psychology of men Our relations with a strong gender are very oftencomplex and tense. Even living side by side with your spouse for decades, we do not always know how to understand male psychology and predict the actions of the faithful in this or that case. It would seem that this is nonsense. After all, to study the psychology of men is not so difficult! His life is built on three whales: a woman, work, hobbies. It is with them that the whole psychology of men is connected! So we think presumptively assuming that, being aware of the preferences of our traveler of life, we can quite easily manipulate them. However, it is not. Male psychology for women is the same dark forest as female psychology for men. And that's why every sex needs to know what language the "enemy" says. The psychology of men is such that they just look so self-assured, assertive and unshakable. Sometimes it seems that they were called a strong gender only because of physical superiority. They are so vulnerable, gentle and vulnerable sometimes! And if you think about how powerful women can be ... And this power is often simply incomparable. Yes, it is she, the power of female love, feminine wisdom and even cunning. If only we want, we can manage the feelings of a man, tightly tie him to himself, deprive him of rest and sleep. To do this, you only need to know some of the most important secrets of male psychology.

Thin men's organization

Yes, yes, this is not a typo. It is the strong sex that is the proud owner of such a thin and vulnerable soul. These are the very first and basic secrets of male psychology. They are creatures, which should be treated very carefully. Forget the fairy tales in which you read about impenetrable knights and persistent princes. In real life, this is not so. Relations with a man - a thin crystal. This, of course, does not mean that you have to shake them, like a precious vase, God forbid. But, showing sensitivity, understanding, respect and at the same time doing it tactfully and unobtrusively, you will be able to touch these deepest strings of the male soul. A soul that, just like yours, needs understanding and support. A man also wants to be loved - remember this. The genius can be called the woman who will one day be able to say: "Everything, I understand! Men are not a strong sex, no. They are the weaker sex, this is a big mistake in the definition! "Of course, the statement is loud, but in it the main essence is hidden, this is the basis of the psychology of men. Once you understand this essence, you will gain that invisible force and incredible attraction for people of the opposite sex. This essence lies in the fact that each woman has a special internal force, which can be awakened only with one understanding of it. We do not want to say that women are stronger than men, there is inappropriate competition, just our strength in different things ... Understanding this lies at the heart of the answer to the question of what the essence of the psychology of men is. If you understand and believe that a woman is a boundless and omnipotent ocean, where rivers flow into; that a woman is a universe that gives life; that a woman is a source of pleasure and comfort for a man - you realize how much your beloved needs you. And having realized, you will gain even greater strength and knowledge of the peculiarities of male psychology.

Features of male psychology

Male psychology is such that they love the eyes,- this, of course, is an indisputable fact. Who does not like it when there is a beautiful woman next door, which causes admiring glances of other men? Besides the fact that it is incredibly nice for a man, it raises him not only in his own, but also in the eyes of colleagues, friends and just passers-by. But even here there is a secret to success for men! Beauty is a loose concept, very stretchable. And the tastes of men are different. To adjust to the parameters of models or to conduct a survey among men is stupid and inefficient. Psychology of men is such that each of them has its own type, subconscious or conscious. In general, a beautiful woman is one who feels that way. Because it extends around itself the fluids of attraction. And therefore, since she was born a woman, we will take care of ourselves, develop femininity, work on our image and style. For some reason we are convinced that the secrets of seduction, like the psychology of men, are quite simple. It is worth them to see long legs, thin waist, large breasts - and they immediately lose their head. Therefore, we exhaust ourselves with debilitating diets, change the shape of the breast to the detriment of our own health, spend a lot of money to attend fitness clubs and salons and so on, and so on. Meanwhile, American psychologists have found that men are not so much the quantities as the proportions of the figure. And half (!) Of men does not pay attention to such a factor as weight. Therefore, it is enough simply to maintain the figure and monitor its tightness, performing simple physical exercises or doing the necessary procedures. Fortunately, modern opportunities contribute to this as well as possible! It is reasonable to avoid excesses. Aggressive makeup in the style of "vamp" and very long sharp nails - this is already an amateur. In order to know exactly how to conquer the heart of a man, such subtleties should be found tactfully during a conversation with him. And it should be done before the cardinal change of its image. Male psychology admits less desperate experiments with the female appearance: men like diversity, and the novelty only spurs their interest in women. male psychology

Sex secrets for women

Female sexuality is very important, if notone of the main factors of the attractiveness of a woman in the eyes of a partner. And the most interesting is that the psychology of the behavior of a man in this matter has not changed for many hundreds of years! For them there are no non-sexual women! But among us there are those who have not yet discovered it in themselves or have not developed to a sufficient degree. Therefore, all the cards in our hands! Sexual woman drives a man mad, and one of the main manifestations of his feelings for her is that he wants her. But here also plays the rule of the golden mean: it is necessary to develop women's wisdom and discernment in order to distinguish sincere desires from a simple instinct, as well as to distinguish a womanizer from a woman's connoisseur. Knowledge of the psychology of a man will help you in this. The development of sexuality in a woman is a huge field for fantasy and even a whole art. Sex can be everything: from manners, behavior and voice to clothing and accessories. Developing sexuality and attractiveness, it is important not to be vulgar and overly open, it will only repel most men. And in fact many of us also do not suspect about it in attempts to tempt the partner! And they try to obsessively demonstrate to him all the charms of his figure. While only tenderness, softness, along with awareness of their beauty and feminine power create a unique sexual aura. Add a little mystery, riddle and understatement - and we can turn a head to any man who only we like. Is not it beautiful? This applies to sexuality in clothes. Many girls naively believe that the less (clothes) the less, the better. At the same time, studies show that men consider a sexy blouse to be a tight blouse, heels and a long, not short, skirt with a slit. After all, the psychology of men is based on ancient hunting instincts! And the excitement in them awakens only that which is inaccessible, and not that which itself comes to him in the hands. The statement that every man wants to see a passionate lioness in bed does not always correspond to reality either. After all, they also have different temperaments and tastes. It is important to approach each other, and for this you should be attentive, gentle and affectionate in bed with your loved one. Understanding the depth of his emotions and desires, the ability to generously give his love is more important than knowing different poses from the Kama Sutra. From the woman in many respects the atmosphere reigning in a bedroom depends. Negative emotions should not be present there, it should be a place for relaxation, rest and love. Sometimes it seems to us that the man at the moment needs only sex, and emotional experiences do not bother him. But after all, we often want only sex! In this respect, the psychology of men and women is equivalent. Why then expect from him a constant romance and confessions of love? After all, sex itself is such a confession! If, for some women, this is not so and she shares sex and love, then she should work on herself to further reveal her sexuality and love all that is connected with it. The roots of this relationship can go, of course, in childhood and adolescence, when we were taught that sex is something dirty and shameful, unworthy of decent women. It is important for each of us to understand that this is an erroneous opinion. Sex - this is natural and beautiful, this opening of his embrace of love for himself and love of men, this is, after all, pleasure, incomparable to any other. Why should we deprive ourselves of such pleasure if the opportunity is presented by nature?

Is the mother woman good?

Agree, the psychology of men and communication with him -not such simple things. Some ladies practice such an indulgent, maternal attitude toward the opposite sex. To take care of a man is, of course, very good. And many of them need warmth and affection, similar to the mother. Giving her husband such warmth and affection, usually a woman, like the home-hearth guardian and mistress, starts involuntarily to be interested in the man being well fed and well-dressed. To some extent, it is nice for both the man and the woman. However, maternal feelings should be dosed, and there should not be too much of them. Otherwise, they can drown out the passion between the spouses, limiting their relationship to life. But women's and men's psychology implies a marriage union, first of all, as the unity of the two halves of one whole. And then everything else. This is the secret of this aspect of the relationship. A bad sign is when a man is too much in need of maternal care and is looking for a woman who could replace his mother. This indicates its infantilism and lack of autonomy. Such a man is unlikely to mature for family life and responsibility for his actions, which is very important in relations. Therefore, properly dosing motherly tenderness and care, you can only strengthen the love for a man to yourself. But the excess in this matter is capable of killing her.

Inspiration for a man

It is said that all the wars in this world beganbecause of women. Is it so? Yes, it is the woman that possesses that energy that can direct the power of a real man both into a constructive and destructive channel. And even if in our time do not duel for women, but everything a man does, he does it, in fact, for her. And in this connection it is very, very important for him that his works and achievements are valued by his woman. This inspires the man for even greater achievements. Well, who among us girls does not like good gifts, travel, beautiful clothes, jewelry and perfume? It turns out that the fact that we have all this (or do not have), too, largely depends on ourselves - such is the psychology of men. Even if you work, the main earner most often is your partner, and this is his main purpose since long ago, when he hunted a mammoth, and his companion was sitting in a cave, preparing food and raising children. Male psychology in this case is easy to understand. Any guy is incredibly pleased to achieve something and see the admiring eyes of his woman, enthusiastic about what he does. One important secret here is praise from her side. Although men are considered or appear to be mostly thick-skinned, but they all like it when they are praised. The main thing is to do it sincerely and not to sycophant, but at the same time, do not forget to just talk about what you like about him and in his actions. Undoubtedly, you also need to know the measure, because no one wants to expect only ideal actions from him. It is also important for a man to be accepted as he is, and somewhere completely earthly, who also has the right to make a mistake. It is better to criticize or express words of support constructively than to tell him all the time that he is a superhero. It is important that there is no negative, and everything is done with love for man. psychology of man

Sacrifice in relationships

The psychology of men is that when we go toall in order to retain a partner, this produces quite the opposite effect. All forgive, understand everything, agree with everything and respond with love to his boorish attitude - this humiliates the dignity of a woman. And at the same time and humiliates a man next to whom such a woman is. Patience and sacrifice - this is entirely from another tale, in a relationship they do not need. The secret here is simple - how much we respect and love ourselves, so does a man. Because a woman who knows her own worth will not allow her to be treated badly. Such ladies, as a rule, like men very much. If we consider the secret of seduction of men full submission and let us wipe our feet about ourselves, we make a big mistake. This situation is already defective in its essence, and the path from it to nowhere. Perhaps this behavior will be able to bind someone, (such examples - mass), but who? Does he look like a real man that every woman needs? Do we want this attitude to ourselves? After all, it can only be a man with a lot of complexes and low self-esteem, most often hating women and trying to assert himself due to their humiliation. Such relations must be interrupted. Everything that brings discomfort does not deserve our precious time, our nerves and our life. Yes, you can try to help a man if he wants help and appreciates it. If he himself does not want to change anything - do not be humiliated. After all, this way we miss the chance to meet another, someone who will sincerely love us! And at the same time we spoil our nervous system and build up complexes ourselves. As a result, such a wonderful life passes by ... It is necessary to strive for the better and then the love itself will find you! Expecting men to respect and understand, while trying to respect and understand it - it's natural and correct. Only next to such a man, a woman can unfold like a beautiful flower. And he will be happy from this. And will become a real man, a man we deserve. Knowing how to conquer a man, we, therefore, can create our own, unique, unique and so dear knight! We advise you to read: