how to find out whether your boyfriend likes you How do you know if a guy loves you, or is he justdecided to just have a good time? Ironically, but usually the girls can not understand how deep the feelings are for them a man. It seems to the female sex that he sees the representatives of the stronger sex through and through. Of course, in some questions, it is so. But as for the male love, here the young ladies are often blind and do not even notice the most obvious signs of it. A girl can be convinced that a guy treats her in a friendly way even when it was clear to others that she had turned his head. And there are so many signs that you will not notice them, it seems impossible. The behavior of a lover becomes unusual, often even provocative. It catches your eye, but the young lady does not notice anything and does not understand. And tormented by the question: "How do I know if I like him?" In love stories, often strong and courageous characters take the bull by the horns and openly declare to their chosen one that they can not live without it. But it's in novels. And in reality, even the poorest men quite rarely decide on such actions, struggling to hide their feelings from a beloved woman. How can she understand that a young man is in love, and not miss the chance to be happy?

The difference between a man in love with Lovelace

Various women's magazines claim,how to find out whether a guy loves you, is solved quite simply. Like, a man not indifferent to a woman often looks at her, pulls her belt, twists the wrist watch, smoothes her hair ... In a word, she gives all the non-verbal signs of sympathy. Well, our men send such signals to all attractive women. And, if in our presence one of them is tormented by a belt or a bracelet from a watch, it is not necessary to make unequivocal conclusions at once. Maybe the young man just chooses a girl for one evening. To avoid disappointment, she should learn to distinguish the behavior of a lover from the behavior of the Lovelace-fly-by-night. What are the differences?

  • If a man is testing to a woman fairlystrong feelings, he tries to become her friend. Lovelace does not need it. Why waste time and energy on friendship with one girl when there are many others? When a guy is in love, he does not regret either, but, on the contrary, aspire to be as close as possible to his chosen one. This "ostensibly friend" will, at every opportunity, help her, support her in difficult moments, rejoice in her successes ... At the same time he can not say a word about his love;
  • According to the behavior of the enamored guys it is noticeable that theyconstantly looking for a meeting with his beloved. A lover can stand by her entrance for hours, seemingly accidentally appear at the young lady on the way, suddenly get carried away by the same things she is fond of, become a frequent visitor in the house of her friends. Lovelace to re-meet with the girl does not particularly seek. He is busy, mainly, himself, and does not intend to change his own way of life for someone. This seducer can today very gambly take care of the young lady, and tomorrow and not remember about its existence. In the behavior of a loving man, such forgetfulness is not present. He wants to see his beloved, communicate with her, be aware of her interests and aspirations. Therefore, he tries to be where she is;
  • A lover for the sake of a lady's heart does whatit is unusual for him. He can patiently wait for her near the beauty salon, postpone important matters in order to fulfill the insignificant request of the girl, get acquainted for her with someone who is antipathetic to him, do not very pleasant things, and so on. Lovelace usually comes only to please himself and has little interest in whether the woman is comfortable with this. A man who loves this question cares more than the issue of his own convenience. And he tries to do what a woman likes;
  • When a man is in love, he is usually in the presence ofthe beloved becomes uncomfortable and shy or, on the contrary, sharp, sarcastic, even hamovatym. Friendly, sociable and adequate, he suddenly begins to behave aggressively or sullenly silent, trying not to notice. A clever woman may look foolish, a merry fellow - a gloomy pessimist, always self-assured person - hesitant and confused. This is the normal behavior of a boyfriend in love. If we are for the man - something more than the object of satisfaction of ambitions, (as for Lovelace), his behavior will necessarily change in our presence. Lovelacees can also behave differently in the presence of a pretty woman, but all their actions will be directed at her seduction;
  • A man in love is often in front of herbegins to boil, boast of his achievements, invent, ruffle, heroic. He really wants to impress the young lady's imagination in any way, so the young man's fantasies and deeds can be completely reckless and contradictory. Lovelace always acts rationally, thoughtfully and logically. Their lies are persuasive, actions are consistent, manners are courteous and gallant.
  • Well, here, perhaps, and all the main differencesbehavior of loving guys from the behavior of men in whose heart there is no love. They are easy to see if the girl wants to. She only needs to be a little more attentive to the one who is near. Young people who are not indifferent to young ladies are peculiar and stand out from the general mass. Stand out from it and skillful seducers, but the difference is that they are not capable of recklessness. Loving men are often extravagant and can throw anything away. how do I know if my boyfriend loves me

    The acts of enamored men

    We have already said that the behavior of loversguys often resembles the behavior of a slightly shifted person. They can always forget about something, lose something, do not remember what day and year, loudly sing at work, jog, smile for no reason and so on. Lovers do not spare money for their loved ones, write poetry for them, commit acts that are not natural to their nature, brave themselves, are jealous, scandalous and take offense for no reason. Gestures views the behavior of a boyfriend in love - everything distinguishes him from others. Love can change a person beyond recognition, and in the power of a girl to make these changes positive. This great feeling can destroy and create. What will be its result, depends only on us, women. Without noticing the love of a man, we can forever destroy in him the belief in happiness. Responding to her, make happy. So let's be more attentive, and good luck in family life will not bypass us! After all, if we ask ourselves the question: "How do I know if my boyfriend loves me?", Then he is the person with whom I want to connect my destiny. We advise you to read: