behavior of a man in love To recognize a man in love, one shouldturn to the practical psychology of non-verbal communication, which implies gestures, facial expressions, postures, etc. Know the gestures of a man in love is necessary if doubts arise in the sincerity of a declaration of love or when there is a suspicion that he is in love but does not take any active steps. Considering that non-verbal communication is unconscious and it is not easy to control it, it is almost impossible to conceal non-verbal manifestations of falling in love. Knowing non-verbal signs of falling in love will help a woman to properly build her behavior or even fall in love with a man in herself even more. basic gestures of a man in love

The main gestures of a man in love

The first gesture that betrays the feelings of a guy istouching your hair while communicating. A man can ruffle or stroke his hair. He does it at ease, neatly and gently. This gesture is connected with the fact that the hair is associated with the sexuality of a person (it's not for nothing that the nuns and women of some nations walk with their heads covered). Accordingly, touching the hair and head, he emphasizes his attractiveness and eroticism. If a guy touches and adjusts clothes, watches, tie, buttons, and also other items and accessories, then on the one hand, he worries what is characteristic of a man in love, on the other hand, worries about the appearance and subconsciously tries to put himself in order to be neat and like the girl. The desire to please also symbolizes increased attention to its reflection in the mirror, drawing in the belly, aligning the posture. A man tries to seem taller, stronger, slimmer and more attractive. Non-verbal gestures of a guy in love are mostly connected with primitive instincts and have a sexual background. They are attracted to a woman - the object of adoration, so they subconsciously try to draw her attention to their "male dignity". This manifests itself in widely spaced legs, both standing and sitting. Often you can see that a young man puts his fingers in the pockets of his trousers, belt, belt or just concentrates his hands in this area of ​​his body in the presence of the lady he liked. manifestation of feelings in the behavior of men

Manifestations of feelings in the behavior of men

If the guy copies the girl's behavior, positionher body, hands, feet and head, then such gestures also signify love or, at least, sincere interest. Lifting the eyebrows and tilting the head toward the lady speaks of the desire to continue communication. An indirect sign of falling in love are manipulations and gestures of a man with objects resembling the roundness of women (any round objects). A married man can twist a ring, as if trying to remove it. Another manifestation of feelings is the violation of personal space. The guy tries to approach as close as possible to the girl, accidentally touching her or her things. To other nonverbal signs of the enamored man it is possible to carry the dilated pupils at a sight at favorite. This is due to the influx of adrenaline and increasing excitement. For the state of being in love, embarrassment and shyness are characteristic, so some can have reddening of the cheeks or even the entire face. A man in love never misses a chance to look at his lover more attentively. Thus, a closer look indicates that the man is genuinely interested. Each of these gestures and signs of masculine behavior does not mean that he is not indifferent. However, if the listed gestures are present in the majority and in the aggregate, then it is not necessary to doubt that these are the gestures of a man in love.