the grease on the body Has the wen fanned? No problem! We will show you how to correct inflammation on the face and, most importantly, quickly.

What is a wen?

Wen is a subcutaneous tumor that forms fromfatty tissues. In especially deplorable cases, it can reach up to 10 cm in diameter, but in most cases, lipoma is just a small cosmetic defect that can be easily hidden by make-up, hair or clothing, depending on where it appeared: on the face or on the body. It's bad when the adolescents begin to get inflamed. inflamed zhirovik what to do first

Why does the fatty body become inflamed?

Inflammation of the lipoma is quite seriousa problem, especially if it is on the face. The reasons for which the adipose can inflame can not be exactly named, but it looks like this: redness, pain when pressed, an increase in the tumor in the volume and a noticeable sensation of fluid in it. Lipoma can become inflamed due to the following factors:

  • close clothing, close to the skin and rubbing it;
  • frequent injuries in this area;
  • independent removal of the wen.

Whatever the reason, if the zhirovik is flushed, inflamed and hurts, you should immediately begin treatment, and for this you have two options: go to the hospital or be treated at home by folk methods.

Methods of treatment of lipomas

The first thing you need to get rid of inflammation. If you decide to go to the hospital, then you have to go through a series of tests. Treatment can begin immediately when the results are obtained. If the scale of the problem is not very large, then the lipoma can be removed by a laser, but it should be noted that it is more expensive to treat it so. If the adipose is large, then it is necessary to do the operation, but it is quite simple and lasts only 10 to 30 minutes. Anesthesia, general or local, is used according to the situation. After surgery, there may be a small scar or a cosmetic suture. inflammation of the adipose treatment at home

Lipoma treatment at home

If the bladder is red, you can takemore rare, but no less effective, home-made method of tumor removal. The most famous folk remedy is a thick gruel made from wheat grains. You need to chew a little grain of last year's wheat, so that it looks like a homogeneous gruel. After collecting the resulting mass in gauze and attach to the formed lipoma. Top cover it with food film. To treat such a compress, the inflamed adipose needs several days in a row, until the symptoms disappear completely. Just as good from inflammation will help the leaves of mother-and-stepmother. They need to be applied at night to the inflamed lipoma. Repeat this treatment every night until the complete removal of inflammation. Recovery by these methods will take no more than a week. Treatment can be carried out by other means, for example, soap and onion ointment. To create this ointment you need to bake a small onion in the oven. Simultaneously with grilling, grate on a small grater the same size piece of laundry soap. Once the bulb is baked, pass it through a blender, meat grinder or other cooking utensils. You can even just break it with a fork. Having received a uniform mush, mix it with a pre-prepared soap and apply some of the mixture to the inflammation focus. Top cover everything with food film. This compress is worth changing three times a day, and store the ointment in the refrigerator. It is worth noting that every day it is desirable to make a new ointment. Apply it before the complete disappearance of the lipoma.

The problem must be solved in a timely manner

Let's pay attention once again that the complete disappearanceWen with home treatment is possible, but very, very unlikely, so after getting rid of inflammation, you will most likely still have to resort to the help of doctors to remove it permanently, otherwise it may become inflamed again. Dear girls, a similar situation can happen to everyone, and the sooner you find a problem and make a decision to get rid of it, the better. Be beautiful for yourself and others!