how to get rid of the smell from the mouth Millions of people feel uneasy aboutfetid smell that comes from their mouth. The good news can be for them to know that understanding the causes of this problem and, accordingly, the measures taken will save them from this trouble. There are many factors that can cause a repulsive smell, and almost all can be handled. After reading our article, you can understand what exactly you provoked the problem and how to get rid of the smell from the mouth in your case.

What are the causes of bad breath?

Bad smell coming from the mouth, most oftenis caused by volatile sulfur compounds - this is indeed the most common cause of stale breath. But what does this mean and where do these compounds come from in our body? There is a common misconception that an unpleasant odor can come from the stomach. In fact, only some of the foods we eat stimulate our body to produce certain chemicals that then go through the lungs when we exhale. Although food is not the only culprit that sometimes smells rather unpleasant from us, it is still worth knowing that limiting what foods in the diet can significantly refresh our breath. Products that cause bad breath

  • Onion and garlic

It's no secret that eating a bow orA clove of garlic causes an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth and creates a completely fragrant "cloud" around his lover. But very few people understand why this happens. Onions and garlic in large quantities contain volatile sulfur compounds - they are as abundant in these useful plants as, for example, in a rotten egg. That's why they have such a strong ability to "claim" themselves to all others after you eat at least one tooth.

  • Milk and cheese

Milk and cheese are rich in proteins, which provokes growthanaerobic bacteria in your mouth. The smell of sour milk is caused by bacteria similar to those that create an unpleasant odor from your mouth. When they "process" proteins and lactose, amino acids are released, which in turn provoke the release of volatile sulfur compounds. If you know that you have lactose intolerance, and you often get a bad breath out of your mouth, then you should not use milk and dairy products in order not to aggravate the problem.

  • A fish

Fish is rich in protein, and protein foods"Feeds" the bacteria, which these very proteins are converted into sulphurous secretions, becoming a source of stench. (By the way, any protein diet can cause bad breath from the mouth). Of course, fish is a very useful product, which should not be completely excluded from its diet. Just do not eat fish on the day when it is important for you to exude freshness - for example, on the eve of a date.

  • Spices

Spicy food provokes an unpleasantthe smell coming from you, and many can be shocked by this news. The fact is that most people are sure that food smells from the mouth only on the day when the food was eaten. But spices can cause stench from the mouth for two to three days after eating them; that's why many do not associate a smell from a mouth with a spicy food eaten a few days ago and consider that the reason is something else.

  • Coffee

Coffee in its composition contains manyorganic acids. When you drink coffee, you create an acidic environment in your mouth; this will speed up the reproduction of bacteria. That is why many people, having drunk a cup of delicious, fragrant coffee, feel then in their mouth such a nasty sourish-metallic taste. In this case, the best alternative to coffee can be a replacement with tea.

  • Alcohol

Although alcohol can not be attributed to a group of spicy orprotein products, you still need to be aware of its nature, if you want to know how to get rid of bad breath. Alcohol causes dry mouth, and this creates ideal conditions for increasing the production of sulfur compounds: the drier in the mouth, the less oxygen, which is very good for anaerobic (receiving energy without oxygen) bacteria, the perpetrators of increased production of volatile sulfur emissions. Almost all of us suffer from varying degrees of bad breath, because we all use these or other products from the above. Is it possible to get rid of the smell without sacrificing the products that we eat? Yes, perhaps, if we take certain measures, which we will talk about. Moreover, not always the smell from the mouth is caused precisely by the use of certain products. how to get rid of bad breath

Other possible causes of bad breath

Factors provoking an unpleasant taste in the mouthand stale breath, can include those things that we take for granted and use them every day. For example, very many toothpastes and balsam rinsers with which we mouth our mouth in an attempt to get rid of the stench of breathing, actually contain substances that contribute to the production of volatile sulfur compounds. (These are the additives that make the paste or conditioner rinse). And what else can cause an unpleasant smell?

  • Bacteria that live in the language: the main cause of odor from the mouth is the accumulation of bacteria on the back of the tongue and in the plaque that appears on the entire surface of this organ. Such bacteria can easily be eliminated by clearing the tongue with special devices or, at worst, with an ordinary toothbrush.
  • Bad teeth: rotting teeth are undoubtedly the clear cause of bad breath. Treatment or removal of rotting teeth will help to remove the problem instantly.
  • Smoking: this is also the obvious cause of a very unpleasant smell, and for the time being there is not yet a way to drown it. After smoking a cigarette, you will not benefit from a mint chewing gum or a menthol spray - the smell of tobacco is still stronger. Nicotine literally oozes from every part of your body: it smells not only from the mouth; "Smell" hands, hair, your skin. The best way to "cure" an unpleasant smell can be to fight this bad habit.
  • Stones in the tonsils: in the tonsils can live a lot of bacteria, which, together with purulent plugs and stones turns into a foul-smelling mass, get rid of which will not help, either cleaning your teeth, or cleaning the tongue. But you can get rid of these stones and destroy bacteria very quickly. But you do not need to do this yourself - the doctor's recommendations will help you.

And yet, is the stomach guilty?

Whether always a bad smell causes bacteria,living in our mouth, or is there still gastric bacteria that are to blame for this disaster? Scientists once suggested that one of the causes of malodorous smell from the mouth may be organisms that cause gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. A lot of laboratory tests were conducted in an attempt to find in the exhaled air substances confirming the presence of these bacteria in the stomach, but no evidence of their responsibility for the bad odor was obtained. Yet it is worth acknowledging that the stomach can not produce a fetid odor. Even if you feel some kind of "aroma" during the eructation, it's just a smell of digested food. That is, you feel exactly the smell of eaten foods with a strong flavor - for example, onions, garlic or any other food with a strong odor - and not the smell arising from the activity of bacteria. (Which is not surprising, because few bacteria can survive in the very acidic environment of our stomach). This unpleasant odor is temporary and disappears quite quickly. In rare cases, however, odors that "produce" bacteria that do not live in the mouth can arise. There are some diseases - like, for example, cancer - that can cause bad breath. Diseases of the liver or kidneys can also cause a bad smell from your breathing. Bad breath can be a sign of other serious health problems. If you notice an unpleasant and persistent smell from the breath, which has nothing to do with the food you eat or with the medications you take, then you should not ignore this problem. It is necessary to consult a doctor and pass the necessary examination so that the doctor can find the reason and prescribe you a cure. bad breath

How to eliminate bad breath

Probably one of the best ways to helpto cope with the problem, can be chewing aromatic herbs. In the culture of some peoples, the cleansing of the teeth with the help of a small split tree twig and chewing special herbs with aromatic and curative effects is still used. Although by today's standards, this method may seem primitive to us, but it focuses on the goal that we need: it hides the smell and kills the bacteria that produce the volatile sulfur emissions. After all, many herbs not only have a pronounced flavor, but also have antiseptic properties. Chemical antiseptics has become a logical step in eliminating bad breath, and today it is the most widely used method. Antiseptics and antibiotic supplements in mouthwashes are generally quite effective in breathing, at least for a short while. (Only provided that the liquid does not contain a foaming agent). Today, experiments are conducted exploring the idea of ​​physically removing bacteria from the oral cavity with the help of oily solutions, using oxygen, treating vitamins and minerals, and by changing the way of life. Of course, the approach to strengthening health seems more attractive and natural than removing odors with chemicals and antibiotics. To understand how to get rid of the smell from the mouth specifically to you, you need to understand the cause of the problem. We have already named the main causes of stale breathing, you only have to analyze them with reference to yourself. It is necessary to take into account several other possible factors. This may be the wrong morning and evening oral hygiene, some medications that cause dryness in the mouth, and food that sticks even in the smallest spaces between the teeth and decomposes there during the day. The very first step in solving the problem of unpleasant odors is, of course, careful hygiene. You need to thoroughly and correctly brush your teeth and clean the gaps between them with a special dental floss. If you are not sure that you are doing this correctly, then do not hesitate to consult a hygienist at the dental clinic. Rinsing your mouth should be a part of your daily life. You already know that the cause of bad breath is in most cases anaerobic bacteria that do not need oxygen to flourish. They perfectly reproduce, hiding from oxygen in the plaque and feeding on protein from the food stuck in the interdental spaces. While brushing your teeth with a brush and a special thread, you remove the plaque along with the bacteria, and when you rinse your mouth after eating, remove the food residue, thereby depriving the bacteria of the nutrient medium and preventing the emergence of a new layer of plaque on the teeth. Just want to note that the friendly bacteria that live in our mouths need oxygen, so they will not harm their hygiene procedures. Further, you must definitely visit the dentist at least twice a year. It is very important to conduct professional cleaning of teeth from plaque and tartar. In addition, your dentist will eliminate the existing problems with the teeth and will be able to see potential problems. He will also give you advice on what preventive measures you can take to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. And the agent for freshening of an oral cavity too is better let will pick up the professional. The proper attention that you show to your health will help you get rid of bad breath forever. It is worth trying for the sake of such a result! We advise you to read: