use of water Water is an important source of life on our planet,the guarantee of health and longevity of every living being, a symbol of purity, wisdom and fertility. She creates real miracles, relieving the human body of illnesses, purifying and rejuvenating it. She was deified in ancient times, and she is worshiped in our day, associating with her "name" the beginning and the end of the universe, wealth and abundance. It is not difficult to guess that this is water - the main element of our body, an indispensable participant in all its basic biological processes. The use of water is obvious, which is why it is so important to constantly saturate our body with this life-giving moisture, otherwise the water cycle in the body will be disturbed and provoke a marked deterioration in the state of human health. The lack of H2O can lead to dehydration and the appearance of such ailments as autoimmune diseases, allergic and cardiovascular diseases, lupus and joint diseases.

The daily need for an organism in water

As a rule, every day the body needsadditional two or three liters of liquid. Most of us are supplied with food, vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs, but the supply of about one and a half liters, we must provide our body only in the form of pure and mineral-enriched liquid. The use of water is moisturizing, rejuvenation, regeneration, growth and many other factors that help our body to function fully. Our ancestors used its useful properties to get rid of many ailments and left us with an inheritance such an effective method as hydrotherapy. And today people are happy to turn to the contrasting soul for the return of morning vigor and strength of mind, treat a cold, runny nose and other similar diseases, dropping their feet into hot water, taking mustard baths, washing the nose with sinuses and applying various mouth-rinses. Of great importance is water, and in those cases when a person is greatly overtired or something has poisoned his body, as well as with symptoms of alcohol syndrome. This unique substance not only helps us get rid of harmful toxins and toxins, but also helps to restore energy and strength. about the benefits of water

Use of mineral water

The use of mineral water is also invaluable. However, carbonated water should not be abused, especially cold - otherwise, problems with the gastrointestinal tract may start. And we are talking not only about mineral carbonated water, but also about ordinary drinking water. But let's try to sort things out in order:

  • Harm and benefit of carbonated drinking water

A glass of cold soda water on a hot day -it would seem, what could be better? However, a large amount of such water can harm the body. We will not say that drinking cold water can lead to a throat. But here the harm to the stomach is a more serious problem. Very likely the development of acute gastritis. The mucous membrane suffers from exposure to cold water and carbon dioxide.

  • Harm to mineral water

Despite the fact that the use of mineral water is notContested, harm to the body, too, can not be underestimated. And in the first place - harm for the urinary system. Salts and minerals, which are contained in water, have an extremely high load on the kidneys and bladder. As a result, the formation of sand and stones. And for the cardiovascular system, a large amount of mineral water also brings harm - perhaps a significant and regular increase in the level of blood pressure. Simply put, the benefits of mineral water for health are very high. But only in the event that a person drinks this water in limited quantities. Moreover - if you want to drink a mineral water for better health, ask, let the doctor tell you which water is best for you.

Useful properties of water

Of course, this above is far from completea list of positive qualities that H2O can boast of. So, its benefit is undoubtedly for those who want to save themselves from excessive weight. In this case, the ability of water, which burns fat "reserves", is very in demand and normalizes the metabolic processes. Significantly reduces the feeling of hunger and blocks the appetite. Just a glass of cold boiled water - and the feeling of hunger will go away for a while. An important role in this is the lack of calories in the water, fat and cholesterol, as well as low sodium content - this is very important for health. The obvious benefit of water and with back pain: reducing them to a minimum is as simple as moisturizing your body. After all, water filling the dorsal base of the disc supports about 75% of the weight, and the condition of the spine is due to the hydraulic properties of the water. One can not fail to note the important role of H2O in maintaining optimal body temperature through sweating. Cooling our body, sweat dissipates excess degrees for it (without water, this balance would be broken). Also, the help of fluid for asthma patients is invaluable. As is known, histamine is the main factor in regulating vital processes and one of the "controllers" of the body's protective functions. The optimal distribution of this substance is directly dependent on the volume of water that we "refuel". When dehydrated, the amount of histamine in asthmatics rises, thereby stimulating protective mechanisms that block the airways. Thus, asthmatic syndrome can be weakened if the patient significantly increases water intake. use of mineral water

Proper nutrition

Fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas - quite goodchoice of drinks. If you are unhappy with the quality of tap water in your area, go to the one that is sold in bottles - just choose one that does not contain too many minerals. But what is proper nutrition? It is the use of foods with a high water content, better fresh or moist. Eat more cucumbers, sweet pepper, tomato, onions, carrots, lettuce. And, of course, fruit - apples, orange, grapes. Acidic fruits, such as grapefruits and lemons, also purify our body, and the digestible connective fibers of these citrus fruits will make the digestive system work: it will begin to work at full strength. The human body is 3/4 of water, so let the food consist of 3/4 of it. Eat a day at least three fruits and three vegetable dishes. Vegetables cook for a couple or bake, so they do not lose precious moisture. And it's even better to eat them raw. If you want to rest for the body and clean it of toxins, completely eliminate alcohol, cocktails, fizzy and too sweet drinks. Every day, take walks and take time for exercise.

Helpful Tips

And in conclusion, some useful tips. Start your day with a glass of clean water, drunk on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up. And that the benefits of water are obvious, observe three simple rules:

  • Drink only pure water, no other drinkis capable of accelerating the regeneration processes and delivering much-needed oxygen to the cells. It is more useful to use natural water with the lowest mineralization (not lower than 0.3 g / dm3, or better - 0.05 g / dm3);
  • Drink water only on an empty stomach. During sleep, the body loses a large amount of fluid, because the metabolic processes continue, and there is no water intake. And if you first have a drink, and then (after 20-30 minutes) start breakfast, the food you eat will be much better absorbed;
  • The water temperature should be equal to the temperatureyour body. Eight hours of sleep in a horizontal position - and the slag "conscientiously" accumulated in the large intestine. Water, of course, will help to remove them from there, but only not cold, which simply "irritates" our mucous membranes.
  • Of course, it's very difficult to talk about the benefits of water in a single article. However, you now have a general idea. Be healthy! We advise you to read: