, all negative energy is derived from the body. The simplest thing that you can do is to strain and relax the muscles of the legs and hands. If you get very angry, try squeezing your fists. Only to perform this action is necessary with all the force, as if you are an angry mongoose, ready for a jump. Then negative energy really starts to be excreted from the body. In the case of anger (which we usually feel when we ask ourselves how quickly to calm down), strikes will help to throw it out of the body. Yes, yes, simple strokes of hands, closed in a fist, better on any soft surface. Why not cut into the wall? Well, we are with you - women, yet our gentle hands and feet should be protected. And the abrasions on the knuckles of the fingers are not the best decoration, and besides, it's very painful. So think about what angered you, and put all your anger into the blow, and at the moment of contact with the surface, for example, a pillow, she will go there. If you are an emotional person and you often have to look for ways that calm the nervous system, hang an ordinary boxing pear at home. As soon as you feel that "boil", then, instead of tearing vocal cords, take out the negative on this sporting equipment. So you can not only quickly calm down, but also spend extra calories. And nerves are good, and the figure is in order. If you are faced with the task of gaining self-control before a responsible performance or examination, then the exercise called "Unscrew and throw out!" Will help you. You need to take a rough towel (necessarily dry!) ​​And twist it, simulating wringing wet clothes. Do this with the maximum tension of all muscles. Feeling tired, sharply release your hands and drop the towel. If you have done everything right, you will instantly feel the complete relaxation of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, the nervous tremor will go away, and your condition will noticeably improve. Of the simpler ways of appeasing you can note ... What do you think? Cooling in its literal sense. Eat cold ice cream, drink a glass of cool soda or juice, go out into the cold or dip into the water. All these ways are old as the world, but they work, not only with people, but with animals (that's how they separate a cat's fight - a bucket of cool water). "Cool!" - so often they say a quick-tempered interlocutor. Now you know how to do it literally. There is another "wet" method to cope with yourself. If you are at work and feel that you stop controlling emotions, then you need to make a kind of relaxation procedure. To do this, go to the bathroom, remove the blouse and put cold water into the sink. Wet your hands under the stream and slowly put them on the back of your head. After a few seconds, start making soft rubbing of the neck and shoulder area, gradually increase the strength of the movements, and then reduce it. Complete the express massage with gentle caressing touches to your skin and rinse the indicated areas of the body with cold water. how quickly to calm down

Step two: calm the mind

Unfortunately, there is not always a suitablethe ability to calm down with your own body. This is affected by employment or being under the gaze of other people. And, as luck would have it, it is in such situations that there is often the strongest need for self-mastery. But there is a way out. It is to work with your mind. How quickly to calm down and keep your nerves through activation of mental reserves? One of the most effective techniques is visualization, that is, a mental representation of soothing pictures. After all, it is sight that allows a person to receive a huge amount of information about the world around him. With this task, the types of streams of water and reservoirs, beautiful landscapes, images of space perfectly cope. Try to imagine a picture that calms you, well, if there are white and other light colors (they relax). Look at all the details, try to hear everything as much as possible and feel it. Ideal is a combination of visualization with respiratory gymnastics, try to let in the white light along with the breaths. According to scientists, the most soothing effect on the nervous system is an image that simultaneously contains water and white color. Quickly reach balance after an unpleasant conversation or event will help you reception called "Virtual Shower". Take a comfortable position, you can lie down sitting, relax the body, try to breathe deeply and evenly. Now close your eyes and imagine a white water that looks like a stream of milk. Try to feel how it touches your top, refreshes the cool face, drains over the shoulders and chest, and then flows all over the body to the feet. Try to catch this feeling and stay in it for about thirty seconds. And now imagine how white water drains into the funnel, taking with it the cause of your stress or an unpleasant situation. In conclusion, you need to take a deep breath, and you can open your eyes. A good way to deal with nerves is to focus on yourself. Do you remember that you are the most charming and attractive? So, when someone tries to make you angry, upset or make an insulting speech, try to mentally disconnect from it and concentrate on your inner world and sensations. Disengage from everything external, for a quick effect you can use the above visualization. It's like meditation: you need to learn to go into yourself in the most restless places and situations, and then it will be easy for you to maintain inner harmony everywhere and always. There is another amusing device, acting soothingly. It's called "And I'm funny!". To use it, try to think about something incredible, paradoxical or very fun. For example, a monkey in a tuxedo dancing a twist. Or something in this spirit. You can even prepare in advance by drawing a couple of funny pictures on cards and carrying them with you. When something happens that takes you out of yourself, you will be armed and easily be able to overcome any negative state. As another effective method that allows not to lose self-control, psychologists recommend a method called "Minus to Plus." As soon as you start to "choke" your anger, imagine something very pleasant, for example, a vacation in warm countries, a recently seen interesting film, the nearest day off, after all. If you have a dog, think about how she meets you in the evening and licks her wet tongue, whimpering with joy. If a furry cat is waiting for you at home, imagine how you bury your fingers in its soft fur and scratch it under the happy rumbling of the pet. Everyone knows a fairly common way, which is advised to use psychologists mums naughty kids. All that needs to be done in case a child gets you out of himself is to count to ten. But often such a simple action is not enough. However, if you combine it with the visualization described above, you will still be able to calm down. So do not just count, and mentally imagine each figure as it appears, and then disappears. This method will allow you to restrain anger and not to succumb to the desire to throw out all the negative on others. All the above-described rapid methods of how to regain self-control in stressful situations can be supplemented with exercises designed to maintain self-control always and everywhere. This is a kind of training of emotional reactions, allowing you not to lose self-control in the most unpredictable situations. As is known, very often people try to use formulas of autosuggestion like "I am calm" and "I do not care about anything". However, you should not forget that these affirmations and similar installations do not work as emergency aids. They need to be pronounced every day for several times for a long time, then you really will feel the effect of their application. And the question of how to stay calm and not be nervous, will disappear by itself. We advise you to read: