pain in right side from behind As is known, abdominal pain is oftena sign of very serious diseases. And the pain can be localized in various places - pain in the right side from behind, on the left, in the navel. Everything depends only on the cause causing this very pain. But today we will talk specifically about the pains that a sick person feels on the right side of the abdomen. After all, pain in the right side is much more common than all the others. However, be sure to remember that all of the information below is only for you to have a general idea of ​​the reasons that can lead to pain. In no case is it inadmissible to use this information for self-diagnosis of the disease, and even more so for its treatment. By such actions, you can endanger not only the health of a sick person, but also his life. Diagnosis of abdominal pain is a complicated process even for experienced doctors, not to mention people who do not have medical education. Pain in the abdomen is a tricky thing, which can be masked right away under several serious diseases, which are practically impossible to diagnose without special research methods. Especially if the pain is in the right side.

Pain in the upper abdomen on the right side

And we will begin to understand this problem with painful sensations, which are localized on the right side of the abdomen. So, pains in the right side:

  • Does the liver hurt?

No matter what leads to an increaseliver, she in such cases starts to hurt enough. Doctors call this phenomenon a hepatitis, regardless of what exactly led to it - inflammatory processes or infections. B pain in the right side is very typical for this condition. Most often, people face hepatitis A, caused by food or drinking water of inadequate quality. Much rarer, but still there are cases of hepatitis B - usually, it occurs in the so-called "risk groups" - drug addicts, homosexuals. Also, there is sometimes hepatitis C, which is most often infected through non-sterile medical instruments and blood, it often provokes pain in the right side. In addition, the damage to the liver can result from the effects of various chemicals, including drugs. However, alcohol was one of the most dangerous substances for the liver. He caused the death of a large number of people who abused alcohol. Pain caused by liver diseases, as a rule, is blunt noel character, and the sick person feels it constantly, and not spasms. The patient feels the pain deep inside the abdomen, and not on its surface. As already mentioned above, pain in the right side.

  • Does the gallbladder hurt?

Pain-related seizuresgall bladder, are very peculiar. As a rule, they grow gradually. The first symptoms - the heaviness in the stomach, the appearance of gases - you can feel it just an hour after eating something fried or spicy. But you can feel serious pain only after a few hours. The intensity of pain is rapidly increasing, the pain itself is extremely acute. At its peak, the person has a cold sweat, and even nausea, which does not reduce vomiting. The temperature of the body with such attacks, as a rule, does not increase. Exceptions are cases of inflammation of the gallbladder - in such cases, the body temperature rises to 40 degrees, a person will experience a strong chill. The pain sensations themselves are localized in the right upper abdomen, but in some cases can give under the right scapula. As a rule, in most such cases in the gallbladder, at the examination the doctor finds stones. In the event that the stones are small, they can slip into the ducts. And the sick person begins intestinal colic. In some cases, these stones go further on themselves, and in some cases - doctors are forced to resort to surgical intervention.

  • Does the pancreas hurt?

In some cases, abdominal pain with the rightthe parties can be caused by an attack of acute pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas, if to speak more simply. Pain with a similar attack is extremely acute, as in the pathologies of the gallbladder and bile ducts. However, it is still different - first, it gives to the spine, and secondly - when lying, it is greatly strengthened. And the condition of the sick person is eased in the sitting position, slightly bending forward. When walking, pain in the right side is also greatly enhanced. In addition, when attacks of acute pancreatitis usually a sick person begins to sweat profusely, he begins to vomit, vomiting, he complains of a severe chill, although the body temperature does not increase. In order to confirm the diagnosis, the doctor will definitely assign certain laboratory studies, the purpose of which is to identify the enzymes that are typical for the affected pancreas.

  • Kidneys hurt?

There is a widespread opinion thatwith kidney disease, a sick person should experience pain in the lumbar region. However, in fact, this is not entirely true. In some cases, kidney stones can lead to pain in the right side of the abdomen. So the pain in the right side can be connected with the kidneys. In the event that the abdominal pain is caused really by stones in the kidneys, they have a very specific character - undulating, reaching their peak at the peak of the wave. And this pain rarely limits its localization only to the right part of the abdomen - there is also pain in the back and even the groin.

  • Is the pain on the right an appendix?

The main rule that you need is very goodto assimilate to everyone without exception people - from the child to the old man - is that ANY pain in the abdomen, and not necessarily on the right, can be nothing more than a sharp appendicitis. Even doctors initially in almost all cases assume that the patient has appendicitis, until the opposite is proven reliably. Exception, of course, is only those people who have already removed the appendix. Despite the fact that pain with appendicitis can be localized anywhere, most often it is felt either in the navel or in the lower right side of the abdomen. And, as a rule, with appendicitis a sick person can accurately show where exactly it hurts. As a rule, doctors prefer not to risk, but to remove the appendix in case they are not even sure of the diagnosis. And this is not an accident - after all, a trifling operation saves a life for a sick person in all hundred percent. Therefore, if you feel pain in the right side under the ribs, or in the navel - immediately seek help from a surgeon. Of course, pain in the right side may be caused by many other reasons, so be sure to seek medical help. Sitting at home and waiting until everything passes by itself is not only stupid, but also dangerous for life. We advise you to read: