kefir diet Kefir. A lot has already been written about the benefits of this sour-milk product. Dietitians tirelessly sing praises and recommend to use it as a preventive and therapeutic agent. The composition of this drink includes a huge amount of vitamins and various useful minerals. It rejuvenates the body, increases immunity, improves the condition of the hair, skin and nails, struggles with sleep disorders, fatigue and nervous disorders, allows to normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. And for those who want to lose a few extra kilograms per month - kefir is just a godsend! Many women believe that kefir diet is exactly the recipe that will help to cope with all the problems. It was fashionable to sit on it. However, they are not so far from the truth. Maybe that's why there are so many different diets, the main component of which is kefir. If you like this healthy drink and at the same time want to lose weight in a month, then, most likely, you can easily find the right variant of a diet for yourself. However, before you start your plan, do not forget to consult a doctor. Despite the benefits of the product, this diet - however, like any other - has its contraindications. For example, it is not recommended to sit on this diet to people with high acidity or to those who suffer from gastritis. And this is not all restrictions. In addition, most variants of kefir diet are quite tough and, as a result, are not suitable for everyone. Moreover, even a healthy person should not be too keen on kefir. The recipe is simple - as they said back in ancient times: "In a drop - medicine, in a spoon - poison!". Of course, in this case we are not talking about a drop, but, nevertheless, it is not worth overdoing. Doctors believe that the maximum allowed is one and a half liters of drink per day. That is a maximum of 45 liters per month. All the rest will go to the detriment.

Lyrical digression

And do you know how kefir appeared in Russia? All because of the woman! Do not believe? History - more precisely, the legend - is very romantic. It seems that many people have heard that the native land of kefir is the North Caucasus. Approximately 100 years ago it was discovered that mountaineers with a special white grains make a delicious sour milk drink that has a mass of medicinal properties. Several attempts have been made to obtain this miracle-leaven. Forays into the "enemy camp" lasted more than one month, but - to no avail. Residents of those places carefully protected the recipe from prying eyes. He assured me that Mohammed gave them these grains, telling them to keep a secret in the strictest secrecy. According to the unwritten laws of the Caucasus, kefir leaven was strictly forbidden to give, sell or exchange. A violent punishment was awaited for violators. And so, in 1908, another attempt was made to solve the riddle of kefir fungi. As part of the expedition went to the Caucasus and Irina Sakharova - a young Russian technologist. When this story happened, the expedition lasted a month. The charming prince saw a local prince, who was engaged in the production of yogurt. Fell in love, he did not hesitate, took and stole the object of his passion. However, in the Caucasus this was considered quite normal. However, the girl had a different opinion on this and flatly refused to respond to the ardent highlander. In the end, the government of Russia had to intervene in the love story. And although at that time the concept of "kidnapping" has not yet gained its current popularity, the prince's actions have not been approved. He faced a decent prison sentence. The resourceful girl put forward her own conditions - the Caucasian opens her a recipe for kefir leaven and lets her go home, and she will remove all charges against him for that. What did the unfortunate mountaineer have to do? In prison, I did not want to sit ... The terms of the agreement were fulfilled. So, thanks to a woman, uncovered one of the strictly guarded secrets, and in Russia appeared the first kefir fungi. However, there seems to be enough lyrics. Let's return to the main topic of the conversation. kefir diet for weight loss

About the combination of products

In order for the kefir diet to bringlong-awaited effect and did not harm the body, it is necessary to remember the right combination of products included in its menu. The fact is that like any other dairy product, kefir is not combined with everything. That is why, sometimes meeting suggestions to just add kefir to your usual diet - for example, to use only this product after five in the evening - can be called a diet only with a very great stretch. For example, yogurt does not go well with bananas and grapes. That is why, as a rule, a kefir fruit diet does not imply the use of these fruits. But apples - especially green ones - are very suitable. A little easier is the "relationship" of kefir and vegetables. There are practically no exceptions. Very well interacts this drink with chicken and fish. Well, after this is sorted out a little, it's time to move on to the most important - the menu of kefir diet. Since there are a lot of diets, then, of course, the menu will also vary. However, there is a general rule - you can not sit on a kefir diet more than once a month. Let's start in order.


"Mono" means "one". The recipe is very simple - as the name implies, this diet implies the consumption of only kefir. And nothing else. During the day, it is recommended to drink from one to one and a half liters of a drink. What should I look for? The fact that the usual hours of eating should not be violated. The body, as before, should receive "fuel" at least three times a day. Just instead of the usual diet at this time you will drink yogurt. If you feel that you are very hungry, enter another, for example, a mid-morning snack. It, naturally, should also consist of kefir. This diet, perhaps the most stringent, but also the most effective. You can not sit on it for more than three days. And then, carefully monitoring their own well-being. By the way, it is during this period that the most active weight loss occurs. Then there may come a so-called "plateau" - when the weight ceases to leave. Quite often there is a question - will it be a violation if, during a mono-diet, you give yourself a little indulgence and eat, for example, an apple. Unfortunately, in this variant this is considered to be unacceptable. The only thing that can vary the menu - green tea and mineral water without gas. They can be used whenever you want and in any quantities. The fact is that solid and liquid food is not assimilated in the same way. Monodiet is designed for the fact that the body will spend its energy only on burning calories, rather than digesting other foods. Then the results will be much better. By the way, this kefir diet is very effective for losing weight one of the most problematic female zones - the stomach. Repeat the course should not be more than once a month.

Lose weight in winter

Winter kefir diet is also not the mosteasy option. Therefore, it is also designed for three days. You can sit on it no more than once a month. Although, in comparison with the mono-diet, the winter kefir diet is a complete pleasure and simply a "feast of the stomach". In general, as always - everything is known in comparison. As a rule, this variant of the diet brings very good results. But the exact amount of weight loss is directly related to the characteristics of your body. So, the recipe:

  • Breakfast. Sauerkraut. If desired, you can fill it with a drop of olive oil. Omelet. Coffee with milk, but without sugar.
  • Snack. A glass of yogurt.
  • Dinner. At first - mushroom soup. On the second - meat, stew with cabbage.
  • Lunch. A glass of yogurt.
  • Dinner. Tea without sugar. Baked potato. Fish fried in vegetable oil. An hour before sleeping - a glass of kefir.

Lose Weight in Summer

Why in the summer? Yes, because summer is the best time, in order to eat plenty of fruit. A kefir fruit diet is very conducive to this. Sit on it - if, of course, survive - can not more than six days. The recipe is simple, like all ingenious - in a day you can eat up to one kilogram of fruit and drink no more than one and a half liters of kefir. However, fans of bananas and grapes are disappointed - they can not be. As you remember, these fruits are not "friends" with yogurt. If in six days the fruits are really too tired, then you can replace them with vegetables. Raw or stewed. Then it will already turn out kefir vegetable diet. However, this is not a violation. The results will please - you can lose from two to four kilograms. Quite good, will not you agree? To repeat more often than once a month, such a diet is not recommended. However, some nutritionists are advised to do this much less often - every two to three months. kefir diet results

We lose weight in five days

The five-day kefir diet has its own peculiarity- there must be a strict schedule. Every two hours. Therefore, it will be quite difficult for working women to sit on it. However, all the products included in the menu and the recipe for their preparation are fairly simple. So, in extreme cases, everything can be prepared in advance and taken to the office.

  • The first reception of "food" - at 7:00. A cup of unsweetened tea.
  • 9:00. Rub two small carrots on a grater and season with olive oil.
  • 11:00. Boiled chicken breast or lean beef. 200 grams.
  • 13:00. One green apple.
  • 15:00 Chicken egg, hard boiled.
  • 17:00. Again a green apple. One.
  • 19:00. Prunes. Ten pieces.
  • 21:00. A glass of yogurt.

The five-day kefir diet is quite effective- with strict adherence to diet, it will help you get rid of five extra pounds. Especially good is the fat from the abdomen. But you should not abuse it anyway. Not more than once a month! And better - less often. After all, the main thing is not to hurt your health.

Scientific diet

Kefir diet of the Institute of Nutrition, perhaps the mostpleasant. It was developed by professional dietitians. And despite the fact that it lasts for almost a month - more precisely, 21 days - it's comfortable enough to sit on it. The recipe is very simple - you choose products and make the menu, guided by a few simple rules. The main one is the maximum reduction in caloric content of products. It is necessary to completely exclude such delicious, but harmful things like potatoes, pastries, sugar and bread. 50% of all fats should be fats of vegetable origin. Fish and meat are low-fat. Salt - no more than five grams a day. Salt the food should be already in the plate. Cottage cheese and other dairy products are fat-free. Vegetables and fruits - only those that do not contain starch. True, in unlimited quantities. So it's easy to sit on this diet - you will not be threatened with hungry faints. And, of course, kefir. One liter a day. The remaining liquid - up to 500 ml - should enter the body with food. Eat should be 5-6 times a day, at pre-set hours. At observance of all rules of a delivery this kefir diet will help for a month "to dump" up to ten kgs.

How to get out of the diet correctly

Almost all short diets have one verygreat flaw. You quickly get the desired result, but, unfortunately, all the "lost" kilograms very quickly come back. Kefir diet is no exception. How can this be avoided? The recipe is simple - when you leave the kefir diet, do not rush and immediately attack any "goodies". You need to go out smoothly and gradually. During that time, while you were observing a diet, your body managed to get used to small portions, and the stomach shrank and decreased in size. Do not immediately overload it with fatty, sweet and high-calorie foods. Secure the result, for example, after sitting next week on rice or oatmeal. Do not forget also about vegetables and fruits - they are very necessary after your limitations to your body. After all, it is from these products that he gets the most vitamins and useful elements. Only with this approach you will be able to keep what has been achieved and enjoy the results for more than one month. As you can see, any kefir diet for weight loss is a simple and quick way to get rid of excess, annoying kilograms. The main thing is to choose the kind that will suit you personally. And for this you need to understand how long you are ready to diet, and what combinations of products most closely correspond to your taste. Thanks to the young technologist Irina Sakharova - if, of course, the legend does not lie! - we got the opportunity not only to know the taste of kefir, but also to use this drink "for personal purposes." After all, what can be more attractive than getting rid of extra pounds in one month! So - long live yogurt! We advise you to read: